‘Vehicle Owners Can Obtain ECOWAS Brown Card for US$10’

Sample of the ECOWAS Brown Card insurance certificate

Sahr A. Kaba, executive secretary of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Brown Card Insurance Scheme in Liberia, has announced a massive reduction of the cost of liability insurance for motor vehicles from US$75 to US$10.

Mr. Kaba said the reduction of the ECOWAS Brown Card price is intended to make insurance affordable and to support the government’s pro-poor agenda for its citizens.

He made the statement on Saturday, June 30, at a press conference held in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Mr. Kaba said the ECOWAS Brown Card is a third-party liability insurance cover issued to vehicles traveling between ECOWAS member countries.

“All owners of running machines or vehicles can obtain the ECOWAS Brown Card certificate for US$10 and from any registered licensed motor insurance company within Liberia,” he added.

Sahr A. Kaba, executive secretary of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme in Liberia

Kaba further explained that the certificate covered third party liability for injury, death, property damage, medical caused by visiting motorists from other ECOWAS member states. He said the insurance scheme also make prompt payment of claims outside and inside resident country.

He said the main objective of the scheme is to ensure prompt and fair compensation to victims of motor accidents caused by non-citizen motorists visiting their territory from other ECOWAS member states.

Explaining the claims procedure, he said the certificates were issued to motorists through their insurers.

“With the reduction of the [fee], it will help individuals in ECOWAS countries to travel from one place to another under the ECOWAS insurance policy, if a vehicle has the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance and that car crosses to any of the ECOWAS countries and gets involved in an accident, ECOWAS will pay the insurance cost of that vehicle and later request reimbursement from the local company that insures that vehicle,” Kaba told journalists at a press conference in Monrovia.

He said the decision by Liberia National Bureau of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme is enshrined in the ECOWAS Brown Card Protocol.

“A motor insurance policy in the scheme in any member state means that the motor vehicle is insured throughout the ECOWAS member countries, because the ECOWAS Brown Card promotes the visibility of its initiative to comply with the ECOWAS Protocol,” he added.

“The ECOWAS Brown Card shall be recognized as a valid certificate of insurance in the territories of the parties to this Protocol, in which the production of such a certificate is required, either within the National Territory or at its Frontiers, as a condition for the circulation of motor vehicles,” Kaba said.

“Therefore,” Kaba said, “the approved official public sales price for the ECOWAS BROWN Card Certificate is now US$10 and not more than or less than, and any other changes in price shall be communicated to the public.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaba said the ECOWAS Brown Card scheme was introduced in 1982 following the signing of the ECOWAS Brown Card Protocol by the ECOWAS heads of state to facilitate the free movement of goods and services.

The Liberia National Bureau of ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme is located on 20th Street in Fiamah, Monrovia. Officials and can be reached on 0776615737.


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