Vehicle Inspection Heats Up


The vehicle inspection process carried out by the Ministry of Transport across the country has broken the hearts of several drivers whose cars were impounded.

Some of the drivers whose vehicles were seized told the Daily Observer yesterday how disappointed they were with authorities of the Liberian National Police (LNP) for refusing to scrutinize their documents, but rather parked their cars and needlessly wasted their time.

“I am frustrated because the inspectors are preventing my children from attending school today and I, too, from going to work,” a lady who preferred anonymity cried.

She said she registered her car in May but is yet to get her license plate from the Ministry of Transport.

“Each time we go to the ministry for plates or driver’s license that we have paid for already, we are told to return at a later date,” one other driver remarked.

“The people at that ministry are big liars. There are no plates available,” the frustrated anonymous lady added.

She expressed that one of her two children was due to sit his second marking period test yesterday morning, while the other was to attend classes at the William Booth Salvation Army school in Red Light, Paynesville.

Ayouba Kromah, who is a truck driver, said he was taking his truck to the parking to board passengers and goods for Nimba, but was held by the police and MOT inspectors.

“I have paid for my truck’s plate since July, but each time I went to the ministry, I was told by the people in charge that the plates are not ready yet.

“So the delay in the operations of the ministry cannot stop me from using my car to earn my living,” Kromah said in anger, adding that the impoundment of his truck was a great embarrassment for him.

He said he begged the inspectors to allow him to travel to Nimba and later visit the ministry upon his return, but was denied.

Several other drivers also made the same claim that the fault for not having all their required drivers’ documentation was created by the Ministry of Transport.

Saah Kamara, an MOT inspector, who reacted to the drivers’ claims, said they were not telling the truth as the ministry has all the plates and licenses paid for available.

He said the job of inspectors is to carry out the mandate of the ministry, which calls for complete respect for public safety.

The Ministry of Transport’s Director for Public Affairs, Samuel G. Barjibo, expressed how frustrated he was by the drivers’ insincerity and failure to adhere to government orders that call for public safety and the protection of the lives of drivers and passengers.

Mr. Barjibo said the ministry always provides sufficient awareness through multiple radio stations and newspapers before starting its inspection or any other public function involving drivers or car owners.

“The truth is that we have all the plates and driver’s licenses paid for by car owners or drivers, but they are not coming for the very plates and licenses they have paid for,” he said.

The vehicle inspection is a joint operation carried out by MOT, the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Liberia National Police.


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