Veep Taylor to Grant International Scholarships to 25 Best WASCE Performing Female Students

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

Vice President (VP) Jewel Howard Taylor has disclosed a plan to sponsor the tertiary education of the 25 best performing female students in the upcoming West African Senior Certificate Exams (WASCE).

Over forty-one thousand 12th graders are expected to sit the regional exams in mid-August in Liberia and, should the results from the exams halls prove that female students perform excellently well, they stand the chance to earn fully sponsored scholarships to China.

VP Taylor made the commitment recently in Gbarnga, Bong County when she made a short stop to speak to students of Gboveh High School, with emphasis placed on girls.

“Females need to be educated in order to have more representation in higher authorities. With the scholarship, many females, who do not have the financial support but have the passion of achieving higher education, can achieve it based on their performances,” VP Taylor said.

As she donated nose masks and other hygienic materials to help students prevent COVID-19, VP Taylor noted further that the scholarship is meant to encourage female students to do their best in their educational sojourn, as it is the only way that could give females much a greater power, enabling them to make genuine choices over the kind of lives they wish to lead.

“There is a need for more females in the Houses of Representatives and Senate.

“For now, I’m the only female in the House of the Senate from Bong County serving as the President of the Liberian Senate. I think it doesn’t show equality,” she said.

She added that female students usually drop out of school than male students because they need to cater to their various homes, something she feels is a major factor for most females not achieving higher education.

Madam Taylor told the students that a team will be set up after the WASSCE to evaluate the best performing female students in the country.

The students, along with their administrators and staff, and thanked VP Taylor for the donation of the face masks and her commitment to ensuring that twenty-five female students, not only from Bong County but the country at large, get a fully sponsored scholarship to study in China after they shall have performed satisfactorily in WASCE.

According to the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s latest report on education in Liberia, there are more girls nowadays in school as compared to boys.

Over the years, the ratio has been drastically measured against female’s participation in education, simply due to rampant teenage pregnancies, forceful marriages and initiation into the Sande society, an ancient traditional form of education.


  1. Look, how many wives this one Charles Taylor man has? I mean even while he is behind bars for life his wives are still adding up, even while he is having children WHILE in prison?

    His wife is there with him, though not in prison with him. We have whole VP here in Liberia as his wife. Then just the other day, we heard his “head wife” has returned to Liberia!

    One man, a Christian Pastor at that; married to three wives at the same time in this day and age?

    In fact I thought as the First Lady when this man was President, Jewel Howard Taylor was his head wife.

    Or since he is not President anymore, Jewelś head wife title goes back to Agnes? But how about the woman he married while in prison. Is she head wife Number 1 or Number what? Charlie, you one???

    • Concerned Liberian,

      My stomach is hurting from laughter, Nothing more can be added to your analogy. Lol. Lol

      I was reading about the scholarships awards, got to the comments section and you just threw me off guard . Lol

      It seems as though Charlie has pass this problem to President Weah plus Ellen’s 1 Billion USD deficit, Weah got his hand full. Lol.

  2. Thanks for the information you have shared, I learned a lot from here. Please share a lot of great information like this too, I love your website and will often come back to see great information here.

  3. Concerned Liberian

    That’s what one calls Liberian values! Ask me for a country in West Africa where the number of Christian churches and ministers of the gospel rivals those of any country within the region, and I will show you “Liberia”.

    As a matter of fact, the legislature of this country was about to pass a law declaring the nation as a Christian nation a few years ago. The irony about this incident was the legislature contemplated passing such an act while it was awash as it is still awash in the economic strangulation of the dispossessed of the society, the systemic continuity of massive corruption, and its bleak performance in making genuine efforts to improve the lives of the people.

    The bedrock principle of all world’s religions is for us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and treat them as we would expect them to treat us. How could this legislature have proclaimed the country a Christian nation when it holds our brothers and sisters in despicable poverty and refuses them the blessings of sharing in the abundance of the resources He has provided for all?

    This is hypocrisy and in in fact, we are witnessing it now at a new high when we see citizens building monuments that depict the president as “jesus” or the “messiah” sent on Earth to free the Liberian slaves or when we see participants in church sacraments falling prostrate before the president. All the great books on the topics of religion do decry this practice because it is sacrilegious.

    The Independent Day orator, Dr. Pearson, couldn’t have pinpointed the nation’s pitfalls any better when he rightly said that Liberian’s values, which include our religiosity, are under attack and for very good reasons.

  4. Correction: Please excuse errors in Last paragraph. The phrase is “Independence” Day and not “Independent” day. Also name of orator is: Dr. Dunbar and not Dr. Pearson.


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