Veep Boakai Offers Thanksgiving to God for October 10 Victory

UP partisans at the service

Thousands Flood Headquarters during Thanksgiving Service

Thousands of Unity Party’s partisans and well-wishers along with their standard bearer, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai (JNB), gathered on the grounds of the party headquarters in Congo Town to give thanks and praises to God for a successful campaign that He (God) has allowed them to go through for more than 60 days.

As the sea of jubilant praise singers including members of other collaborating political parties, like the People Unification Party (PUP), from which the Vice Standard Bearer, House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay (JEN), hails gathered on the football field-size headquarters ground, it could not contain the numbers. The partisans spilled over on the main road consequently causing a serious traffic jam for the most part of the late evening hours.

Preaching on Joseph in the Bible book of Genesis, Rev. Simeon Dunbar, founder and Senior Pastor of Liberty Christian Center, said when the ancient Egyptian King Pharaoh had a national decision to take after his dream had been divinely interpreted by the Israelite prisoner Joseph, he (Pharaoh) turned to his council of wise men and asked, “Can we find a man like this in whom is the Spirit of God?”

According to the Bible story, Pharaoh placed Joseph in a very top position over all of Egypt, except the throne and he (Joseph, the son of Jacob) served well.

Pastor Dunbar told his audience that there are three Josephs mentioned in the Bible and all three of them had God’s purpose to accomplish, which they all handled successfully.

Not explicitly naming Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai as the “fourth Joseph,” he stated, “Christian friends and Liberians, I have come to help us find this man who can help us find true destiny in our nation like the Joseph of Egypt.”

He went on to give inspirational meanings to every letter in the last name of the Vice President: B for the believer; O- ordinary and obedience; A – accountable to God and people; K – knowledgeable about the office of the Presidency; A – acceptability and acceptance; and I – integrity.

A special prayer was offered to God for the VP and most of the partisans of the party stretched their hands towards him (VP) as the pastors prayed for him.

Responding briefly, Vice President Boakai thanked God for giving him and his running mate strength for the campaign. He reminded his supporters and others who were listening via radio and the internet that the partisan gathering was not a political rally but one of thanksgiving to God.

“This is the time for this country; God has ordained it. God has been and is so good to this country. So we have come to say thanks to him.”

To a very loud cheer from his supporters, he stated that God’s time has come upon this nation; adding: “Under our leadership, God is going to make Liberia an enviable country that all will run to.”

This ended the first part, which was moderated by Rev. Luther Tarpeh.

Speaking during the second part of the ceremony, which was the official campaign closing, Mr. Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, National Campaign Manager of UP, said the last two months and few days of crisscrossing the nation have been a marathon.

“We didn’t get tired from the beginning; we didn’t get tired in the middle of the race. We are at the finish line. In few more days, history will be made. Get prepared. Find your voting cards and go to the voting booths and elect #1. He is the most competent and experienced of all the candidates. The candidate with the most profound integrity, he is the common people’s candidate; his name is Joseph Nyuma Boakai,” he said.

Mr. Ngafuan further stated that the harder VP Boakai is fought by his opponents, the stronger he becomes.

“His name is Joseph. There is a divine similarity here. The more he comes under persecution, the more he survives and rises.”

To sound of a very loud cheer, he further stated, “This Joseph will tell those who have backstabbed him and said treacherous things about his personality, ‘You meant it for evil but God meant it for good.’” He added that his Joseph is a man of peace, reconciliation, and humility and he will invite around the table everyone so that they all can work together to build this nation.

An organizing member of the PUP, one of the collaborating political parties with the UP, said the ticket of JNB and JEN is the right one as both men have got the answer to most of Liberia’s problems.

He told the supporters that their dream of a better Liberia is the dream of Boakai and Nuquay.

Delivering his official speech, the Vice President and Standard Bearer of UP expressed his gratefulness to all partisans, collaborating parties, auxiliary groups, legislators, eminent personalities, religious leaders and well-wishers who put so much energy and effort into running one of the most effective campaigns.

VP Boakai emphasized: “Let us make it clear that today’s event is actually not a closing rally. This quest continues until the last ballot drops in the ballot box. What we are here to do today principally is to thank our supporters and the auxiliaries for their role in the historic tsunamic show of strength on the 16th of September. Indeed, your message was loud and clear.”

The UP Standard Bearer assured Liberians from all walks of life, that when they elect him and JEN into office on Tuesday, they will strive with every fiber in their veins to uphold their confidence and trust in their leadership. “We say so because we have the capacity, capabilities, experience, the necessary commitment and sense of patriotism to take our country to higher heights, beyond what it has achieved since its 170 years of existence. We give you this assurance because our presidential slate cuts across the generational spectrum of our society. By combining wisdom, experience, and appropriate leadership temperament with youthful vigor, zeal, and passion, my running mate and I clearly constitute the right generational balance in leading our country for the next six years.”
The ceremony was interspersed with musical interludes from both secular and gospel musicians, including Tamba Boakai, the Vice President’s younger son, who goes by the stage name Tan-tan and teenager Ziki-ray.


  1. I Will always asked what did He Boakai do for the people of Liberia after (12) yeas as VP? is it that people can not see, or walking Dead?most people in Liberia are in school but learning nothing.

  2. I like his “generational spectrum” reference in his speech. That’s a perfect response to those of his adversaries who have been preaching the gospel of so-called generation change. The speech was well crafted. Wishing him the best outcome on October 10

  3. well i will like to appreciate the standard bearer of the ruling unity party for his effort toward the Liberian people.

  4. Comrade Nenlay, I like your question and I want to respond this way: you tell us what VP Boakai was supposed to do but did not do in the last 12 years.

    • The question of why he didn’t do it in 12 years? The answer he is the Vice President. Vice president helps execute the President’ s vision. Let us understand his role than you will know why. Example our late and most productive President Tolbert, who like VP JNB served faithfully under President Tubman, until he became The President. He was in the driver seat. He sets the vision for the nation. If you read our history it speaks of his accomplishments.

  5. That is a perfect question.
    Don’t criticize if you can’t offer solutions.
    What Mr. Boakai should have done as vice president, and he didn’t do?


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