Varney Taylor Foundation Relieves Under-privileged Bomi Students of Tuition Payment

Students of C. H. Dewey, school administrators and the VTF delegation

-Agriculture, other sustainable programs for the generality of Bomi residents in sight

Scores of students in Tubmanburg, Bomi County have benefited from a tuition payment scheme implemented by the Varney Taylor Foundation (VTF).

The initiative which has already been carried out in the St. Dominic Catholic School, Bomi County Community College (BCCC), Al-Rashad Islamic and English school, and Charles Henry Dewey (CH Dewey) Central High School, all in Tubmanburg, is the Varney Taylor Foundation’s own way of helping struggling students settle their tuition payment with their schools with no other consideration except that the students are unable to pay the fees.

The latest beneficiaries, Al-Rashad Islamic and English School and the C. H. Dewey Central High School received their share of the cash checks of L$75,000 and L$100,000 respectively through the VTF-Liberia leadership on Wednesday, January 22, 2019.

Both schools are now in their revision period as they prepare for the 2019/2020 first semester exams.  Without this intervention, students would have found it impossible to sit their tests as their impoverished and jobless parents cannot afford to pay their tuition.

Mr. Matthew Darblo, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Varney Taylor Foundation Liberia (VTF-Liberia) told the administrators of Al-Rashad Islamic and English school as well as the C. H. Dewey Central High School that the fund is not a scholarship donation but a gesture aimed at solving the tuition payment difficulties faced by many parents and self-supported students.

“You know who all are definitely in need. You know those students who are often put out of class because they cannot settle the payment of their fees. This money is for those students. Let them directly benefit,” said Darblo, former Mathematics instructor of the University of Liberia (UL).

As he further admonished them on the need to make available records of the students whose fees will be settled after the checks are en cashed at Ecobank or through any other bank in the country, Diablo also called on the students to take seriously their lessons to do what is required of them on their respective campuses.

“This is not about whether you are an “A” or a “B” student. It is not restricted to academic excellence but the actual need of each of you. However, take advantage of the help and do your utmost best in your lessons,” he added, cautioning the students against any manipulations.

“Be fair to yourselves by ensuring that you do not harass anyone or lie to anyone in order to get money for your tuition when it has already been paid by our foundation,” Darblo emphasized, adding “Attorney Varney Blamo Taylor who is the chief financier of this initiative is from here (Bomi), but currently lives in the U.S. He is not a cheat and as such he will not feel happy hearing that you are cheating.”

He was accompanied from Monrovia to Tubmanburg by Ms. Fatmata Taylor, deputy CEO of the foundation and sister of Varney Taylor as well as Mr. Obadiah  Varney, City Mayor of Tubmanburg, Mr. Ousman Sheriff, Program Director of VTF and Mr. Vamuyah Sheriff, a friend to Varney Taylor.

In their respective responses, Al-Rashad Islamic and English School principal, Ibrahim M. Kenneh and C. H. Dewey principal, Mr. Kieh Wisseh assured Mr. Darblo and his team that the students in need will directly benefit from the gesture.

“Some of the students have not even paid anything for their learning since we started this school year but out our love and wish for them to learn, we are bearing with their parents, hoping that they will pay,” Mr. Kenneh, Al-Rashad principal said.

He said that the office of the registrar, as well as his own office, has long since recorded the names of students who have not paid their tuition to the satisfaction of administration as per what they have in their information sheet in order to continue their classes but he is happy the VTF-Liberia has intervened.

Although C. H. Dewey is a government-owned school; students are required to make minimum payments, but sadly, the principal of the school,  Kieh W. Wisseh said several of them have not paid anything as of the beginning of the school year in September now reaching its halfway mark.

“Next week (beginning Monday, January 27) we will begin writing the last exams for the first semester. We were already thinking about sending a number of the students home for not settling with the Registrar’s office, but with your coming and donation of this L$100,000, we will not send any of them back home,” Wisseh promised.

The students of A-Rashad and C. H. Dewey celebrated and thanked Attorney Varney Taylor through his team in Liberia for the gesture and promised to study their lessons.

Recently the Bomi County Community College and the St. Dominic Catholic Junior High School received the checks bearing L$150,000 and L$100,000 the payment of needed students tuition respectively.

When contacted via WhatsApp, a social media channel, Attorney Varney Taylor said his assistance to the students of Bomi is non-political.

“I grew up in that county as a struggling child. I hardly ate any good meal. My parents could barely afford my tuition and as such, I feel for those children who are now in the same situation I used to be in then,” Taylor said.

He said he is hopeful that with the team he has in Liberia headed by Mr. Matthew Darblo, the Varney Taylor Foundation-USA will make a great impact also in the areas of agriculture, vocational training and a lot more other economic aspects of life in Liberia.

He is a graduate of St. Dominic Catholic Junior High School in Tubmanburg, and since his trip to the U.S., he has attended and graduated from a couple of top universities, including the prestigious Georgetown University.


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