Varney Taylor Foundation Appreciates Religious Leaders in Bomi

Prof. Matthew Darbo (fourth from left) and the Imams and Pastors stand in gratitude of the VTf's gesture.

Varney Taylor Foundation (VTf), a Liberian owned humanitarian organization operating in the United States of America (USA) and Liberia, continues to make its impact felt in Liberia, with the religious leaders in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, this time benefiting 40 (25kg) bags of imported rice.

Although little was the quantity of the offer, the religious leaders, comprised of Imams and Pastors expressed joy and thanked the Foundation for thinking about them in the country’s and by extension, global struggle against the deadly novel Coronavirus.

In his presentation of the rice to the Imams and Pastors, Professor Matthew Darblo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of VTf-Liberia said his Foundation is grateful to God and as such, appreciating those who are always praying for the well-being of their fellow residents and the community is a good thing to do.

“Cllr. Varney Blamah Taylor is your own brother, son, and friend. He is from here and he too experienced difficult times here before receiving opportunity to travel to America, learn and now living the good life he is living,” Darblo said. “But interestingly, he is neither complacent, nor comfortable living a good life without the thought of making meaningful contributions back home here to all of you, his own people.”

He added that the gift of the rice was in no way an indication that the religious leaders cannot afford to feed their homes but an act of humility and appreciation to them for always coexisting without conflicts that tear them apart.

“Cllr. Taylor, the chief financier of our Foundation respects you all and believes that it is only through God or (Allah) we can succeed in overcoming our difficult situations. He wants you, both Muslims and Christians here, to continue the mutual coexistence,” he said.

Alhaji Imam Kaimesu Seh, head of Imams in Tubmanburg and Bomi in general, said his community is impressed with the Varney Taylor Foundation’s act of kindness void of any political request.

“We are religious people and our job is to pray for our country and our people. We are yet to see Cllr. Taylor in person but it is God Who touched his heart to share with us this rice,” the imam said.

Some of us here are even beneficiaries of some of his other humanitarian gestures. He paid our children’s school fees here and brought books for the C.H. Dewey Central High School. We did not pay anything but he did for us, who don’t have the hands to pay our children’s fees,” Imam Seh acknowledged.

He added: “Bomi is still COVID-19 free, not because we are different from other people but the same God we all serve is doing us His good. We will always remember Taylor, his foundation and family in our prayers.”

Pastor T. Sumo Lablah, Senior Pastor of The New Breed Praise Tabernacle (in Tubmanburg) and head of pastors in Bomi said he and his fellow Church leaders are wholeheartedly happy and thankful to the Varney Taylor Foundation for the gesture.

“On behalf of the Christian community here in Bomi, we want to express our gratitude to God for letting his son, Cllr. Varney Blamah Taylor look back home and always identify with us, his people,” Pst. Lablah said.

He added: “It behooves my spirit for somebody who is not thinking about any political office for now to be spending his money on identifying with people, most of whom are not even his relatives. It is God who will pay him back in double portions.”

He said from all indications, it is clearly understood that Cllr. Taylor is truly a humanitarian and because of his love for people, the Church will always pray for him.

Also making remarks, the City Mayor of Tubmanburg City, Obediah Varney said he is proud of his brother, Cllr. Varney Taylor for the humility and willingness at all times to share the little he gets or has.

“Cllr. Taylor and I grew up together and I know what he stands for. He is a selfless person and all through he wished for the opportunity he has now to serve his people,” Varney said.

He concluded that Cllr. Taylor suffered while still a young man living in Bomi before he migrated to the U.S. and that he put in more time to learn.

The two religious groups equally shared the 40 bags of rice, each side taking 20.

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