Vandals Trash Posters of UP, Liberty Party Candidates in Saclepea


As political campaigns move into the third week, there are reports that campaign posters have been torn down in Nimba County. On Tuesday, August 8, in Karnplay, posters and flyers of representative candidates in the town were found removed and torn from billboards. Karnplay is in District #3.

The Daily Observer received information that police officers arrested a man identified as Rufus Gonker for tearing down posters bearing the images of representative candidates and those of VP Boakai. Gonker is the son of the late Town Chief of Zorgowee. He was reportedly caught with a cutlass that he used to remove the posters. He is currently in police custody. Several others were also arrested by the police  for allegedly removing posters of rival presidential and representative candidates. The affected politicians are Representatives Sidiki Toure and Evan Koah, VP Boakai (Unity Party) and Cllr.  Brumskine (Liberty Party).

Saclepea is reported to be a major battleground between UP and LP, with the latter having its regional campaign headquarters there. It is also home to two Unity Party auxiliaries: Patriotic Nimbaian Movement for Boakai (PANAMBO) and the National Movement for Boakai (NAMBO). Recently, Unity Party supporters in Saclepea asked the Commissioner of the Wee-Gbeyee Administrative District, Mr. Jefferson Gogor, to resign owing to his link to the Liberty Party as its Nimba County campaign chairperson.

Meanwhile, political activities in Nimba County are heating up with representative debates going on across the county. Nimba electoral District #4 held a debate on August 9 in Baeleglay Town where over 19 candidates participated. Saclepea is expected to host a debate on Saturday, August 12, with 16 representative candidates expected to take part.

One of the representative candidates, whose flyers and posters were torn down in Saclepea, Mr. Sidiki Toure, has asked the police to release the alleged perpetrator, saying that he does not want to punish anyone  for tearing his flyers and posters.


  1. Please Nimbans, stop talking laws in to your own hands. One thing is that let law take its course and let the perpetrator be punished according to the law of the land.

  2. Joshua Beahn, the perpetrator who tore down posters was caught and his name mentioned in the news article, why are you generalizing the citizens of Nimba County? One single man did a crime and he was caught. Some of you have personal hatry for Nimba County and this has got to stop.


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