Vahun City Status Under Review

Lofa County Political Map shows Vahun on the far left.

The Joint Committee on Internal Affairs, Judiciary and Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning has been mandated through a majority vote from members of the House of Representatives to review an Act to Create the City of Vahun, in Lofa County.

The Joint Committee is requested to report to Plenary on the City of Vahun Act on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

The Representatives’ decision followed a communication from Lofa County District #2 lawmaker Julie F. Wiah, imploring her colleagues to see reason need to bring Vahun Town to city status based on past and current developments the town has witnessed.

“The town has a high school, magisterial court, health center, administrative building, police station, market hall, and a vocational school under construction,” Rep. Wiah said.

“Honorable Speaker, by virtue of the above mentioned developments, it is my prayer that an act to create Vahun City be passed by this 54th body,” he said.

According to the Act, if the Vahun City status is passed, it shall be a municipality to be headed by a mayor and a common council composed of nine members, one of whom shall be its chairman.

The City of Vahun shall have full power and authority to make and fulfill contracts, take and hold real personal estate to the value of US$4 million, and levy such taxes as may be necessary for city purpose; shall pass all necessary municipal laws and ordinances, and perform all other necessary acts not incompatible with the general laws of this Republic.

“The mayor and the councilman shall hold their offices for a period of four years and their election and inauguration shall be held quadrennial (recurring every four years), consistent with other laws governing all cities and municipal governments,” Rep. Wiah said.

Vahun District is one of six districts in Lofa County, Northern Liberia.


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