V.P. Taylor Pledges Gov’t Support to Nat’l Debate Tourney

V.P. Taylor (middle) stands with former LNDC debaters and YOC employees, respectively at the launch of the Liberia National Debate Competition in Ganta, Nimba County.

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has pledged government’s commitment to support the Liberia National Debate Championship (LNDC), which begins in February, 2019, nationwide.

V.P. Taylor described the debate competition as an education program that will develop lots of future leaders and also promote academic excellence. The competition is initiated by the Youth for Change Incorporated (YOC), formerly Devine Event and Consultancy. It is also an education-oriented organization that has been organizing high school debate competitions since 2015.

“This government strongly supports and endorses the LNDC, because it is geared towards the improvement of the country’s education system, and building the academic capacity of our students. The government sees this debate competition as a platform that discovers, nurtures, avails and launches potential leaders into their futures. It is a platform that boost our students’ public speaking skills, which will make them better intellectually prepared,” VP Taylor said.

“For these reasons, we will do all we can to make sure that this debate becomes a success. You have my support and the government’s as well. Just count on us if you need anything,” said V.P. Taylor during the official launch of the LNDC in Ganta City, Nimba County on Wednesday, January 23.

VP Taylor added that LNDC is a platform that offers students an opportunity to become good researchers and intellectuals who discuss issues with logical and persuasive arguments.

“The government’s support to this debate championship is based on the fact that it has over the years grown and nurtured lots of young intellectuals who all are making an impact in the society right now,” the VP said.

The VP added the LNDC as an intellectual competition not only builds students’ intellectual capacities but makes them critical thinkers, which put them in a better position to discuss serious nationals issues.

“Liberia is faced with lots of challenges; therefore we need a generation of critical thinkers who will be able to solve complex problems when they are in leadership positions tomorrow,” VP Taylor noted.

Alex Devine thanked the VP for pledging the government’s full support to the LNDC, which is intended to build the intellectual capacity of students across the country.

The upcoming debate championship will feature 120 high schools from across the 15 counties with over 2,000 students expected to participate.

Over the last five years since the inception of the debate competition, it has brought to prominence young intellectuals like Nathan Gbee, Olivia Precious Livingstone, John Singbae, Satta Sheriff, a child rights advocate, and Beulah Nimene, an emerging poet.


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