V.P. Boakai Commends Liberians in France

Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr.

Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Sr. has extolled members of the Liberian Community in France for their many contributions, dedication and commitment to their country despite being in a foreign country.

V.P. Boakai said the contribution of Diaspora Liberians to their country in terms of aid, supplies, remittances and show of support for national and development efforts remain major contributors to the development of the country.

Boakai spoke at the Liberia Embassy near Paris when he met with Liberians residing in France, who were joined by the president of the Liberian Association in the Netherlands, Abraham Fofana.
V.P. Boakai then called on Liberians to always think and love Liberia and contribute meaningfully to rebuilding the country; a slogan that has become a national cliché.

Boakai recognized the many contributions Liberians in the Diaspora continue to make to the economic and infrastructure development of the country in a major way, and also asked them to participate in the October elections.

V.P. Boakai meanwhile called on Liberians with specialized skills, higher education and vital transferable knowledge acquired abroad to always think about returning home to assist their country achieve its vital transformation.

Members of the Liberia Community also praised VP Boakai for the transformation that has taken place in the country under the administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Many of them said Liberia has made tremendous transformation in the areas of healthcare, education, roads, education and infrastructures in many areas, such as rural counties, which has spewed growth and better the lives of the Liberian people.

Later, an acclaimed Liberian artist residing in France, Sidibe Musa, presented a well designed painting of the Vice President to the amazement and appreciation of the audience.


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