USAID Mission Director Commends President Weah’s PAPD

The launch of PAPD began with parade on Ganta main street

USAID Mission Director Sara Walter has commended President George Weah for launching the government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) as it focuses on improving the lives of the poor by giving them skills and opportunities.

In her remarks at the launch of the PAPD in Ganta recently, Madam Walter said “the launch of the PAPD will have long-term positive effects for Liberia’s future.”

“By working to reduce inequality and invest in the health, education and welfare of the most vulnerable, you will also accelerate the ultimate development of a productive Liberian middle class that will sustain the country’s progress,” she added.

On Saturday, October 27, President Weah and his team of cabinet ministers, witnessed by members of the diplomatic corps, students, traditional leaders, and other development partners, launched the most talk about PAPD in Ganta City, Nimba County.

USAID, one of Liberia’s oldest development partners, through Madam Walter, said that evidence from around the world teaches a lot of crucial lessons, adding, “Liberia, like any other society, needs a strong middle class to create broadly shared prosperity and security the citizens.”

“The PAPD plan lays out a bold vision and provides a framework for advancing national development priorities as you work to implement its agenda in the interest of Liberians,” she said.

One of PAPD’s pillars calls for the economic empowerment of the people, which Madam Walter said reflects the self-evident, but  crucial truth that ultimately only Liberians can solve the development challenges of the country.

She said that the development community will remain ready to help the government’s path to development, but to be successful, any strategy meant to overcome Liberia’s manifold development challenges must be Liberian-owned and Liberian–led.

“The launch of the PAPD tells us in an unambiguous term that this administration is prepared to use the mandate it received from the Liberian people to create a path for sustained economic growth that can truly set Liberia on its journey to self–reliance,” Madam Walter added.

She said the government’s agenda sets a very ambitious roadmap for the journey, which is admirable and is what a leader should do to succeed.

“Achieving targets in the Pro-poor Agenda will require trade offs, hard work, sacrifice, zero tolerance for self-enrichment, and enhance coordination among all stakeholders in the country’s development drive,” Walter said.


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