US$85K Criminal Bond Filed in NOCAL’s Bribery Case


    Former lawmaker, Alomiza Barr Ennos and the Senate Secretary, J. Nanborlor Sengbeh, who were implicated in the US$50,000 “lobby fees” case, last Wednesday filed US$85,000 criminal appearance bond to Criminal Court ‘C,” at the Temple of Justice.

    The money, according to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), was intended for the 52nd National Legislature to ratify oil contracts between National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), and several oil companies. 

    Interestingly, they are expected to appear before the court on May 11.

    A Criminal Appearance bond is a written promise given by a defendant in a court that he/she will attend all required court appearances and will not engage in any illegal activity or prohibited conduct as set by the court.

    The two separate bonds were secured by the Sky International Insurance Corporation and the Family Dollar Universal Insurance Company, respectively.

    Sky’s bond, which is in the amount of US$80,000.00, was secured for Rep. Ennos while Family Dollar’s bond in the amount of US$5,000.00 was also secured for Sengbeh.

    Their respective bonds were filed immediately a day after four former executives of NOCAL filed about US$1.3m bond to the same court.

    Ennos and Sengbeh were charged with the commission of the crimes of Economic Sabotage, Bribery and Criminal Conspiracy, for their alleged connection with the lobby fees saga by LACC.

    According to LACC, other defendants, Fodee Kromah, Fulton Reeves, and Timothy G. Wiaplah, while serving in their individual capacities, and for the period from June 2006 to and including April 5, 2007 approved, paid and caused to be paid the amount of US$25,000 and US$15,000 respectively totalling US$40,000 as “lobby fees” to members of the 52nd Legislature for the purpose of ratification of oil contracts.

    It further stated that the amounts were received by defendant Alomiza Ennos Barr, a former member of the 52nd Legislature for onward transmission to the 52nd Legislature for which she issued receipts without the approval of the Board of Directors.

    “That though you the Defendants individually and/or collectively claimed that US$120,400.00, was disbursed, paid and received by members of the 52nd Legislature as “lobby fees” for the ratification by the 52nd Legislature of oil contracts entered into by and between the National Oil Company of Liberia and several oil companies, the only evidence of receipt of US$40,000, US$2000, and US$1500, by Alomiza Barr Ennos, J. Nanbolor F. Sengbeh and James Kabah respectively, leaving the amount of US$76,900.00 unaccounted for,” LACC  divulged.

    As for defendant J. Nanborlor F. Sengbeh, Secretary of the Liberian senate, LACC alleged, “he received from NOCAL check # 00757917 dated April 1, 2008 the amount US$2,000 on voucher/request #0426 which purpose is said to be “Ratification Bill.”


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