US$694K “Stolen” from Aminata and Sons Inc?

Aminata and Sons Incorporated CEO Toure.jpg

Five employees of Aminata and Sons Incorporated, a petroleum company, were on Wednesday forwarded to the Monrovia City Court in connection with the disappearance of US$694,293.07 from the entity.

Defendants Emmanuel Kortu, Foday Kanneh, Musa Toure, Joseph K. Eastman and Sedikie Sannor were charged with theft of property, money laundering, criminal conspiracy and economic sabotage by the Liberia National Police based on complaint filed by the company’s management.

The disappearance comes months after Criminal Court ‘C’ dropped similar charges (to the tune of US$5.8 million) against the company as a result of an excess income, which the company was alleged to have unjustly accrued when they sold the Japanese Oil Grant.

At yesterday’s hearing Magistrate Kennedy Peabody remanded the defendants at the Monrovia Central Prison for failure of their legal team to secure a bond, as allowed for under the charges stated.

The court document quoted police investigation alleging that the syndicate was discovered on December 31, 2016, from numerous receipts registered into the company’s database by two of its accountants, Kortu and another defendant, John Jaiblai, who has escaped prosecution.

The records also alleged that the US$694,293.07 was a result of the exchange and sale of coupons (gas slip) among the defendants.

“Kanneh conspired with Kortu and both of them managed to steal coupons in the amount of US$52,500 and he also joined with Jaiblai and they stole other coupons in the tune of US$4000,” the court record said while explaining Kanneh’s alleged role in the syndicate.

For defendant Toure, the company claimed he connived with Kortu and both of them sold coupons in the amount of US$4,600; and he again joined Kortu and Jaiblai and they allegedly stole coupons valued US$14,049.59, totaling US$18,649.59.

Meanwhile, the record alleged defendant Sannor connived with Kortu and Jaiblai and they sold coupons in the amount of US$16,800.

As for Jaiblai, the document claimed he and another defendant Gabriel, who is also at large, stole US$28,000 from the syndicate.

“The investigation has resolved to charge the defendants with theft of property, money laundering, criminal conspiracy and economic sabotage,” the document alleged.


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