US$53K Theft at Ecobank


By Abednego Davis


Months after several former employees of Ecobank-Liberia were convicted of stealing from the entity, another four have been indicted in connection with the disappearance of US$53,281.07 from the bank.

Until the incident, the accused personnel had worked in various capacities.

The Grand Jury of Criminal Court ‘A’ charged Wilson Teah, Jeremiah Mansaray, Mohammed Fahnbullah and Jamesetta D. Sumo with theft of property, misapplication of entrusted property, criminal conspiracy and facilitation.

The accused were indicted in absentia by the court, meaning all of them are yet to be arrested to face justice.

In their indictment, the court alleges that between June 2016 and February this year, the defendants organized a syndicate of which they shared each other’s user names or passwords to facilitate their activities.

The exchange of the defendants’ confidential user names, the record claims, contradicted the bank’s policy.

Defendant Teah was the bank’s head of operations assigned at the Freeport of Monrovia branch.

Together with his supervisor, co-defendant Sumo, they knew very well about the policy, but facilitated the act by sharing each other’s user names (‘WTEAH’ and ‘JSUMO’).

Teah, the document alleges, was the master planner of the syndicate.

Using his expertise, the indictment alleges, Teah transferred US$22,330 out of the bank’s customers’ deposit account into Mansaray’s personal account – 0023144703897801 – at the bank.

After that transfer, the document claims Mansaray withdrew US$15,525.27 on various dates and at different branches of the bank including the ones in Via Town, S.D. Cooper Road and Total Freeport (all in Monrovia).

Besides Mansaray, the document said Teah again transferred US$37,755.86 out of customers’ deposit accounts into co-defendant Fahnbullah’s personal account – 0093144710029901 – which money he subsequently withdrew and distributed among the defendants.

The indictment also alleges that the syndicate was discovered following Mansaray’s arrest when he attempted to withdraw the balance of US$6,830.20 out of the US$22,330 that was initially transferred into his account by Teah and Sumo (his bosses).

Mansaray was later released without being indicted, and is now on the run along with the other defendants.


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  1. I have never trusted bankers in Liberia because they do not care for the customers who put his or her money in the bank. Liberian bankers always develop scheme to defraud customers. I do not have any recollection where a teller in the American banking system just go into the bank a take money like it is theirs. Banking system in Liberia needs bankers to be bonded before they are employed. If these thieves are caught, their properties should be confiscated and sent to jail for a long period of time. We can not allow few bad apples to spoil the name of our country in the banking institution. Crimes after crimes, is that how we are going to live? Wow!

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