US$500K Road Project Underway in Gbarpolu

Pro Temp, Sen. Jallah.

Protemp Armah Jallah Initiates connectivity to link White Flower to Gbalazuah

The President Pro Temp of the Senate and chairman of the Gbarpolu County Legislative Caucus, Senator Armah Zolu Jallah, has officially initiated a US$500K road project linking White Flower to Gbalazuah in Bopolu District, Gbarpolu County.

Senator Jallah, in a happy mood over the commencement of the reconstruction of the approximately 10km ‘deplorable road’ project, said the initiative is intended to provide economic, social and developmental relief to thousands of people and businesses.

Pro-Tempore Jallah disclosed that the project, which is exclusively sponsored through his initiative and a popular mandate from citizens, is expected to be completed towards the end of this month.

Accordingly, engineers working to fulfill the eagerly awaited road to bring economic relief  have estimated that it would cost US$50,000 per kilometer to ensure durable work, as mandated by Senate Jallah.

“I want quality work done on the road because during the rainy season, traveling from one point to another within Gbarpolu County is always tedious and my responsibility as a direct representative of the people is to provide that necessary relief,” said Senator Jallah. The Pro Temp promised that following the completion of the current road project, he also envisages roadworks in Kangama, Gumbahyai, Dorkota-Kpanta as soon as possible, and based on his capacity.

Senator Jallah asserted that he is of the conviction that infrastructure encourages, facilitates and expedites development and an increase in population activities.

It is based on this conviction that Senator Jallah said he is personally embarking on the construction of roads that connect towns and villages and link farms to markets.

Under this initiative, Jallah said he has also opened two streets in Bopolu City (Church Street & Zolu Avenue) and constructed a US$75,000 road that connects the people of Medina to Kongbayah by way of Fasu Town and Mulbah Town.

Upon completion, the Pro Temp said work will commence on five other roads that will connect various towns and districts and the two counties.

Sen. Jallah disclosed that he is also funding a road project undertaken by citizens of Belle District to connect other parts of Gbarpolu County to the road.

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