US$500k Medical Center Under Construction in Nimba County

Partial view of the project.

A comprehensive health center worth US$500,000 is under construction in Nyor Diaplay Town in Nimba County.

Project manager Shedrick S. Sayegbouh told the Daily Observer that the health center will contain over 100 beds, private rooms, an operation theater and an accommodation complex for the medical staff.

He said the construction of the center became necessary because of inadequate healthcare for the people, which compelled the Friends of Samuel N. Brown Network, a humanitarian organization which helps vulnerable people across Liberia, to decide to construct the health center to bring relief to the citizens in the town and its environs.

Nyor Diaplay is the biggest town in the Nyor Clan in Buu-Yao Administrative District, Nimba County electoral district # 5, and is close to the border with the Ivory Coast. The need for a hospital is one of the key emergencies for the citizens, who live far away from the main hospitals in Ganta and Tappita.

Sayegbouh said the project is expected to be completed by March this year, to be followed by an administrative complex in August.

The head of the network, Samuel N. Brown, was one of the contenders for the district #1 representative seat in Nimba County, but lost narrowly to Jeremiah Koung.

Brown said when he started the project during the course of the election, people thought it was ‘election talk’ to win the minds of the citizens.

“Even though I lost the election, I still remain committed to my promise, and today the project is ongoing peacefully and speedily,” he said.

“Despite my loss, I am still holding to my promise and it is my duty as a citizen of the same community to help my people.”

Meanwhile, the town chief of Nyor Diaplay has hailed Brown and his friends for remaining committed to his promise to carry out the construction of the health center.


  1. In John F. Kennedy inaugural address he spoke his famous words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    Mr. Samuel N. Brown, your love for your people and country is exemplified by your action to give back to your people by giving them this much needed health center. Win or lose, you are not sitting down and waiting to see what Liberia can do for you.

    I hope this will be a clarion call to many elected officials to contribute meaningfully to their constituencies that they represent.

    May God bless you sir, in your future endeavors!


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