US$3.9M Kokoyah Millennium Projects Dedicated


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last Sunday hailed the Kokoyah Millennium Village (KMV) Project in Botota, Kokoyah Statutory District, upper Bong County, for the completion of the US$3.9 million development projects.

The completed projects include an information center, a hand pump, a clinic (Botota), the Gbarta Junior High School, teachers’ quarters and a multi-purpose center.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony, President Sirleaf said those who chose to attend the dedicatory ceremony in Kokoya did not do so because they wanted to come, but to drive through and see the life of the people of Bong County and work they are involves in and admonished citizens to expand the village by opening small businesses and investments to create opportunity in the private sector.

President Sirleaf encouraged the citizens, including the Superintendent, Town Chief and Clan Chief to take ownership of the village.

“I want to thank our partners and the people of Kokoyah District for this great initiative and for successfully implementing these projects,” she added.

She praised the Norwegian government and partners for providing the needed funding, the commitment and the determination to see the project executed. She urged citizens and residents of the village to maintain and protect the project. She promised that government will do everything to decentralize local governance and bring it closer to the people.

Representative George S. Mulbah thanked President Sirleaf for her many development efforts undertaken and assured her of the Bong County Legislative Caucus’s support.

Presenting the keys to President Sirleaf, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Administration, Varney Sirleaf described President Sirleaf as “One of the best Presidents” Liberia has produced and commended President Sirleaf for her commitment to developing the country.

The Kokoyah Millennium Village Project, supported by the Government of Norway, in partnership with UNDP and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, aims at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the community level through well-known local interventions to improve the living conditions of community beneficiaries.

President Sirleaf thanked Liberia’s partners and the citizens of Bong County for fully participating in the implementation of the KMV projects.

“This is truly the people’s project and we want the district to take ownership of these facilities,” Deputy Minister Sirleaf said.

“We are very happy that President Sirleaf came to dedicate our facilities and it is a turning point in our district,” Morris P. Laykpee, City Mayor of Botota, noted.

A cross section of citizens interviewed by the Daily Obsever on the KMV lauded President Sirleaf and the government for carrying out the project in their community.

Botota, the administrative seat of Kokoyah Statutory District, is home to over 6,000 residents, many of them, farmers. It is expected that the social impact of the KMV will benefit more than 200 households.

The Millennium Village Project aims to support integrated development projects in poor communities across Africa.

Out of US$5 million, $3.9 million was spent on the project and the construction took nearly seven years to complete, a Ministry of Internal Affairs official said during the dedication.


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