US$200K Dished Out to CoP to Cancel Protest?

Rufus D. Neufville, Chairman, Independent Council of Patriots

-Rufus Neufville alleges

While it has come to public attention that the Council of Patriots (CoP) has conceded to postpone the much-publicized December 30th protest due to interventions by the international community, Rufus Neufville, a defected member of the CoP and now chairman of the “Independent Council of Patriots (ICoP),” has accused the government of dishing out US$200,000 to Henry Costa and his colleagues in the leadership of the CoP.

Mr. Neufville, who was a founding member of the CoP and who, after the June 7th protest in Monrovia, formed the Independent Council of Patriots (ICOP) on allegations that Costa and his colleagues also received bribes, said he was reliably informed by CoP insiders that representatives of the Liberian government on Sunday (December 29) met with leaders of the COP and dished out to them US$200,000.

“I am a founding member of CoP and up to this date, I still have militants in whom I confide and they, too, do with me likewise. I am informed by my very trusted friends that Costa, Mo Ali, Senator Darius Dillon, and Rep. Yekeh Kolubah received US$200,000,” he alleged.

The CoP have been staunch critics of the George Weah Administration, accusing the government of rampant corruption, disregard for the rule of law, and amassing personal wealth to the detriment of the state.

According to Neufville, Wilmot Paye, chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), was allegedly approached with the bribe but he (Paye) declined to accept it.

“I have seen another patriot. Wilmot refused the bribe. He is a true patriot,” Neufville said.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Wilmot Paye said at no point in time did he talk with Rufus Neufville about anything, lest one would talk about the collection of a bribe or not.

“The statement from Rufus Neufville that I spoke with him, saying that I was approached to collect a bribe of whatever amount is not true. In fact, I don’t have Rufus’s number in my phone and I cannot remember when last we ever heard from each other,” Paye said, debunking Neufville’s allegation.

Calls made to Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Senator Dillon on the allegation did not yield response as their phones rang endlessly.

Paye condemned Neufville’s assertion about his colleagues collecting a bribe from government and termed it as a complete ‘falsehood.’

Neufville’s allegation delivered through a press conference yesterday in Monrovia, further noted that Henry Costa and his colleagues have demanded US$400,000 government but the government could only make available the US$200,000 in order to prevent yesterday’s assembly of tens of thousands of people with a commitment to pay the balance at a later date.

“These guys are doing business. They are not patriots but bunch of corrupt individuals. We will not sit and watch this go unnoticed or uninvestigated. Government must investigate this. If it is established that President Weah is a part of the arrangement that made available that money, we will push for his impeachment and removal from office,” he said.

According to Neufville, whenever Costa is on vacation from the United States he uses the ignorant minds to raise tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of United States Dollars for his personal benefit.

“We are not weak. We did not stay away from the streets because of fear but we are law-abiding citizens. This is the only reason, but by government bribing these guys, we will not take it lightly. We will take to the streets and will not relent to push this government to do what it has to do for the country,” he said.

He said he sees no reason why the government is afraid of Costa and his followers’ plan to protest since it is already clear that they (CoP) no longer have the number of people to make a case.

“The proposed protest today (December 30) did not hold, not because of the advice from the international community, but because of lack of confidence in the COP and the US$200,000 dished out to the leadership. These two are the main reasons. Nothing else,” he said.

This reporter could not get an official response from the Council of Patriots, although phone calls made went unanswered.

However, the government, through the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), released a press statement condemning Neufville’s allegation and terming it as ‘untrue.’

“The Government of Liberia takes very seriously the allegation that it engaged in acts of bribery in order to quell the agitation by leaders of the Council of Patriots,” the release said.

“The government views the claim which was made by Rufus Neufville, the chairman of the Independent Council of Patriots group, as grave and troubling. The government has therefore ordered a speedy investigation into the allegation,” the press statement, signed by the Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, said.

He added: “The administration of President George M. Weah has repeatedly made known its zero tolerance for corruption and therefore does not condone unsubstantiated pronouncements which impugn the image of the government or any of its officials.”

He said further: “However if these statements bear any iota of truth, the public can be assured that the culprits will face the full weight of the law in an expeditious manner.”

Minister Nagbe said the government’s engagements with leaders of the COP, with the full participation of the international community and the Council of Churches, have been transparent and in good faith.

“The government, therefore, wishes to reassure the public of its full adherence to all the tenets of democracy, while also being cognizant of even greater responsibility to maintain the peace and public order,” he said.


  1. This is what Liberia gets for the failure of past leaders to invest into education. We have to eventually invest heavily in this sector of the national economy to get out of this current mess.

  2. This accusation cannot be believed since the protest was not cancelled and was only pros-pond to another date. to be announced. It does not make any logical sense to pay the COP for a protest that was set to go on at another date to be scheduled. Besides, Rufus Neufville cannot be trusted. He is a State collaborator who has taken money from the Weah’s Government to counter protest against the COP. While I do not support the COP and Costa, I equally cannot trust Rufus Neuville who is a hustler and playing his role for his own economic interest on behalf of the Weah’s Government. Rufus must provide clear documentary or some impeachable evidence to convince the Liberian people about his accusation against the COP.

  3. I actually concord with Mr. Leewaye analysis that, Mr. Neuville is misleading the public and is solely working for the government. The protest was never cancel instead, postponed. So why will the government spent $200k for postponement instead of cancellation? Individual like Rufus Neuville are opportunist and will do anything to get anything. If he claimed of being critical of George Weah administration, when last did he ever condemned the administration for any wrong doing or mis leadership that bringing the nation to her kneels? They then called themselves “ICOP”! What a coincidence from “COP” to “ICOP”. Just the name of their group say it all for me that, they are state paid group. The notion that, elected government can not be dragged out of power is totally misleading and need to be well explained to the Liberian people. The very people that elected you can remove you from power if they are not satisfied with your leadership of running the affairs of the country and this need the very mass majority that invested the power in you. The people don’t necessarily have to wait for the term to be completed before going to the ballot box to removed an elected official.

  4. There seems to be a crack of gigantic proportions in the camp of the CoP. The CoP has been known as the main opposition of the Collaborating Parties of which Alexander Cummings, Boakai, Urey, Mo Ali, and others are notables. But the self-possessed Rufus Nuefville, who claims to be a founding member of the CoP, has declared his independence and therefore broke away from the opposition a few months ago.

    There seems to be some funny things happening here. As a consequence of this, a good number of the Liberian people are happy, some are confused and some are visibly infuriated. Let’s take a look:

    1. The happy group are happy because the CoP coalition shows a growing sign of incoherence, mortification and insecurity. The happy group comprises the Weah supporters who strongly believe that Costa is not precocious, but rather a pudding-head. Nothing else do they want but a split within the ranks of the CoP.

    2. The confused people, much like their counterparts in the happy group column are urbane but also sympathetic to the CoP. However, in recent weeks or days, the CoP’s behavior has caused an internal conflict. For instance, whereas it was widely known that the much talked about protest march would be held peacefully at all cost on December 30, the march was postponed without a logical explanation. Costa and company must be given some credit because they agreed to postpone the march. But, in order for the internal conflicts of people in this column to be solved, Costa and company must do more to lay out a comprehensive plan of their activities. Sadly, such a plan may show up or maybe not.

    3. The visible infuriated people are headed by Rufus Nuefville, founder of the ICoP. The firebrand Nuefville is similar in tactics with Costa, the shock jock! Nuefville claims to have defected from the CoP because Costa and company are decrepit by reason of bribes which they receive from outside sources. Neufville also claims that Costa and company are unreliable and methodical. Those are serious charges. Nuefville is a thorn in the guts of the CoP, but irrespective of that, he’s got his own followers.

    How does this whole thing play in the hands of the government? Well, I will let you decide.

    • Let me say a big thank you to Patrick, Joseph, and Ahmed for their patriotic comments and also query Mr. Hney about what he referenced as a “gigantic crack” in the COP. I also want to comment on his assertion that the COP is the main opposition to Weah’s Government. First, I disagree with the notion that the COP has a crack that’s measurable enough to be considered a “gigantic crack,” as described by Mr. Hney. The COP is a mass movement and therefore, its membership and leadership come from various backgrounds and political affiliations. And so, a few self-seeking individuals leaving the COP for selfish and political interest cannot be considered as a “gigantic crack” in the COP.

      Secondly, the COP is not a legally register political entity to be considered as the “main opposition to the CDC-Weah’s Government.” In politics and for that matter, any organization that comprises people from various political, social and economic persuasions, there’re those with opposing views and self-seeking motives, and when their self-seeking interests and motives cannot be accommodated by the organization, they will eventually leave for a greener pasture. This is the case with Rufus Neufville and few others. This cannot possibly be considered as a “gigantic crack” in the COP.

      Understandably, given our current belly-driven political atmosphere in Liberia today, and the lack of serious commitments by some individuals to honesty, integrity, and transparency; some self-seeking individuals with ulterior motives will join such mass movement, hoping to capitalize on it for their self-seeking interests. Once they realized that their political and personal interests cannot be allowed to dominate such movement, they will leave for greener pastures, in order to make themselves relevant in society. This is the case with Rufus Neufville.

      It’s also important to mention that the COP’s leadership and membership comprised of people from various social, economic and political persuasions, including the CDC. Their affiliations with the COP does not make this mass movement a political entity, and cannot be referenced as the main opposition to the Government of Liberia. In my view, the COP is seeking the collective interests of Liberians from various social, political, and economic backgrounds and persuasions.

      Though I do not believe that Mr. Costa and his current core of officers at the COP are the right vehicles for such an endeavor, unfortunately, the main oppositions are silent on major national issues and so, Mr. Costa is taking advantage of the situation. I would have expected legally registered opposition political parties to take up this charge. On another note, the Weah’s Government continues to elevate Mr. Costa politically by her ill-advised actions against his person and movement.

  5. Tony is right on the money with his analysis. I do not know Mr. Costa personally, and neither have I had any interactions with the COP. However, judging from the manner in which he has ably managed the COP and some of the core values he and other officials of his inner circle have exhibited so far, I do not think they will stoop so low.

    If Costa was an avaricious individual, he would not have abandoned the Weah’s CDC cabal. He would have remained in it as one of its primary agents designing policies that are geared towards perpetuating and exacerbating the sufferings of the marginalized population.

    He would have remained in it and be one of its participants in the blood ablution of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, many of whom are dying every day as the result of the social and economic hardships of the Weah’s policies.

    One would have imagined that after the notorious civil war, which claimed the lives of 250,000 of our citizens, the least mention of such a staggering statistics (250,000 lives) would immediately send a chilling message to the nation that our leaders have learned that corruption, tribal hatred, and institutionalized violence against defenseless citizens were not good approaches to solving the nation’s problems.

    But instead, the Weah’s cabal has in fact chosen a deadlier and stealthier path. This time around, they are not only pillaging the resources, but they are accompanying their actions with arrogance. Quite recently, one of Weah’s spoke-persons told the Liberian people, in the midst of the caustic depression, when civil servants are not being paid, that their sufferings were justifiable because Weah did not promise them pay for their labor upon his resumption of power.

    Only a callous individual without moral principles can behave this way. And the man, Henry Costa, has proven so far to be guided by a spiritual and moral compass. Time brings revelations.

  6. Rufus cannot be trusted. He’s doing all this for the public to lose confidence in COP and gain confidence in him. He is a bigot . He’s seeking for job from the Weah led government after being flogged by Acarus Moses Gray. An agent of the government who wants to detail the effort of the opposition. We are watching from all angles.

  7. Ahmed Jalloh,
    Like they say back home “are you for real? Did Gray actually flog Neufville”? Is Neufville a son of the lawmaker?

    I just can’t get over this jump because I am laughing. I hope you are joking my friend.

  8. When we said that the so-called CoP has a short life span, and opposition politicians have always sought their own selfish interests,many people took our words of caution for granted. True,neither the CoP nor ICoP honestly means well for Liberia.It’s about time Liberians, home and abroad, rise to the occasion and finally decide what is good for the nation.We’ve come a long way.Liberia is now at a cross road. No one else can fix it better for us,but we ourselves. To further demonstrated how the CoP or ICoP is not to be trusted is to understand what gave rise to the formation of the ICoP ,thus causing a division among people who claim to stand for love, unity and justice.To conclude, it is very unfortunate that Liberians are people on record for making grave mistakes, yet cannot learn from them.

    • For all that matters, Mr. Marcus Dahn, you are right in entreating “Liberians at home and abroad to rise to the occasion and finally decide what is good for the nation.” We only wish you and your brand of “progressives” had reached that conclusion earlier in 1979, before inciting and leading scores of Liberians to their early graves, when you and comrades orchestrated similar adventurism with the Tolbert government. 2020 must really be a “visionary” year and year of epiphany. If I may also add, Mr. Dahn, that you and comrades’ very absence from the political scene in Liberia, and for various selfish trappings is the main reason why the likes of Henry Costa, Yekeh Kolubah and all the other fly-by-night heroes have emerged and become relevant in Liberia today. Or do you want to tell us your advocacy for change in Liberia, was just against the Tolbert administration and once it was overthrown your work was done? I therefore want to say, “just shut the F up” and stay the dead sea away from what is happening in Liberia,” courtesy of you and self-seeking hustlers who betrayed the very trust reposed in you by the very Liberian people before.

  9. This guy is one of the real problems.
    I thought everyone should be happy and appreaciate our government and the COP leadership for protecting the peace we all enjoy, and i personally wish that the two parties dialogue and come to one understanding for the sake of peace.
    This guy is jealous of the COP leadership and wishing to get the same popularity they have gotten. Such allegation shouldn’t be given credence.

  10. Nelson Sr.,
    Come 2020 by the grace of God, Sinoe county and Maryland will play a few games: Soccer, volleyball, basketball and maybe swimming. We’ ll see who the best players are. If your side wins, I will buy a cow. You do the same if my side wins. I have a sense you will buy the cow brother. But, we will see.

    Happy New Year brother Nelson.

  11. Bro. Hney,

    Wish you and your family God’s Blessings 2020 and years to come.

    As for the cow, just get ready to buy the one we are bringing to Sinoe for our palm butter. Hahahaha.

    If we can’t beat Maryland, We will just sit in our corner in Sinoe and eat farina and coconut for snack. LOL…

  12. I don’t believe this guy Mr. Rufus No Protest (his last name). no questions and answer to this. if he is sure of what he is saying, let him bring prove. see costa always show prove about things that is why many people follow him. I don’t 100% agree to costa protesting but the guy always find and produce prove about things. just like he did with the CDC chairman. if he had said the CDC chairman said something against the party and government with out prove, many would not have believe him, so he produce truth to the story (Prove). people even the president and the chairman himself knew it was truth.

    so for the Mr. No protest of ICOP, let him produce prove or keep quiet, if he can’t keep quiet or be investigated to by the govt but the will not because the man was speaking in their interest when he was saying no protest. ok, maybe that was why he did not get his cut since he was on the side of the govt, HAHAHAHAH, Mr. Rufus No protest.
    Even if it is truth or not that the Govt give COP money, let him and his group go out and protest against it on new year day Jan 1, 2020.

    Mr. No Protest its time to gather people to defend the country, the govt, and take the money from COP Mr. No protest, its time defend mama Liberia. Moreover, why are you raising alarm when you said no protest or when your desire was for the guys not to protest since it was going to bring war. the govt give them money according to you so there can be no protest so they took the money so they can’t protest for there not to be war, why speak against it. Like you are really confuse.

    Mr. No protest Rufus, in the name of God almighty, please leave the COP and the Govt to do their thing. stop getting involve into something you don’t have a heart for, and stop confusing people, you don’t have prove. please find place to sit down.

    God help Liberia.

  13. My Liberian people, all political party, COP, ICOP, and thieves we elected, I beg your all, your please leave weah and his govt alone let them steal enough that’s their time. the money will not finish. when his six yrs finish, you can go try and remove him by election and when you are there do or steal your own. and or wait for weah to finish the next 6yrs.

    there are kids that need to go to school, Liberia need peace. stop trying to stop the peace we have. from Tolbert to Ellen, every one steal and today people stay crying that the new govt people stealing. where is the money coming from.

    I am a private citizen, please stop disturbing we the private people, we have our lives to live and kids to bring up.

  14. All we hear from the self-proclaimed Coalition of Opposition Political Parties (COP) , AKA patriots, is demonstrations – from one demonstration to the other. What other innovative ideas do they have to put forth in order to help rejuvenate the much-cried-about Liberian economy? What is so enterprising about this group that shows any sign of benefiting the common good? Can you imagine that the ones inciting the common people to turn out in the streets, time in and time out, and demonstrate are an incumbent senator of the Liberian senate, a member of the House of Representative, and three former standard bearers of defeated political parties of the 2017 presidential elections, all of whom are well secured financially in the Liberian society?

    The fear of a mass demonstration in Liberia’s political and economic capital city spells paralysis of the national economy, stoppage of the national government and diplomatic activities. How in the name of good governance and vibrant economy must these groups be threatening the people of Liberia with demonstrations that we know will inflict crushing punishment on the noble ideals they claim to espouse?

    When will the people who hail these groups as heroes of the downtrodden see through the smoke screen and call them out for who they really are, a disgruntled group of men who lost a presidential election at the ballot box and in the courts? I think well meaning Liberians and on-lookers from the outside begin to see through this farce as a politically motivated incitement of the masses to cause chaos, unending chaos. With such a tactic, no one benefits, the government loses, Liberia loses as usual, and these little disgruntled men lose in the final analysis.

  15. Uncle Hney and Uncle Aaron:

    Just to let you know that I arrived home safely and I want to wish both you and yours a very Happy New Year. I had a very nice time visiting. But, am home now and life goes on.

    My dad has dealt with Mr.neufville on many levels and he tells me that he is a shady character and he cannot be trusted. Some instances were narrated to me that led me to conclude that, indeed, he is an individual who engages in all kinds of chicanery

    Why would Mr. Weah give out such a huge amount just to postpone the march? But then again, Neufville knows exactly what he is doing, he is playing to his base, and trust me, he has a lot. his aim is to sow seed of discord and in many ways, he has done so, judging by the fact that some folks are believing it. Just having this conversation is a victory for Rufus.

    But, we will wait to see how it unfolds.


  16. JM,
    I am very elated to hear about your safe arrival to Liberia. I hope you, your parents and your siblings are in good spirits. My family and I are well.

    I am very disappointed in you on two counts:
    A. Before you came to the US, I really wanted you to meet by nephew and brothers, it didn’t work and

    B. You didn’t bother to let me know how I could get in touch with you in SF or in Rhode Island. In both places where you briefly stayed, I’ve got
    friends and relatives there. I have been to Providence, RI, and I also know a few places in the San Francisco Bay area. Maybe, next time by God’s grace!

    My time is 9:22 p.m. Your time now is 2:22 am. You’re there in 2020. I am still waiting.

    Happy New year young fella. Let’s keep in touch.

  17. Hey Joe,

    Happy new year LIB time and thank God for your safe arrival in Monrovia. Greetings to your family and I’m sure your next visit to the US will be better than this one. We will connect on several levels while you are home. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week back home.

  18. Mr. Leewaye,
    There’s a difference between what I actually said and what you’re challenging.

    Said I, “there seems to be a crack of gigantic proportions in the CoP”. Unlike what I said or wrote, you’re misquoting me completely. Said you, “there’s a crack of gigantic proportions in the CoP”. Your misquote has been repeated in your first paragraph three different times. I didn’t say there is a crack! Please take another look at what I actually said.

    Now Mr. Leewaye, if I say hypothetically….., “that Gio girl seems to be the quintessential of all the contestants”, in reality, I am not saying that Gio is in fact the creme de la creme. She could be, but that’s not what I am actually saying.

    On the other hand, if I say, “that Gio girl is the quintessential of all the contestants….. I am in fact making a statement of fact. Although the words “is” and “seems” are verbs, in reality they’re not the same. I said, “it seems……”. I didn’t say, “there is a crack”.

    Mr. Leewaye, whether Rufus Nuefville is perceived by you as being hedonistic or flamboyant, the real truth of the matter is that Nuefville has caused a serious damage to the CoP. Nuefville’s aspersions on the CoP enfeebles the CoP! Nuefville claims that he’s got his own intelligence agents within the CoP who brief him constantly. Of course, some of Nuefville’s critics describe him as a mooncalf who deserves no attention. But what you need to understand is that it is highly unlikely to disbelieve everything that Nuefville says. For instance, it sounds cynical when Nuefville states that Costa and company were bribed by government officials. The question is this….is it impossible for Costa, an unemployed shock jock to refuse a bribe? Or, is it impossible for a bribe to be handed over by a government official? Have you heard about Mr. Trump? Wasn’t president Trump impeached recently because of bribery?

    Why are too many people skeptical about the CoP in recent weeks? According to Rufus Nuefville and some breakaway renegades, the leadership of the CoP is inauthentic.

  19. Happy New year Uncle Hney:

    I don’t think that I did all within my power to get in touch with you and for that, I apologize. Moses Sr. is sitting next to me as I sent this message and he say to apologize to you as well. Hope you will give me another chance to try to get in touch with you.

    I will also endeavor to get in touch with your relative at the police acdemy. I will do that as soon as possible. I will be flying to Rwanda January 13 for a youth leadership conference and upon my arrival back to Liberia, I find your relative.

    As always, I thank you for your warm sentiments towards my family and big shout out to Uncle Aaron.


  20. Protest not protest, what good has it done for us, a nation that has existed for over 170 with nothing worthwile to show.
    In reminiscene, an influential pressure group called themselves progressives created the scene for the assasination of President Tolbert, regarded as the most progressive leader in Liberian history.Not wanting to write much about that period, Liberia has since struggled to stand on its feet again.However, it’s strikingly strange to know that many Liberian appear not to see the resulting dangers in the use of force to resolve conflicts.
    Even though I allude to the belief that this government has reneged to adress concerns of corruption and alleged misuse of public offices,I do not support any group of individuals bent on causing disturbance for peaceful citizens and residents,with the intention to get political relevance

  21. JM,
    I am glad you are well. The only good news that I have for you is that you are forgiven. You really sound like a precocious young man. But, the credit goes to your dad and mom. So, don’t brag Joe.

    The Holy Book states: “train a child according to how he or she should grow, when the child grows up, the positive upbringing will not be departed away from”.

    After your return from Rwanda, let me know. Remember, whatever information my nephew gives you should be held and kept in strict confidence. In turn, we will correspond by email or via telephone. There’re a few nice people who know the person I am on this blog.

    While I do believe that a good number of commenters are nice people, I also believe that there’re some who are uncouth. Because of the unsophistication of others, I do not bother to get into an argument with them. JM, there’s no need to accuse someone because his or her views do not coincide with yours. Sadly, that’s the norm of the unsophisticated people. Furthermore, I am not a kid. I believe in self-respect and respect for others. I refuse to get in the ditch with people who use profane words.

    Once again, Happy New Year to you and your family!


  22. Liberians please leave weah and his men alone so they can steal enough. This is the heir time to steal. Please wait for your time to come so u u can steal too.
    Weah and his men carry caskets to show how Ellen was stealing the country money with her people in power. They were showing how clean they were and supporting the masses of people who were not stealing at the time.
    Just to get power today to steal more than what Ellen was doing.
    That is the nature of us Liberians and African as a hold. We pray for power just to rule others and steal from them.

    It’s time for weah to steal, let him steal his time will finish but Liberian money will not finish.
    So please leave us alone the ordinary and private people to live our lives with protesting, when u are in power even if we don’t give you our money, you will stay steal it and enrich yourself.

    My appeal to all is please allow weah to steal and enjoy himself, after all you voted for him. I didn’t vote for him and will never but he is our stealing president now for everyone. We don’t have choice but to live with the young thief and his men until their time is over in 4yrs from now.

    Enjoy yourself Mr. Weah the stealing and corrupt president and officials of Liberia. That is why Liberians voted for you all so you can steal their resources.
    Enjoy your self, rule Liberian, you can singlely protect Liberia Mr. Weah the corrupt president.

    May God be with you in your ditictorship, stealing and corrupt behavior Mr. Ruler of Liberia George weah. The world, European, and African best footballer who have become the Liberia most corrupt president.

    Peace peace peace 2020 to Liberia.

  23. Kae,
    I don’t like your 2020 message for the Weah government. Why should people be allowed to steal? Come on Kae. Do you really mean that?

    You sound like a good guy. I have a sense that you are a believer. The Bible says that it is a sin to steal. Now, are you jumping over the Bible? You must be fed up. Let’s pray for Liberia sincerely. Liberia needs all the good people, including you!

    Hang in there Kae.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  24. liberians are a bunch of idiots who would rather see their country in ruins than for it to develop. ALL THEY DO IS ARGUE AND FIGHT. and the poor people suffer. I feel sorry for the country , its leaders, and the citizens because they are going nowhere. WE ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF WEST AFRICA. A BUNCH OF GOONS , ROGUES , AND HUSTLERS

  25. When “bribe” is offered, he who offered{Government} the bribe is as guilty as the receiver. The Weah government should not be in the business of offering bribes. It is against our laws to do so.


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