US$15K Health Center for Konjorloe Residents


Over 10,000 residents of Korjorloe Town, Rankollie Clan in Foya District, Lofa County are expected to benefit from a mini health center costing US$15,000.

Mr. Rudolf Janke, director of the Village People Empowerment for Rural Development (VIPE) told the Daily Observer in the district recently that the project will be completed in a few months.

Director Janke said funding for the health post has been provided by partners.

To date, six hand pumps have been constructed and three wells rehabilitated to cater to over 9,000 residents of Konjorloe and other villages, Mr. Janke said.

He added that other projects the entity undertook a few years ago included the construction of latrines and provision of roofing sheets, micro-finance loans for country cloth weaving, and rehabilitating black smith shops, building town halls, mid-wife training center and a center to produce palm oil.

During the 2014 Ebola outbreak, Director Janke said VIPE mobilized essential drugs and sent VIPE volunteer Thomas Tengbeh and two residents who assisted the residents.

During the crisis, Mr. Tengbeh and his assistants treated people with diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, fever, headache, body pains, cough, stomachache and many other illnesses not related to the Ebola Virus Diseases (EVD).

He commended the bravery of the three-man health team and described the team as heroes.

Director Janke said the three volunteers performed so well to the extent that no deaths from the deadly Ebola were recorded during the peak of the crisis in Konjorloe Town.

Director Janke disclosed that the water and sanitation projects of 13 villages were assessed and help is being sought from Germany and other partners to implement them.

Mr. Janke said, “My 33 years of productive life has been spent in Liberia and Germany working with dedicated Liberians for the empowerment of poor rural communities.”


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