US$150,000 Budgeted for Monsterrado County

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    The Chairman of the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus, Representative Edward Ford, has announced that the county’s Caucus, through the Edwin M. Snowe’s Mobilization Committee has projected a US$150,000 budget as an initial support, to Montserrado County in the National County Meet.

    The Montserrado lawmaker said, the funds is aimed to support the five disciplines, namely, football, basketball, kickball, athletics and volleyball, in the County Meet.

    Ford, who is Montserrado County’s District #16 Representative indicated that the money will be given to the teams ‘per stages,’ and hope that the early financial assurance coupled with their moral support would serve as motivation for the trophies.

    “We are putting to your disposal US$150,000….I repeat, I am not saying we are giving you, I said we are putting to your disposal a total of US$150,000,” Rep. Forh said.

    He added: “This is a challenge to the team — if you advance to the group stage, you have a part of that money, you go beyond the quarter finals, you also will get another portion —and if you advance beyond each round, you have some of that money to support—so the usage of the money depends on how far you guys will go.”

    Earlier, the Chairman of the Montserrado County’s Mobilization Committee, Representative Edwin Snowe, announced that it is “Montserrado County’s Time,” arguing that it has been too long that they have failed to capture the trophies.

    “For too long Montserrado has been a good host and when everyone meets in Montserrado to fight for the trophies, they (trophies) are always taken away from Montserrado and nothing is left with us. But the trophies have informed us that they are tired going in the dust and want to remain in the city. We want to say Montserrado County is ready to take all the silver wares,” the Montserrado District # 6 Representative boasted.

    Montserrado County Superintendent Florence Brandy, hailed her County’s Legislative Caucus, and urged the players to ‘play to win.’

    Meanwhile, the county’s Steering Committee chairman, Mr. Alieu Bah, told reporters that he has confidence in all the county’s teams; adding: “This is Montserrado County’s time.”

    Montserrado County, inarguably the most populated county, has been ‘very unlucky’ in the County Meet.

    Last year, incredibly, Montserrado County’s splendid performance led them to emerge as the runner-up, in the narrow 1-1 pulsating draw that ended in a lottery shot.

    Meanwhile, Bong County, one of the hosts of the County Meet, is in full confidence for the Games. 


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