US$10M Lawsuit Hangs over Press Secretary


The political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) has threatened to file a US$10M lawsuit against Presidential Press Secretary, Jerolinmek Matthew Piah.

Mr. Simeon Freeman made the disclosure Wednesday, June 4, when he appeared on Fabric Radio talk show program, “The New Dawn.”

According to Mr. Freeman, said legal action would be predicated upon statements made by Piah alleging that he (Freeman) was a “former operative” of the regime of convicted former Liberian President Charles G. Taylor.

Piah, during a recent press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated, “We know that Mr. Freeman, as a former operative of the Taylor regime,z will never fall short of a flawed and baseless analysis and attribution of comparing the current very democratic and results-based government to not just the Taylor regime from which he amassed the wealth he brags about today, but to others he and his likes similarly condemned.

"We will therefore not be surprised were he to shower praises on the Sirleaf administration long after she leaves power; this is how most Liberians see one’s worth — when they leave the stage. Mr. Freeman suggests that President Sirleaf must apologize to some former leaders of Liberia, including his former boss Taylor. We would simply like to advise Mr. Freeman to stop living in the past and being a constant victim of hallucination because the past that he so greatly benefitted from is gone; and no amount of anger and hate from him can return those dark days.”

Stating the source of his wealth, Mr. Freeman explained that he is a businessman who used to purchase cattle in Guinea to sell in Liberia; he subsequently went into the used car business and later into industry.

Mr. Freeman added that throughout his life, he has never been caught in any act of robbery that would connect him to Charles Taylor’s regime.

He said the allegation by the Executive Mansion spokesman has the propensity to taint his character, and therefore needs to be disproved it in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The MPC political leader said while he is not against reactions to his recent statement against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 's Administration, he equally dissents with baseless allegations that reflect negatively on his image.

Freeman recently  took the air waves to condemn the work of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, asking her to apologize to dead and living leaders for her alleged role in undermining their administrations.

In a counter reaction, Presidential Press Secretary Jerolinmek Piah referred to Mr. Freeman as an “operative” of the Taylor regime and warned him to stop thinking about living in those dark days.


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