US$10.7M Vehicle Debt Case Begins Today


After asking for a two-week postponement of the US$10.7 million vehicle debt case brought by Prestige and Alliance Motors against the Government of Liberia, the matter is expected to resume today at the Commercial Court.

State lawyers asked for the two-week extension of the case to allow them to consult with relevant authorities on whether or not to pay the money before the expiration of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration, which ends in 19 days.

The question that will be answered today is whether the government has agreed to pay the money it owes the company, which is owned by Lebanese businessman, George Haddad.

The postponement of the case by Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan resulted from an agreement reached by government lawyers and those of Haddad’s, although the matter has been with the court since 2012.

The case resumed when the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, representing the legal interests of Haddad, filed a lawsuit against the Liberian Government contending that from 2000 to 2008, Haddad sold and repaired vehicles and supplied spare parts amounting to US$10.7 million to several government institutions.

Unfortunately government is yet to pay the debt despite Haddad’s plea for justice.

Haddad is the chief executive officer of Prestige Motors Corporation and Alliance Motors Corporation.


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