US$1.7M Fisheries Project Resumes in Robertsport


The World Bank’s US$ 1.7 million Robertsport fisheries cluster project has resumed after it was scaled down at its location in Fanti Town community due to the deadly Ebola virus disease.

The project started March 20 and according to Consultant Gabriel Kwame Adams of Top International and Phoenicia Architecture Construction Company, it is intended to add “more value to fishing activities in Fanti Town,” the biggest fishing community in Robertsport City.

He said the project, when completed, will have spaces for fresh fish handling, cold storage, dry fish market, a community fisheries center, a fisherman changing building, a clinic  and  day care, and a fish smoking site, among others.

He praised Fanti Town residents for their cooperation and active engagement in the project, adding, “they are enthusiastic to see the project completed by the end of the year.”

“The residents of Fanti Town are very happy about the resumption of this project because I have witnessed so many incidents where there was a surplus of fish caught but most was lost because of the lack of dryers or cold storage.

“A majority of their fish got spoiled and they were even throwing the fish back into the sea, which is not good,” Mr. Adams said.

He disclosed that following decline of Ebola cases, they resumed work the second week in February, adding that the time frame for the project has been expanded due to the interruption of the Ebola outbreak in the country.

Grand Cape Mount County Superintendent, Mohammed Passawe, described the project as important to the county.  It will promote fishing activities since it is their main source of livelihood in Robertsport.

“For so long our people have been searching for such an opportunity which will improve their lives by adding more value to their businesses, and we are very grateful for the resumption of this project,” Supt. Passawe said.

The completion of the project, he noted, will create job opportunities for the citizens of his county and will improve their living conditions.

“Our people in Robertsport depend on fishing for survival and if this project is completed, we will have no marketers or fisherman losing their fish because of lack of cold storage,” he said with elation (delight).

The Robertsport Fisheries Cluster is a World Bank funded project through the West Africa Regional Fisheries project (WARFP).


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