US$1.4M Agriculture Program In Sight for Nimba

"We believe that agriculture is the best way forward in this country and we are doing everything possible to get our people involved in agriculture," Taa Wongbe (pictured) said.

— Taa Wongbe discloses

One of the sons of Nimba County, Taa Wongbe, has embarked on a US$1.4 agriculture project across Nimba County.

In a press conference conducted in Ganta recently, Taa Wongbe disclosed plans to invest US$1.4 million to empower farmers in every aspect of agricultural sector in the county. He said the money will be used to empower local agriculture cooperatives, which have been set up by him across the county.

“We believe that agriculture is the best way forward in this country and we are doing everything possible to get our people involved in agriculture,” he said.

Mr. Taa Wongbe is one of those who has expressed interest in the mid-term senatorial election in 2020.

He boasted of gaining ground through the agriculture initiative across Nimba and vowed to reach out to every citizen.

“What we are concentrating on now is our staple food, including rice and cassava, among others,” he said, adding that they will be involved in every sector of agriculture including cattle, livestock and any area that could make the county self sufficient.

“If we do agriculture as a business, as it is done in other countries, it will create avenue for jobs and better living,” he explained.

Taa Wongbe is a member of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), whose political leader is Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.

“I have a friend in the Ivory Coast, who is a multi millionaire from agriculture,” Wongbe said. “So, if we apply the same here, by commercializing agriculture, it will make the country great in terms of food security,” he said.

Ahead of the 2020 senatorial election, many sons of Nimba, including Rep. Jeremiah Koung, former Nimba Senator Adolphus Dolo, Taa Wongbe, Edith Weh and Superintendent Dorr Cooper are canvassing for the elected post.

For Supt. Door Cooper, he is yet to make his position clear, though he has been described on social media as ‘incoming senator’, something, he has neither affirmed nor declined.

Recently, Supt. Cooper told reporters that he had not decided to resign his post as superintendent of Nimba in line with Code of Conducts, because the National Election Commission is yet to declare the senatorial position vacant.


  1. A sustainable agriculture in Liberia, requires that we protect our most important natural resource-WATER. No matter what without ample supplies of water, AGRICULTURE is a failure. Reforestation, especially in the mining areas, is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Look at the before mining activities and after. Our once mighty rivers are shrinking. The mountains, with their tall trees once produce water that flow into our rivers. Those rivers have branches that flow through out Liberia. Thus, making Liberia IDEAL for crops productions.

  2. Agriculture is essential for our survival, and our our journey towards true sovereignty. We must produce what we consume.However, we must be mindful of the hands that pays is hand that rules. Outside funding of our most significant initiative needs to be transparent, furthermore it continues the cycle of dependency. We has Liberians need to learn how to fund powerful initiatives by ourselves. It’s how we will become independent, and promote self confidence. Remember, “without confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life, with confidence you have already won the race of life” Marcus M. Garvey.

  3. Taa Wongbe, why wait until election around the corner before expressing in Agriculture project in Nimba?

  4. An empty and vote wooing ploy, no truth in this one. Where is the money coming from? Do you have the land to do what Ivorian friend did?
    You are not even a resident of the county, your entire family in USA, and u do not own even a lot of agriculture farm of any sort in Nimba and Liberia.
    These kinds of lies makes our people to not take elections serious.

  5. politicians everywhere are the same. they will promise to build bridge where there is no river. Brace yourself to hear all kinds of false promises.


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