U.S. Warns Oppressors of Democracy

U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

Ahead of African pending elections

Nigerian politicians responsible for undermining the democratic process in the 2019 general elections were slapped with visa restrictions imposed by the U.S. Department of State on September 14, and the world superpower is reportedly resolved to slap others similarly if they endorse similar acts in their respective countries on the African Continent.

Reports coming from Washington, D.C. indicate that the U.S. is now doing all in its power to ensure that the world becomes safe for its inhabitants by ensuring that good governance stands at the center of this global agenda if what is coming from there is anything to go by.

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has stated in a release that the U.S. government will watch closely the actions of individuals who interfere in the democratic process and will not hesitate to consider the consequences, including visa restrictions, for those responsible for election-related violence.

He pledged his government’s commitment to supporting free, fair, inclusive elections on the African continent. Secretary of State Pompeo said that the conduct of elections is important not only for Africans, but also for defenders of democracy around the world. “We believe all sides should participate peacefully in the democratic process. Repression and intimidation have no place in democracies,” he noted in the release.

“The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and association are at the heart of a functioning democracy,” the US top Diplomat stated, adding that adherence to these democratic norms and the rule of law allows all citizens to engage in political dialogue and support their choice of candidates, parties, and platforms.

“We will watch closely the actions of individuals who interfere in the democratic process and will not hesitate to consider consequences — including visa restrictions — for those responsible for election-related violence. As long-time partners to the nations of Africa, we care about the region’s democratic trajectory and are committed to working constructively with international and regional partners,” he added.

With these moves, which appear more proactive, the US government is resolved to no longer be passive in administering oversight responsibilities as the world super power, and now seem more proactive in safeguarding democratic values and tenets across the world, especially in parts of the world that adhere or practices the democratic form of government.

The 2019 Nigerian election, which triggered the ban on influential officials of that country, was described as an opaque one marred by delays, intimidation and violence. Situation Room, a Nigerian civil society group of local election observers, reported that about 47 people on February 23, on presidential Election Day died.

Some deaths were caused by clashes between rival political groups or over allegations of vote fraud. The statement from the US’ Secretary of State comes at a time when reports of electoral violence are rife in the West African regions as unconstitutional maneuverings and intimidations are ongoing for incumbents and other politicians to retain power. Countries that are poised to go to the polls include Ivory Coast, Guinea and Ghana.

Liberians will also be going to the polls in December to elect 15 of 30 Senators. Violence and intimidation as well as electoral manipulations have begun to gradually creep in the electoral process as opposition figures are becoming weary of what they are terming as “State sponsored violence” directed at them, while the National Elections Commission (NEC) is being accused of engaging in fraudulent activities especially in regard to the voter roll update.

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and the pressure group, the Council of Patriots, are poised for a mass protest across the country.

The CPP and the COP have threatened to bring Monrovia to a standstill with sustained nationwide protests as a way of calling the attention of the international community and the government to fraudulent moves that are made by the NEC in favor of the regime.

CPP said in a press release on Thursday, October 8, 2020 that it will begin a sustained nationwide protest beginning 28th October to bring to government and international partners’ attention several ills in the Liberian society, including willful irregularities on the ongoing voter registration process.

“This decision,” the CPP said, “Came out of Wednesday’s press conference after flagging series of irregularities of the electoral process ahead of the December 8 senatorial midterm election.”

This protest, according to the CPP, will continue until demands which include but are not limited to cleaning the Voter Roll, canceling and properly re-doing the just ended “fraudulent” voter roll update and other issues of national concern affecting the lives of the people, are addressed.

“This decision comes at a time when our country is on a path of imminent decay as our systems fail us. We cannot overemphasize the importance of having free, fair and credible elections. We cannot overemphasize the importance of protecting your votes and ensuring that your voices are heard at the ballot box. A fraudulent and rigged election could be detrimental to our peace and stability.”

“Therefore,” the release continued, “We have begun engaging other political parties, pressure groups, civil society organizations, etc. to join the CPP to protect our votes and fight for free, fair and transparent elections. We call on all Liberians, home and abroad, to join this effort to mandate the government and its NEC to implement our demands in order to protect your votes and rescue the country from further decline.”

The COP, in a separate statement, said that it will begin its strike actions Monday, November 16, 2020 and will continue until its burning issues are addressed by the George Weah Administration. Addressing a press conference in Monrovia on October 8, COP Secretary General, Mulbah Yorgbor, listed a series of counts that have triggered its anger.

Mr. Yorgbor spoke about the unresolved US$25 million said to be for mob up exercise; the government’s failure to pay health workers, the fraudulent just ended voter roll update exercise and its implications on the pending senatorial election, and the wave of violence against peaceful citizens by the Liberia National Police and people believed to be loyalists of the ruling CDC.

He also touched on the worsening economic crisis in the country and its accompanied hardship on the lives of Liberians, the unexplained failure of the controversial COVID-19 stimulus package; the consistent abuse of the Liberian Constitution and disregard for the rule of law.

The increase by more than one hundred percent on voice and data communication services as instituted by GSM companies on Thursday morning, October 8, made a place among COP’s counts.

“Finally, the recent grave passport scandal that saw top government officials selling our passports and conferring upon anyone who can pay for our prestigious diplomatic honors are parts of our counts for which we will be protesting.”

Yorgbor noted that the COP officially notified the country’s international partners, especially ECOWAS, the U.S. Embassy and the E.U. Delegation about the pending mass citizens’ action. “We will also officially write the minister of Justice, requesting security protection for our people who will be coming out from several locations across the country beginning November 16, 2020,” he added.


  1. Ammerica global belligerence is no more! It must face its own ugly happenings than it can be for other indepedent nations .

    Mike Pompey is a toothless dog barking on what it has or what it is.

    Where was the American protection of democracy when the Saudi journalist was gruesomely murdered in a diplomatic enclave that Mike Pompey swept under the carpet for a $100 million dollar reward the Saudi butcher MBS would pay Donald Trumph later?

    How can your own elections tainted by fraud accusations be your yardstick for cortecting others? First, remove the cold from your own eyes before removing the molds from others.

  2. Mr. Secretary of State,

    Not only should you restrict them from traveling to your country, but also freeze their bank accounts and properties in your country and Europe as you have already done to some notorious African dictators.
    It is high time we put an end to gruesome dictatorship on the African continent. It makes our ignorant and impoverished people to forcibly accept the believe that you must make human sacrifices and intimidate oppositions to be called a strong president.

    However, I think the integrity of the current NEC chairman, Madam Lansannah, suffers no qualms. Let the Liberian people give her the benefit of the doubt. I believe she is a woman of integrity and will do everything to ensure a clean election.

    On the other hand, I strongly support the strike actions as of November 16 on the other issues to make hoodlum Weah to stop his ritualistic killings, frequent and continued disregard for the constitution and people of Liberia, and his corrupt practices.

    Weah promised FIXES to our broken systems. We want to see him embark on those fixes. He must stop walking in other people’s shoes. Liberia is lagging, we are no longer patient to waste precious 6 years under another student president.

    Enough is enough, Weah! If you love Liberia, turn the country over to your VP to end the job and ensure a peaceful transition. We have come from afar.
    You are so confused that you do not even know how to use the human capital of Liberia. How will you appoint ‘don’ old man Wilson Tarpeh to the EPA, to do what? His rightful place in Liberia now is alongside you as your advisor.
    How can you send Lenn Nagbe to Maritime Affairs and Kemayah to Foreign Affairs? Mr. Kemayah could even been very helpful to Liberia at Maritime and Lenn Nagbe somehow acceptable as the Foreign Minister.

    Look Weah, we will not sit by and see you destroy the few achievements we have. Take a wise decision before November 16.
    And beware, bring your thugs under control, if not you may create foolish problems for yourself with the international community.

    I have talked to you again, like in 2005, as a small brother who really loves the Oppong I knew on the football field!

  3. Liberia needs good leaders and good citizens. Liberia does not need weak leaders and disgruntled citizens who complain always. Also, Liberia does not need people who threaten to protest all the time as a way settling flimsy political issues.

    • And you call issues that undermine the democratic process, such as election fraud, FLIMSY? When election fraud and other attending issues plunged the country into fourteen years of carnage and bloodbath? Come on, HNEY, you’ve to be kidding me.

  4. You discuss flimsy political issues with people who are willing to sit down and discuss with the opposition.
    How can you discuss with someone who considers himself a god? He has made himself too sacred and unattainable. He will not even sit under the courtship of a preacher man; he has made himself a preacher man of his beliefs and gods.

    He refused to receive and discuss with our beleaguered mothers and sisters who are raped and killed every day in Liberia.
    He refused access to the parents of his banditry victims’ bodies until evidence was tempered with or destroyed, then went on his shrine to gruesomely boast of a boyfriend-girlfriend story.
    He even refuses to see his own vice president sometimes, then who can easily have access to this all-powerful emperor?

    Liberian has gone through so many pains, beware Weah!

    • Petarus Dolo, look little zombie, instead of you telling President Weah to “beware“ or you being so rude by insulting him everyday, you should tell that political maggot and homosexual Alex Cummings to stop running behind our children enticing them about scholarship only to have sex with them. You should also tell that dwarf who wants to be a giant that no serious political party or a nation in Africa shall ever want as president, a political maggot and a gay butt boy!!!!

      Actually, it is very unfortunate for the ANC in particular, and the CPP in general, that while the maggot personality of that punk and homosexual Alex Cummings as a result of his selfish desires, has ruined the CPP, you are here mistaking rudeness and tantrums for intellectualism in this forum with the deranged belief that by being rude and insulting the President of your country, on a daily basis is a reflection of political activism and unbending loyalty to Alex Cummings.

      Look, even if there was no Joseph Boakai (who announced that Alex Cummings is a rotten gay), or Benoni Urey (who told the Liberian people and Cummings himself that he Cummings is unfit for the presidency), neither the followers or supporters of the CPP would ever want to have an Alex Cummings for standard bearer or even Vice Standard bearer.

      And that is because he is a known faggot and has said it over and ever that he is someone who is a gay. And that is just the CPP! But do you need to be told how especially congregations of Liberian religions, traditional and ethnic leaders will detest hearing that a candidate is a homosexual?

  5. I hope the warning of the American Secretary of State regarding ““The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and association” of the people of Liberia will get the immediate attention of the corrupt Liberian Police Director who is on record of threatening the people of Liberia that he is prepared during the elections to even shoot at sight people who gather to express their rights during the ensuing elections. Liberia is a democracy and not a Police State. Police Director Sudue speaks as if he is the Justice Minister. It would do him well if he subjugated himself to his boss, the Justice Minister, who knows the law, than to come all out violating our laws with threats, intimidations, and hostile pronouncements as if he is the spokesman of George Manneh Weah. We know Weah is your tribesman but you have to take due care not to be blinded by tribalism in violating the rights of other peaceful citizens. The international community including the United States will be watching you and your likes during these elections. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient. Above all else, the People!!

    • Gballay Gotmobo, you sit there and make a fool of yourself. Do you think Washington will give credence to mobs who we defy decisions of the Supreme Court, or any government or police will sit supinely and allow troublemakers who has defied Supreme Court rulings to trample on the rights of the rest of society, violate the law, and destabilize the nation?

      This is a great opportunity for the police to crush these trouble makers any any lawless violators of the law as in Rwanda, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and even the very America. THERE HAS TO BE A SHOWDOWN FOR TROUBLEMAKERS TO FEAR BREAKING THE LAW.

      If you knew how aggressive and extremely harsh the American police is, you will not be making a clown of yourself as a result of this distortive nonsense from this irresponsible and immature reporter William Harmon.

      When these fools have nothing to write, they go here, there, yonder, and grab any nonsense with which to feed you people.

      What has ever happened to governments or police in recent times which has even shot killed lawless troublemakers claiming to be protesters? NOTHING!

      Have you forgotten how Ellen and her police and army, killed people protesting? In fact, it was supporters and members of this very incumbent CDC? And what came out of it? Nothing?

      This trash this kid has written and mentioning what America and other international actors have always generally said, is simply to dress his trash for people like you and other wishful thinkers.

  6. Comrade Mulbah,
    What happens here is that the opposition party leaders in my humble view are very weak! Because of their weakness and lack of a cogent contrast of sound economic and political ideas, most Liberians are not too concerned. As tough as things are, the working class people of Liberia are primarily concerned about what to do…what to put on the table, etc.

    Weah has been made a potentate by the opposition. What should be fully understood is that nine times out of ten, the opposition talks and politicizes, but beneath it all, there’s no humanity. Example, the lawmakers earn huge sums of money every year. But none of the opposition leaders has said how that could be changed. To me, it amounts to the same thing. I strongly believe that if and when the opposition gets the opportunity to get in, they will do worse than Weah.

    Furthermore Comrade Mulbah, take a look at the recent so called primary that was held in Nimba. I ask simply— do you think that’s how a primary functions? A primary should be a national thing. The NEC was not involved. I understand we’re not Americans. But because of our historical closeness with the the US, we can do better. It seems that the opposition leaders are illiberal. They want power, but they seem resistant to change. Same old, same old!

    Lastly, there’s a great deal of internal disagreement within the ranks of the opposition. Not the Nimbaians, but the opposition party leaders’ weakness and lack of progressive ideas made a mockery of themselves during the primary. On the flip side, Weah Knows this very well. As long as the opposition is reluctant or incapable of showing political gravitas, their argument will be considered unimportant.

    There are people who say. “Weah is not willing to listen to the opposition. What should we do? Give up”?

    My Response:
    No. Please don’t give up. Let’s do things democratically. It’s good to protest. If you haven’t succeeded in protesting, do something else. Don’t cause trouble.


    • He says the lawmakers make huge salaries, and nothing has anything about changing it. Hney must be feeling a lot of hard times in the US not to remember the Montserrado County Senator, Senator Dillon has been pushing for that change. Even proposed a bill to reduce the salaries across the board. But do to hardship in the US, Mr. Hney does not remember any of that. Not even the larger salaries received by George and his wife every month. For Mr. Hney, it Oh Well. And so what ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. What A Hney ? What A Guy ?

  7. Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah,
    You wrote,
    “Do you think Washington will give credence to mobs who will defy decisions of the Supreme Court, or any government or police will sit supinely and allow troublemakers who has defied Supreme Court rulings to trample on the rights of the rest of society, violate the law, and destabilize the nation?”

    Who told you our people are “troublemakers?” What “decisions of the Supreme Court” did they defy? What “rights of the rest of society” did they abrogate? Is the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression a violation of the law?

    You seem not to understand the political dynamics on the ground. Police repression and intimidation of peaceful citizens who intend to assemble and assert their rights to free speech in detesting the high grade corruption of the siting government, who the record will show, sells diplomatic Liberian passports to known criminals around the world and then using state police to silence our people from assembling to petition the government for their common good is not only unconstitutional, but a violation of human rights by the George Weah Kleptocratic Government.

    The People are not the “Mob” as you would want us believe. The government in this instance is the “mob.” The government is on record in planning,financing, and executing State sponsored violence against our people . If anyone is the “Mob’, It is truly the government of George Weah that uses the Police to carry out state sponsored violence.

    This time Washington and the international community will be watching. I can assure you that it’s about time the Weah’s government gets the boot for human rights abuse and high grade corruption to the extend that the state coffers are all empty, auditors at the LRA are being murdered because their audit findings show theft of public funds from the LRA by higher ups in the Executive Mansion. If the police fire one bullet against peaceful citizens, this will be the demise of the Weah’s government and all those responsible will be brought to the international human rights court to account for their misdeeds.

    • Gballay Gotombo, at whichever angle of the natural, scientific, or political, prism, NO GOVERNMENT is ever the troublemaker! The troublemakers are simply power seeking hypocrites as these political bandits like Benoni Urey, sleepy Boakai, their CPP and the fugitive and Portuguese Henry Costa This truth is substantiated in history, the social sciences, and within academia in toto!

      And this has been implicitly declared by Washington and the rest with the position of the diplomatic community being that the Government of President Weah is the peacemaker, the arbiter,, the pacifier, and no amount of hidden agenda by troublemakers shall be given credence.

      Gballay Gotombo, realizing the peace and stability, and the strength of Liberia’s economy, and her respect within the comity and community of nations, at least from the mid 1940s to the late 1970s, AND comparing those governments with those who THEN, like you now claimed the government was the troublemaker, the intelligent and objective mind can now sees that the troublemakers were ACTUALLY those who accused the government of being the troublemakers in the 70s.

      What proves the aforementioned is the fact,that the personality, traits, and character, of the likes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Amos Sawyer, Togba Nah Tipoteh, Baccus Matthews, Dew Mayson, Conmanny Wisseh, Dusty Wolokolie, Harry Greaves Jr. (who really proved it before, during and after he was fired ) or Benoni Urey and Joseph Boakai, James Fromoyan, etc, if you may even overlook the display of Alex Cummings and Urey in Nimba recently.

      Or better still, take the Rwanda case to day with Paul Kagame been cheered on by the world and Washington especially all of who have implicitly made clear that his critics are THE TROUBLEMAKERS. Hence, he should not hesitate to put them in their places!

      Finally,Gballay Gotombo, only lawless people or troublemakers will expect a Supreme Court to bow to the selfish desires of troublemakers who are known by the rest of society and the international community as constitutional infidels and constitutional adulterers!

  8. James Davis,
    Without a shred of doubt, the Liberian lawmakers earn a yearly salary that’s comparable to that of their US counterparts. But don’t forget this–Liberia is one of the poorest countries on earth. And so because of our situation, it doesn’t make an inch of a sense for something like that to continue.

    A petite comparison….
    As you know very well, Trump is a republican and Nancy Pelosi is a democrat. Regardless of their disagreements, Trump and Pelosi do their utmost in order to serve the American people.

    In Liberia, Weah is a CDCian. On the other hand, the opposition party leaders exist.

    In Liberia, nothing ever gets done between the opposition and Mr. Weah. The opposition leaders always threaten to protest if Weah does not kow-tow to their demand. In other words, the opposition usually puts forth an ultimatum: “Do this or else”. In reality, that’s not how meaningful discussions are held. Once again, we know that differences exist between Trump and Pelosi. But they get things done without threats.

    The Main Event…… Lawmakers’ Outrageous Yearly Income:

    You’re right. Dillon talks about salary cut. The question is how serious is he? Which of the opposition political parties does Dillon speak for when he talks about salary reduction?

    My argument is that the opposition leaders are preoccupied with themselves, nothing else! Furthermore, the opposition leaders are weak and disorganized. Lastly, because of their weakness and egocentric belligerence, they do not have a collective thought. (Every man for himself, God for all).

    What could be a serious collective subject by the opposition?
    Answer: Salary Reduction.

    Question….. Have you ever heard whether Mr. Disorganized Weakman Alexander Benedict Cummings and his band of political “frenemies” discuss the issue exorbitant salaries in Liberia? Never! They do not speak with one voice.

    Sorry to say this, but it’s the sad truth. The opposition are beatable by Weah come 2023.

  9. The opposition leaders and their supporters usually accuse Weah of being a sponsor of state violence. But the truth is that the opposition leaders and their supporters are wrong. When a permission was granted by the Weah government the last time for the opposition leaders and their supporters to protest, some protesters took mattresses and cooking utensils on the grounds of the state capitol. The act of taking a cooking utensil to protest was uncalled for. When Weah ordered the police to disburse the protesters because of what they did, the opposition leaders and their supporters blamed Weah instead of blaming themselves.

  10. Gballa Gotombo, you still believe in international communityism, how foolish you could be without reading the wrtings on the wall.

    Inciting to kill your own people has been the foolish Liberian ideas for change. Who suffers the most? Who benefits the most?

    Liberia is literally a cursed nation, its past, present and future, seem deeply rooted in a generational repeat of that curse.

    I grew up in the generation of the civil war, I was 18 when the war broke out and for nearly 30 years, it has hurt my heart that my children have never known a place of peace called home.

    How does that relate to their generation? They will grow up without the kind of national anxiety or patriotism of a Motherland.

    Iam unconvinced that the current configuration of people opting for power are the rightful ones. They are part and makers of the problems, if they were genuine, they would opt for the democratic process, the ballot box.

    Bet, it will be another bloodbath should you force a change of government without the ballot box.

    Liberia hard lessons of the past, violence, confusion, wars, anarchism, has taken the country nowhere.

    An immaculate intervention of the international community has got weary along the line: global catastrophies and economic meltdown will not permit the kind of immediate international response as before.

    The world is crumbling for dependence to create crisis!

    The international community should not be a Liberian problem solver all the time.

    America is a crumbling power almost at the brink of a civil war after November 3,2020 general elections just so you will know.

    America has more problems of her own than to take on more burdens. More and more Americans are taking refuge elsewhere around the world.

  11. “We believe all sides should participate peacefully in the democratic process. Repression and intimidation have no place in democracies,” (Position statement of the government of the United States).

    Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, in a democracy, there is always an opposition. They are not enemies of the government and the government has no right to treat them as enemies. The people in a democracy decide who their leaders should be and not the government.

    That is why “All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority..” The siting government therefore cannot repress and intimidate the opposition or stop them from participating in the elections through the use of brute force. This is unacceptable in a democracy. You can only do that in a Dictatorship(as the corrupt Finance Minister Tweh suggested about a week ago to make Mr. George Weah, who cannot read or write, a Benevolent Dictator).
    The people are the Creators of the Government of Liberia. The people as the Creators, are the Sovereign.

    The government is the Created; It goes therefore without saying that the government is a subservient tool within a democracy for the purpose of protecting the Life, Liberty and Property of the Sovereign people.
    If a government cannot protect Life, Liberty, and Property of the Sovereign People, then said government should be changed or removed by the Sovereign people at the ballot box. That is why we need a peaceful election to give the people the chance to decide whether their lives have been better or improved under the Weah government or that their lives have been miserable or dismal under the present regime and that they want to vote them out of office.

    In a democracy the people have the right to vote the opposition in office if they find that the existing government is not in their best interests or that the existing government has not been protecting their lives, liberty or property or is engaged in human rights abuse, and high grade corruption like selling Liberian citizenship to foreigners, and Liberian diplomatic passports to known criminals around the world as have recently been revealed by the Director of passports at the Liberian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is not a good thing for the international community to have criminals or terrorists entering their countries without being searched because they hold Liberian Diplomatic passports. The FBI should quickly look into this and take appropriate measures and to help avert any mishaps around the world.

  12. Gbally Gotombo, your obvious inability to counter our argument that no government is ever the troublemakers, but rather power seeking hypocrites AND MOBS as these troublemakers defying judgement of the Supreme Court, and as those in the 70s and the 80s in Liberia, has made you to come in with such copious boredom which has no relevance to the subject matter of government dealing with troublemakers and mobs.

    Well, probably you may have been on a sabbatical and you missed out on the recent reaction of the American police and government. I remind you now. Have you forgotten when the American Government “threatened to deploy the US military to quell civil unrest – even as teargas was fired against nearby peaceful protesters“?

    One wonders why would one still not see a group or groups as mobs and troublemakers even after the very group or groups (CPP, CoP) displayed electoral violence amongst themselves just little over a fortnight in Nimba with a significant portion of the other group (CoP) defecting to the CDC as their erstwhile CoP leader remains a fugitive. No wonder you are finding sanctuary under your evasive and copious boredom.

  13. The Truth: Let It Be Said By Someone Else.

    Mr. Mike Pompeo
    Say that to your boss ( Donald Trump) and the brand of [his] Republican Party who is doing everything to deny others from voting in your country. First , messing with postal boxes in the glare of the public, encouraging right-wing militias to intermediate voters, refusing to accept results of election. Questioning the results of mailed-in ballots, etc, something that has been an American Tradition since your beginning.

    That dog whistle should be blown right across from 2600 Pennsylvania Avenue, before the rest of the world can pay attention, Sir.

    Some of us Liberians are so afraid to counter any sneezing coming from across the Atlantic, even if it is a bold face lie. The propaganda factory is manufacturing a cheap generic dose .

    Tell your boss to allow the American People to vote and choose their own leader. Voter suppression is a threat to democracy too. “STAND BACK AND STAND BY,” IS NOT A PRO-DEMOCRACY SLOGAN sir.

    I love the people of America, they are great people.

    Mamadu S. Bah (N/P) Meridian Health, Aldilade, Australia

  14. Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, think as you may but you seem to portray yourself as blindly supporting the Weah’s regime and in your eyes he can do no wrong. Within a week, 4 of our peaceful citizens (all auditors assigned to audit the Weah’s government have been killed), Yet you keep heaping praises on a government that is incapable of protecting “Life.” Not one suspect of these heinous crimes has been arrested. This therefore makes us conclude that the government’s paid agents or Gestapo are responsible for the mysterious deaths of the LRA auditors who had unearthed the theft of large sums of money from the Covid 19 funds as well as from the LRA revenue collection siphoned to the Executive Mansion by corrupt officials of the Executive Branch of government.

    It is these corrupt behavior on the part of government that COP, unlike you, is criticizing and for which you and the government in this instance have declared COP as “troublemakers” and to have its members killed because they continue to unveil Weah’s corrupt acts. It is also indisputable that COP criticizes the sale of Liberian Diplomatic passport to criminals and terrorists by the Weah’s government. COP also criticizes the theft of 16 Billion Liberian dollars as well as the 25 million United States dollars that the Weah Government stole and is yet to account for. You cannot steal the people’s money and when the opposition expose your dirty deeds to the people you then label the opposition “troublemakers” as an excuse to go after the opposition to kill them. This is not democracy, this is Dictatorship or Authoritarianism.

    Those who condone this type of behavior are nothing more but paid agents of the Weah corrupt government and enablers of injustices, human rights abuse, rampant corruption, misuse of public office, by the nonsensical verbiage you spew in your writings. Your reference to members of the opposition party in a democracy as “Troublemakers” speaks volume as to whether or not you believe or ascribe to the principle of democracy or the rule of law. Most, if not all of your arguments center around praises for a useless government that has done little or nothing to improve the welfare or well being of our people since its incumbency. Our country with a leader who cannot read or write is now the laughing stock of the international community. .

    This presentation is therefore my worthwhile contribution to the fight against official corruption and all forms of political, moral and fiscal indiscipline in Liberia under the Weah’s kleptocratic government.

    We know the truth hurts. But it is more gentlemanly to tell the Town Chief( George Weah) that there is “pupu”(faeces) on his gown than to allow him to parade the town because of fear of recriminations. This is exactly what the opposition party (COP) is doing, telling the Town Chief that “there is “pupu” on his gown. Until you, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, can look the Town Chief deep in the eyes even if it means forfeiting your monthly check and tell him truthfully that “there is “pupu”(high grade corruption in his government), on his gown, then one would rightly conclude that you are a paid agent of his government and that your arguments above presented are nothing more but an ignoratio elenchi or a post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

    Finally, I am of the unflinching conviction that if all Liberians were to come out and show the government its short-comings and how these could be corrected(as COP is now doing), the policies and actions of the state would be good since they would certainly satisfy most of the people at most of the times. For I think this medium is more honorable and just than merely singing and shouting under the tropical heat, obstructing the free flow of traffic and resoluting or maybe resolutioning all over the front of the Foreign Ministry(Where Weah has his office) and heaping useless praises to a government that is not only corrupt but has done nothing for its people since its incumbency except stealing from the State’s Coffers, stifling the Press, suppressing the opposition, intimidating the people,and interfering with the democratic process.

    • Gballay Gotombo, it seems for you WHAT IS MEANT BY “THE PEOPLE“ is a given opposition party, coalition or collaboration, or a given so called pressure group, interest group, or movement, which may be mere associations based in the capital of a state, nation, or country.

      And for you, the populations of the 66 districts of the nation do not matter. What matters for you and what you believe are THE PEOPLE are a few rascals calling themselves leaders of opposition political parties and their zombies bent on enriching themselves or at least protecting what they have stolen from the populations from Plibo to Guekedou, from Bendaja to Towabli, from Jorwa to Nana Kru and Yekepa, from Klay to the Cavalla, etc. etc.

      Well, you are wrong, If this were the case then THE PEOPLE of the United Nations would simply be the P FIVE veto nations or the given rotating members and not the entire populations of the nearly 200 nations logically, politically, and legally, represented by the given majority. When three out of five of the Bench of a Supreme Court, or five out of nine of a Supreme Court reach a decision it is a decision of the Supreme Court. Likewise, when the choice of the majority is the choice of the people. .

  15. Gballay Gotombo, firstly, if we were ever a “paid agent“ of this government or any government, “boy or boy“, sites or fora as these would not be our “beat“ nor would our method ever be limited to comments. You can bet on that!

    Gbally, It can never cross my mind that any man or woman is infallible, not to talk about a politician…whether a President, a diplomat, a party stalwart a chairman of a Deacon Board,, a Dallah Lama, an Ayatollah, or the Pope! The ascription of infallibility is solely assigned to God and God alone! In short, “the quality of perfection“, as St Anselm would advance, “is an attribute only applicable to God!“

    So, your snap that “in my eyes Weah can do no wrong“ is accepted as a jest, as is your jump to conclusion that the government is the perpetrator of these mysterious, when history and current affairs have proven with overwhelming evidence and proof beyond all reasonable doubts that in most cases the opposition or political enemies of the given leader carry out these killings to give the leader and the government a bad public image.

    Court records have also proven that at times, it could be certain institutions or high profile personalities within a given government which may carry out such dastardly perpetration knowing that giving the leader or the administration a bad public image is to the selfish interest of these perpetrators whether monetary wise or for just raw power

    And with a political enemy of this government recently saying he “can make this administration a one term administration“ despite the fact this very political enemy of the president could not pass the one digit election result nor even win a seat in the legislature, this government, it would not be surprising to serious intelligence authorities that that such mentalities could be possible financiers of these killings,

    notwithstanding, it may not even be such political enemies or mentalities, but probably others with some hidden agenda!

    So, jumping to conclusion that “rain or shine“, the leader or the government is the perpetrator, is absolutely illogical!

    As for CoP, even their own members or the main engine of CoP which has moved over to the CDC,and are now named and styled CDC COP, The Economic Freedom Fighters, the Ambassador Neufville following, and several others who have disociated themselves from CoP , have long declared CoP of Henry Costa as troublemakers just as the diplomatic community has implied that “all those not incline to to making an alteration of government through the ballot box, are troublemakers!

    “In the case of this Costas and the thief Wonplo and his obvious lies and ignorance disseminated about passport whether diplomatic or ordinary, even Washington has made clear who the culprit or the perpetrator is as the very Washington and Transparency International have long exonerated President Weah and his government.

    This reality is replete in the media. And that reminds me about your mention of “stifling the press“. Well, you need to know what they have aptly be described as by Leymah Gobowee and others!

    the PRESS acording to Gbowee and the international and diplomatic communities, solicit and receive bribes from politicians to disseminate disinformation and lies.“

    Finally,Gbally Gotombo, until you have objectively digested THE POLITICAL CONCEPT …“THE PEOPLE“, you will always confuse BANDITS, troublemakers and mobs as THE PEOPLE.

    Troublemakers and mobs or bandits are simply a segment or some minute segments of a given polity who as bandits are hellbent on grabbling power via lawlessness!



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