US Wants Boakai, Weah to Focus on Runoff

United States Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder

-Urges the NEC to undertake corrective actions before, during, and after the runoff

The United States Government, through its Embassy accredited near Monrovia says it has confidence in the integrity of the hotly contested October 10 presidential and representatives elections—indicating that no accredited Liberian, regional, or international observation group suggested that the cumulative anomalies observed reflect systemic issues sufficient to undermine the fundamental integrity of the electoral process. The US Government’s statement is in reference to the ongoing allegation of fraud and irregularities which the Liberty Party is contesting with the NEC.

The Liberty Party and its collaborating counterparts have said that their protest of the October 10 presidential and representative elections are meant to establish that the outcomes do not reflect the will of the Liberian people, blaming few unscrupulous highly placed individuals for wanting to impose their will on the Liberian populace.

The US Government, in a statement issued in Monrovia yesterday, underscored the importance of a peaceful transfer of power to a new democratically-elected president in January, as reflected in Liberian Constitution.

Though the LP and its collaborating parties are exercising their rights by pursuing legal recourse as with the ongoing legal tussle with the National Elections Commission (NEC), the US government noted that rights come with responsibilities.

“We note, however, that with rights come responsibilities,” the statement said. “Disputes and litigation should be initiated and conducted in good faith by the claimants, the NEC, and if needed, the Supreme Court, in an expeditious manner to permit the timely conclusion of Liberia’s electoral process and a peaceful transition.”

Liberia’s political leaders, the statement noted, should take their cue from citizens who waited patiently to vote and did so with respect for their fellow citizens, regardless of their political views.

It said efforts by any actor to impede the expressed will of Liberians for personal ambition could risk goodwill and future investments in Liberia by international partners.

“The Liberian people and the international community have worked too hard and invested too much to watch Liberia’s progress stall,” it said.

The United States, it said, remains committed to Liberia’s future and encourage Liberians to conclude the presidential electoral process as soon as possible to allow Liberia’s democratic and economic progress to continue.

“The US Embassy in Monrovia was inspired by 1.5 million Liberians who expressed their commitment to and faith in democracy by voting in the October 10 elections,” the release said.

The US said where issues were identified in the first round of voting, “we urge the National Elections Commission (NEC) to undertake corrective actions before, during, and after the runoff election.”

The Embassy urged the top two finishers, the ruling Unity Party VP Joseph Nyuma Boakai and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Weah who collectively received the support of two-thirds of Liberian voters, to focus on constructively engaging each other and voters as they prepare to compete in the runoff.


  1. Yes….. the rest of those others are side squeezes. The like Brumskins, Cummings and Urey. Let the Liberian people have their life back.

  2. The impasse that is currently ongoing on after the Oct. 10th general election is not solely about correcting the irregularities and alleged fraud that occurred during the election. Cllr. Brumskine and few of the defeated presidential candidates are trying their best to stall the run-off election for personal aggrandizement.

    They are using technique called psychological aggression or psychological warfare disguised as setting legal precedence to demoralize, or influence the thinking of enthusiastic voters who were eagerly preparing to cast their votes for George Weah in the cancelled Nov. 7th run-off election.

    This unwarranted stalemate reminds me of a relationship gone sour between lovers: where one partner utters the phrase, “If I can’t have him/her, you too will not have him/her.” If I can’t be the president, you too will not be the president.

    This selfish hijacking of the Liberia’s run-off election by few disgruntled individuals do not take into account the high record turnout by 1.5 million Liberians who weathered the hash and poor conditions to stand in long lines for countless hours just to cast their votes, only to be told that their votes were fraudulent and worthless.

    This psychological aggression under the pretense of challenging the legality of the Oct. 10th is only done to discourage voters who were eagerly looking forward to a run-off between Joe Boakai and George Weah. All these political and legal gamesmanship will in no way or manner change the Liberian people mind from moving ahead in choosing a constitutionally elected government (be it Joe Boakai or George Weah).

    There is no perfect election in the world. Ours was not perfect, but the integrity of the 1.5 million votes in the Oct. 10th election is what matter. NEC can learn from their mistakes and make necessary corrections for the run-off election.

    This political impasse needs to come to an end as soon as possible for those who sacrificed their time to cast their votes and for the sake of our country to transition smoothly. The International community is getting tired of our political immaturity!!!!

    • What you propounded here make no sense and there’s nothing in fact referred to as psychological aggression in electioneering disputes and stop misleading people. That’s not a fact. There’s psychological aggression when it comes to parenting and in Behavioral Psychology, there’s nothing called beyond parental applet called psychological aggression. These terms will have to be separated or use dis jointly. You can have aggression or psychological behavior. Your premise is very wrong.

      The elections were rigged believe it or not. Cllr. Kokoya didn’t follow electoral procedures in how the elections were organized and conducted. Everyone have their personal interest and the Supreme Court is not stupid to have granted the Prohibition has this being a mere attempt by Cllr. Brumskine to delayed the electoral runoff. In fact as Cllr Brumksine indicated during his interview with the BBC Focus on Africa Program, he has lost twice and not once did he challenge the results.

      The National Election Commission failed to produce a credible Final Registration Roll (FRR) creating an outlet for cheating. Names of registered voters should have been published in local daily news papers and not flash-drive of the FRR given to seven political parties out of twenty registered political parties that took part in the elections. During the verification of voters, the process was compromised because people who for some reason obtained multiple registration cards couldn’t find their names on the FRR and that created room for cheating as well. Besides, people the Commission legally registered names were also missing from the FRR. These weren’t fix and then we went to elections. Cllr Kokoya pronouncement that anyone with a voting card will be allowed to vote was a dumb decision and one of his fellow Commissioners distanced himself from that reckless statement. Cllr Kokoya was also compromised by Madam Sirleaf and you’ll find out as this legal process unfolds. Inviting magistrates to her private residence for some reason is below the dignity of a leader who is so respected outside Liberia. That was ill-advised on her part knowing fully were that people from her very party do not trust her and least Cllr Brumskine. Kokoya is compromised.

      On election day, can you imagine that once you show-up with a voting card, you’ll be allow to vote at any precinct even if your name is not on the list? Someone could registered in Mt. Barclay and vote there, but could take a motorbike and run to Duala to vote since they created a new registry the day of the election. Examine these things clearly and determine if in fact these election were credible knowing what you know today. The CDC has been planning for these scenarios for twelve years and I worked in Liberia during the conflict where we went on the field, you’ve to create a fair food distribution roster base on your enumeration to divide the food. At the time, things weren’t even organize as they’re today. The failure of the commission start with the Registration exercise, the FRR and the new roster or Addendum created the day of election. I have never heard of anything like that around the world. Kokoya need to step-down as Commissioner and let someone competent take over.

  3. Thanks Conner for that beautiful observation. Sometimes some people think that political power in Liberia is an inheritance that’s what brought as you said ” if I don’t have him/her you wouldn’t have him/her”. If and on if Liberia had two or three political system, all this wouldn’t had happened. The greed by so-called educated with only self centered minded politicians will always be like this if there is no change by the legislature to come up with two or three political parties in the country. But boy, this time around, UNCLE DONALD TRUMP, the voice they wanted to have head has spoken. Strait iron jacket that all have to agree to wear whether you like it or not.

  4. It is not what the US ” wants” news papers, it is what the people of the Republic of Liberia needs. If you cannot under Liberian, listen to this Liberian. The Constitution of the Liberian nation makes our, such decision. The 57% silent executive majority brought forward is ready to execute the decision interpreted by the honorable Supreme Jurisprudence. As soon as we get its jurisdiction we will proceed to admonish the appropriate vote and abstinence. This is our freedom of choice given by forefathers and founders, and we wait for God’s time in peace. Let the people of Liberia know.
    Gone to silence. DO NOT R$EPLY THIS BOX.

  5. Keep the Liberian people cutlass on all of them in peace until they get the best amongst the worst to get the actual for the generation to come. Follow the constitution. When the election laws says it is time to exercise our freedom of choice than the people will know. Gone to silent majority too. Let the Republic of Liberia know.
    DO NOT Reply.

  6. The U S. should note that even with the massive fraud and irregularities that marked the October 10 elections in the party’s favor, CDC obtained only about 38%. Now is the U.S. considering the concerns of the rest of the 62% of the voting population most of whom are now crying for justice and investigation into the marred elections? BTW, why is the U.S. urging Liberians to rush into a pre-rigged run off, while Americans back in the U.S. are spending Millions of dollars and so much precious time just to investigate whether there was Russian interference in the last U.S. President elections? I have never liked U.S’s double standards in African politics. They always deserve the best for themselves, but not for Africans! I think the time has come to put in place a sober and patriotic Liberian government that can develop our country using our abundant natural resources, without any help or assistance from the U.S.

  7. Some of the so-called contestants of the results of the October 10, 2017 Presidential elections have their rich mansions in the United States. If they cause the destabilization of Liberia they will grab their suitcases and run back to the United States to their homes. If the Liberty Party, Unity Party, and the other two parties believe that the entire October 10, 2017 elections were fraudulent and rigged nation-wide, why did their political parties accept the seats they won in the House of Representatives and the Senate?! Even the so-called “uneducated” and “unsophisticated” can clearly see through this shenanigans that they are portraying in hijacking the results of the presidential elections.

    You can see the share opportunism of the principal actors of the legal suit against the National Election Commission. This is the reason why they are opportunists: the ruling Unity Party appointed and constituted the NEC. They run the Executive Branch of Government from which the commission takes its directives. If this assertion is true, then who should be held legally responsible for the shortcomings of the commission as alleged by Unity Party? Why did Unity Party not refuse the seats won in the Legislative Branch of Government during the October 10, 2017 General Elections? Liberty Party was in a distant third position with single digit percentage. The leadership of this party and the other two-party accomplices also with single digits in the results of the elections, respectively, are just like the Biblical Story in the Book of Solomon, where the woman whose baby was found dead had no problem with having the living baby of her counterpart killed! She had earlier made claims to the living baby.

    During the political campaign, any Liberian who thought that Boakai, Brumskine, or Cummings, was an honorable man who could ably run the Republic of Liberia as president is having a second thought. They have all failed the test and are now showing their true colors as first class opportunists. There is a wise saying in Liberia that states: “God don’t like ugly!” This includes Varney Sherman whose hands were clearly caught in the cookie jar of the national treasury not very long ago. What integrity has he got left?

  8. Finally, let me say something to this American Ambassador, Christine Elder.. Not every Liberian needs to be American. In fact an actual Liberian, the one who holds the family heritage, will not give his heritage up for U.S.Maybe a Liberian woman might marry an American man but rarely will the key in a Liberian family need what they already have. On this basis was Liberia founded. Unfortunately for American, you will never get to know a Liberian like this one. Fortunately for this one slavery cannot come in this box. I can marry your woman screw you and spy on you just the same way as you are spying to me, But forget me being American. When Obama was in the American Presidential chair, some Americans refused to accept him as a legitimate President except his wife had some black connections from Liberia, she had to show you at the end of his term. Actual Liberians have no taste for American leadership because we, Liberians need a leader ourselves. But since you are spying on our election and pre evaluating results, I think I have a right as a Liberian to tell you that you have a President, D. J. Trump, that is legal, legitimate and elected by the young and old people of the United States who is about the best President you ever had to meet the present generation you have. You should help to meet his platform and seek the outcome of his administration instead finding network dark faults, on the net to remove him from power when you Americans are not the only ones that own this planet. You spy on other nations on earth, why do you make a big out of other nations when they spy too? The silent majority brought forth from 57% from Liberia’s last Presidential election holds right now the registered voters power to a peaceful election. Liberian has its own system. We do not have an electoral process based on electors as the United States of America. If you do not respect the Liberian election laws based on its own constitutional timing, we do not care who Democrat or Republican prefer to be the next Liberian President, we will continue to do what our forefathers and founders told us to do regardless how you feel. Liberia is now part of WTO and we will strike deals with any nation on earth that will benefit the Liberian nation as a people. Not to enrich few who think they know actual Liberians when they do not really know a secret inheritance given By God. Tell the Liberian people. Do not reply this Box.
    Gone silence to get my palaver source, and dumboy, dry fish inside.

  9. Thanks, Mr. Charles Anders
    Just to add to what you just said.
    These guys are nothing but AGENT PROVOCATEURS. As I always write: their aim is, since they cannot win, and have sense that it is mathematically impossible that any of those 4, besides OLD MAN BOIKAI , can make it near the finishing line, Liberians should not see a smooth transition of power.

    Their goals: push the country into a rerun, with an interim Government, where their planted CELLS will take strategic positions in said “interim government” and make decisions that will circumvent the whole process in favor of them.

    Liberian, be aware of Cls. Varney Shermen, UP lawyer. He is a very dangerous man behind the scene. He is bringing on UP grievence, that have nothing to do with the entire election. The Supreme Court, at this moment, is only there to listen to elecion irregularities, not to litigate the complaints of a particular party.

    I suppose that Sherman and some planted agents have seen the inexperince productivity of the Supreme Court, therefore they are CAPITALIZING on that loop holes.

    THIS IS THE WORK OF ANARCHISTS WHO WANT STATE POWER AT THE VERY DETRIMENT OF THE PEOPLE WHO THEY CLAIM, “they are fighting for”. For the past 3 weeks, the Liberian economy has begins to fade…..let’s give it another 3 weeks with no progress on this impasse, foreign investors will starts pollig out. WATCH OUT LIBERIANS …..THE WRITINGS ARE ON THE WALL!!!!! What ever delay that happened, it plays right into their play book.

    Their suplorters are going around with rhethorics like: we are the educated one, our men/man, is/are testing the judicial system, ok. When the economy collapse, the entire judicial system will go downg with it.

  10. “This includes Varney Sherman whose hands were clearly caught in the cookie jar of the national treasury not very long ago. What integrity has he got left?” No, that’s faked news! His hands weren’t caught “in the cookie jar of the national treasury not long ago”; as a matter of fact, he is a courageous patriot. And for the good of country and people, Varney would take into account the commonsense proposals of our foreign partners, and advise the leadership of UP accordingly.

    It is sad that we, Liberians, are quick to castigate on assumptions, but slow to commend even when evidence is plentiful. Like all of us, Senator Varney Sherman isn’t a saint, but he means well for Liberia. For instance, before and after the NPFL – led 1992 Operation Octopus, when most citizens of means, not working for the IGNU government had fled, he was in Monrovia helping to find peaceful solutions in ending the balkanization of the country into military fiefdoms, which ran roughshod over noncombatants . That’s when I met him in 1993 at a Medical and Legal symposium organized under the auspices of the late Dr. Varsay Sirleaf, brother – in – law of the president. Varney and I were representing the bar association and Joint Security Council respectively.

    Put another way, Senator Sherman wouldn’t do anything to endanger the security of the state, and shame on anyone who would suggest that.

  11. Our BOOK PEOPLE, as they called themselves, are nothing but TROUBLE MAKER. By the way, I m not against any educated individul. I champion the role of educated individuls. It is the base of a solid civil society. We all are educated, however; we choose different paths in making decisions. Our brothers, unfortunately; have chosen the path that does more harm to those that disagree with them. The path that says: IF IT IS NOT US, IT SHOULD BE NO BODY. Because we are the best “educated, best thinkers and etc. If a GEORGE WEAH PRESIDENCY IS SO TOXIC, and CORROSIVE, that they cannot stand, or live with, why didn’t they lobby in 2005 to introduce a clause to change some voting articles in the constitution to make a person like Weah from running. I m not a CDC supporter, nor did I vote for CDC.
    Let’s be very carefull. This is what drove the Nimbains in the arms of Taylor. It was the rigged election of Oct.15, 1985, that fend flame of our Civil War.

  12. “Then forward sons of FREEDOM march, defend the sacred heritage”…”the nation calls from age to age where ever foes assail”. ” be ever ready to obey ‘gainst treason and rebellious front, meet foul aggression in the brunt, of BATTLE lays the HERO’s way, All hail Lone Star All hail”

    The sons of freedom are now marching to defend the sacred heritage”.

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