US Peace Corps Leave Liberia

Flashback: President Weah (center) with Peace Corps Volunteers.

…As Embassy suspends non-immigrant visa (NIV) operations

The US Embassy in Liberia has been hit by the worsening financial crisis thus forcing it to temporarily withdraw Peace Corps volunteers (PCV) from 12 of the 15 counties.

Although the country’s financial crisis is not limited to one particular sector, an embassy spokesperson in Monrovia, has confirmed the pull-out decision affecting the PCV, saying difficulties in “reliably obtaining needed funds from banks up-country, and in Monrovia are affecting the ability of the Peace Corps to sustain volunteers.”

Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance and remittances from the diaspora, but the system has recently collapsed where the banks are no longer giving out the remittances. The country is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture. Its principal exports are iron ore, rubber, diamonds, and gold.

Government critics and some of President George Weah’s supporters are of the opinion that the withdrawal of the PCV is a blow to the country’s education sector, “because the Peace Corps volunteers were assigned to government-run schools, not only in remote areas to teach mainly science courses, but across the country due to the shortage of teachers.”

In recent years, the country’s economy has deteriorated to the extent that, currently, commercial banks are sparingly disbursing money to depositors.

The crisis has also resulted in lawmakers and civil servants complaining of delays in the payment of their salaries to the extent that civil servants are contemplating ‘go-slow,’ while some lawmakers have refused to extend the ‘special session’ by a week in keeping with presidential request.

Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed people of color from the USA, and the Peace Corps has a long history of working in the country, which is trying to rebuild itself after a 14-year civil war (1989-2003).

The U.S. Embassy

In a related development, the United States Embassy said it has temporarily suspended its Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) operations, and limiting its Immigrant Visa services.

“The Embassy is temporarily suspending its non-immigrant visa operations, while we make updates to our operations. This temporary suspension does not reflect a change in U.S. visa policy in Liberia,” a US Embassy spokesperson told the Daily Observer via email.

A non-immigrant visa is issued to a person with permanent residence outside the United States, but wishes to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis for tourism, medical treatment, business, temporary work or study, as examples.

“Henceforth,” according to the Embassy, “previously scheduled NIV appointments have been canceled, but the embassy said it regrets that there are no slots available for rescheduling at the moment for any visa interview.

“For applicants who previously made NIV appointments: We will reschedule all applicants through our online appointment system as soon as possible; you will receive further notification from us at that time.

“For applicants who wish to make new NIV appointments: We will update this page when we are able to schedule new appointments.

“For applicants with genuine emergencies:  You may request an NIV expedited visa appointment at

Meanwhile, the Embassy said it will continue to provide American Citizen Services and limited Immigrant Visa services during this period.

“We regret the inconvenience this temporary suspension causes to Liberian applicants,” the statement said.

According to the U.S. Department of State website, U.S. embassies and consulates are sometimes forced to limit or at times suspend visa services, because of natural disasters, civil unrest, war and/or security concerns, among other reasons.



  1. The Peace Corps are leaving Liberia? This is a harbinger of harder times to come. Pretty soon, embassies will close, international business organizations will terminate Liberian employees and the government itself may shut down. What happens next is choas! I hate to paint such a glumy picture of my beloved country, but I am afraid because harder times seem inevitable. Considering what we’ve been through during the bloody and senseless uncivil war, a repeat is unthinkable.

    God, please don’t get fed up with the Liberian people. God, please continue to guide Liberia. God, please have mercy because most of the Liberian people are not involved with corruption.
    May your Holy will be done, God. As you know Lord, this prayer comes directly from the table of my heart. God, let your will prevail over the crooks of Liberia, always. Amen.

    • Hney – This is another bad omen for this government. George Weah and his corrupt gang are losing grip on the country. Perhaps the military could step in and ask him to leave without firing a shot. Then the VP takes over and we move forward. The international community and the people have lost confidence in this government and I don’t believe things will improve going forward. It reminds me of Charles Taylor – he was denied financial support by the international community because of his bad leadership and eventually his government fell.


    • People like your kind should be banned from participating in the commentary section due to your gross disrespect and foul mouth.
      I am sure there are alternatives to expressing yourself. This is not only disrespectful, but offensive to other readers.
      Kenneth Best should not allow this.

  3. The name of the game is “HYPOCRISY”. Evoking prayer in “GOD NAME” for the country, behind the scene doing the opposite! Some are happy of events unfolding.

  4. Some people never stop surprising me. What did you expect? Support ineptitude and uphold mediocrity and expect sensible results? NO!!!!!!!!!

    My God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is a righteous God. He created us in his own image and likeness. He sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to die for our sins. Despite being endowed with supernatural attributes portrayed in the trinity (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit), he spent 30 years preparing for the mission at hand.

    From common sense, if we were created in the image and likeness of this Divine God, why can’t we learn to do things like him?
    Of the external partners our current government officials interact with, who did not go to school? Why will Liberians say you don’t need to be a Socrates to rule the country? Don’t you know that banks give out money to entrepreneurs in a sector based on their expertise? Why will a bank give out loan to a novice?
    Secondly, don’t you know that management skills are acquired in school and experienced is acquired on the job under someone’s supervision before being entrusted to run companies, most of all, a nation?

    Stop your blasphemy! You are not calling the name of my God. You support such band of crooks, novices and inexperienced rebel-cluster grouping and yet you dare call the name of my God, stop your hypocrisy!

    To you Liberians, this is just the beginning. We will live through it for the next 4 years, unfortunately. Our eyes will bleed, we will once again struggle to put food on the table, the economy will be stagnant, there will be many guessing games, dubious investors and money launderers will flow once again in the country, the USA will impose sanctions on some activities and substantially reduce its activities with the government you voted.


  5. Weah’s followers replay the biblical story when the Children of Israel abandoned God to worship Baal, a false god. What happened next? God sent famine in the land, and it devastated them for years until they repented and turned from their wicked ways.

    Many of our so-called prelates, and brothers and sisters in Liberia have abandoned God for the worship of Gbekugbeh, the false god which Weah erected in his honor. And as long as the statute of Gbekugbeh has replaced God, Liberians will continue to suffer endlessly for turning their backs on him and worshipping their false god, Gbekugbeh Weah.

    The god Gbekugbeh is an abomination and a condemnation to the soul of Liberia!

  6. Oh God, please don’t send Liberia back to war days, for the seek of the faithful few and innocent children, and for your name seek Jesus.
    Please Lord. Thank you for answering my prayer Amen.

  7. I have prayed a good prayer for my country. I am not a sinful guy like some who write euphemistically. What is unknown about those people who are critical of my prayer for the motherland is that they’re heretics. Your best course of action is to do as the Psalmist once said…”wash me in hyssop and I will be clean”. I will recommend ashes and sackcloth over their heads with a three-day fast!

    We need to work together and not against one another. Thank you!

  8. Where did we (Liberians) go wrong? Was it 2017 or had it been happening? Since the gun sound is no more, the actors thought to replace it with bad decision making. We are our own problem. We need this War and Economic Crimes Court establishment in Liberia to end impunity and provide new line of direction.

  9. Phil,
    We’ve not talked for a while. Give me a call after 7 this evening if it’s possible or anytime you have the time.

    Regarding the motherland, I am very troubled. We’re quickly sinking way down, if we haven’t sunk already. What does it mean when the US embassy is not processing non-immigrant visas and the Peace Corps are packing up? Trouble, of course!

    I really prefer a peaceful democratic transition. Not firing a shot is a scary thought, but because you raised it, I am sure it’s on the minds of many people. Hypothetically, if it were done, do you think the military would call for an early election? Finally, how would the supporters of Weah deal with it? I am not a contrarian neither am I a destablizer. But, it’s a sure bet that Jewel Taylor would not be able to lead. As I said, Weah’s supporters would do all that’s possible to disrupt Jewel Taylor’s presidency. I could be wrong.

    But still, I get your point buddy. The situation in Liberia is tense. We have to pray and learn how to work together. My younger brother has not been paid in five months! Guess who shoulders some of his financial responsibility? Me. So, it hurts and all Liberians feel the crunch.

    Talk to you soon my friend. Blessings…

  10. Weah came to power underestimating the will of the global intelligentsias. First, he condemned education, which is the realm within which they operate. According to him, “Education cannot build Liberia.” Who is he on the global totem pole of leaders to make such anti-intellectual utterances? What does he depend on?
    I wonder, did he understand after his failure to meet-up with the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC’s) goals, that education did play a critical role in the way Ellen, the former president, managed her government to successfully meet hers? Well, it most certainly did.

    Besides, his government stealthily insulted the intelligence of the foreign ambassadors particularly those of the most powerful countries by shifting their assistance for the needed to other extravagant, presidential ventures. What a brazen act? Did he not understand one of the primary purposes for the presence of these individuals in Liberia is to monitor the accountability of monies their governments invest to aid us to be used as intended?

    Or perhaps, the thoughts that ran through his mind were nothing would follow his acts because of his celebrity status. If he thought along that line, then I am sorry for him because international relations do not operate that way. Trust is quintessential in international relations.

    More, the president has continuously ignored dire warnings from all sides of the political spectrum indicating that if his government was to be successful, then there was a need and there is still a need for him to re-adjust or re-align his ministerial cabinet so as to meet the huge challenges he has inherited; nevertheless, he paid no heed.

    So, here we are. Things have begun to collapse, and he has been desperately appealing for assistance from the global community lately. Only education, hard work, and honesty will get us through and his government lacks that.

  11. Weah and his followers should read the handwritings on the wall. D day is dawning. No denial can solve this. This signal from the US is serious. But there is still time for dialogue and remake. God bless Liberia.

  12. Peace C0rps family.
    I know you from 1967-1977 in Zorzor, Lofa County. Thank you very much for your education. We are now here to proof your effort to our nation.
    Thanks to all the Missionaries as well. Education is Light, like Jesus Christ.
    God bless all.

  13. Dear Liberians,

    Let’s learn to be realistic. In so doing, we will undoubtedly move our country forward. You cannot plant corn and expect to reap rice.

    I believe in One God, the Father, Creator of Heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only son our Lord.
    Like the Pharisee who went out in the temple to pray saying, God thank you I am not like that sinful tax collector standing over there. We all know what the humble tax collector said, “Father, forgive me because I am a poor sinner”.
    The story is repeating here where we are taxed of euphemism and heresy. No, we are not. We dearly love our country. We hate to see the trend in which things are unraveling. I have grown up to know only pains. Joy has a been a scarce commodity for me. I would love to continue to see my children growing up happily, and such happiness and peace can only be obtained from motherland.
    Like the Psalmist, I would love for my countrymen abroad and at home to be washed in hyssop and become clean with clear mind to know what is wrong from what is right, to uphold justice and promote excellence, to condemn ineptitude and brace professionalism, and to have the gift of discernment to gladly accept their callings in life.
    Mismatches have been detrimental and continue to plague our society. Our beautiful cultural values and practices are wavering. Can’t we see the style of consistent profane languages upheld on this blog by the supporters of mediocrity and ineptitude? It’s sad indeed and I feel grieved for my country. These are people we must live with as neighbors; intermarriages may eventually ensue. What kind of society is this?

    Let’s all unite to uphold excellence and scorn mediocrity. that’s the only way out for a peaceful and harmonious Liberia.

    Peace to all hearts!

  14. Oh mamma Liberia, where are you taking your poor suffering children? Librarians have a parable when the bamboo is about to die, they don’t hear whistle sound. Let us all pray for our people. He who have ears to hear be wise.

  15. GEORGE MANNEH WEAH should be sensible by now and make wise decision for the betterment of the LIBERIAN. He should see LIBERIA is way bigger than his ego if the US embassy is taking away her people the peace corps volunteer than what’s the sign are you seeing on the wall?

    It’s an indication they don’t trust your government and leadership and they don’t wanna be mention in anyway unnecessarily.

    Be wise GEORGE MANNEH WEAH, make great decision in behalf of your people if you really love them.

  16. This news sadness me when I heard about what went on. What Liberians are experiencing today did not start from George Weah… I was just googling Liberia’s best president the other day and was very surprised to know that it was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. So how about Tubman the guy that ruled Liberia for 27 years and today we got nothing to show for it but rather to celebrate his birthday every November 29. These are things that make we Liberians fine it difficult to succeed in developing our country when we see that a person like George Weah has no potential of leadership we took him and put him in one of the highest office of the entire country (Presidency) today his style of governance is simply telling us that you can not take a farmer and make him a finance minister or bring a doctor from the hospital and put him in a boxing ring to fight. But i get it that we Liberians are just a different kinda species that roam planet 🌍 earth without purpose or goals. For instance, almost all the countries around the world that are practicing democracy has a presidential term of 4 years 2 terms asked Liberians about their presidential terms 6 years 2 terms 😳 and we called these people serious?? We are just not ready yet to see that country develop. Look 👀 at our neighbor Ghana 🇬🇭 See how far Ghana has gone in terms of development. But probably Ghanaians have two heads on their shoulders. But Until Liberians can raise up and make Inform decisions, we weh stay long outside.

  17. Excuse me, haven’t read the reasons for the departure of our long standing traditional friends (The Peace Corps), I deduced. As once said by Bishop, Vice President Bennie D. Wanner. What is wrong w/us, is us. “Yes Yes Yes” It is not late my fellow Countrymen, for us to put our house in order. The minerals still exist, even though, exploitation has and is still taking place, we can still make ourselves better. Yes Yes Yes,

    Do you know that my late uncle John Cumameuli Blackie served as a headman of one of the Divisions in Firestone (D-22) Their title was Superintendent. Know this, Firestone was established in 1922.
    The town ” Blackie Town in Todee District Monsterado County, was established by uncle John. I am a Blackie, a lot of people may not know, growing up as a boy in the 60’s, that’s a different story.

    We as Liberians must understand that Gov’t is as an Institution. As a concerned Liberian, there are viruses in our society that are eating the very vibra of our Country, Nepotism, favoritism, sectionalism ,hypocrisy and traditionalism. There is a proverb that says people learn from their mistakes, but not us (Liberians).

    Tapical example, our Neighbors, experienced the same situation (war) as us and they’re better but not us.
    Democracy: For, Of and by the PEOPLE.

    Lets look at the word “Politics” from which politicians derived, and some self made guys think they’re, when they do not comprehend their responsibilities, yeh, they’re. It is better late then never!!! As my oldman use to say. Above all else, Liberia… God Blessed

  18. Ha, ha, ha I laugh at you for your military action… Are you stranger in Liberia?

    Talking about military takes power…Never in Liberia! !

    You see, when one plants cassava today and wishes to dig the roots the next week proves how he or she doesn’t know how the universe works..

    America is facing Hell in its own country… So, how will it not downside its foreign agents..

    Do you think covid-19 is a joke? ?

    It is the transformation of world Order from the Universe..

    It is always good to pray for your leaders for them to have wisdom to lead your institution especially your beloved country..

    When the Universe is ready to transform things who can stop it? No one! !

    The Bible says Psalm 70, specifically that the rise of one is the fall of another… So keep this in mind…

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