US-Liberia Relations Still Solid


The relationship between the United States of America and Liberia—it has been speculated—is on the decline. Foreign Minister, Augustine K. Ngafuan, has clarified, however, that relations between the countries remains solid.

Minister Ngafuan recently shot down the rumor when he addressed a US delegation and officials of government at the Foreign Ministry.

In his statement, Minister Ngafuan acknowledged that the Government and people of the United States have provided a wide range of political, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Liberia, as a result of historical relationships between the two countries.

“Since recognizing Liberia’s independence in 1857,” the Foreign Minister said “The United States has been a strong and reliable partner of Liberia and has assisted immensely in its transition from war to peace and its current economic recovery.

“We note with appreciation US support for the consolidation of the culture of democracy, the restoration of social services, the building of infrastructure, the rebuilding of public sector capacity, the improvement of public financial management, the cancellation of Liberia’s huge debt burden and other significant interventions made through the Millennium Challenge Corporation; through which Liberia has been reselected to continue developing its compact proposals,” Minister Ngafuan added.

The Minister noted with gratitude the United States is actively engaged in assisting the education sector through the Peace Corps and Liberia’s Teachers Training Program (LTTP).

Additionally, he said the United States Government has continued to assist in rebuilding the Liberian army and Coast Guard. He made note of the recent donation of a tug boat to the Liberian Coast Guard and logistical support rendered to the Armed Forces of Liberia to air-lift Liberian soldiers to Mali for peacekeeping as examples.

“When the history of the Armed Forces of Liberia’s successful transition is written, it will be said the Government of the United States’ played a significant and pivotal role in this positive transformation,” Minister Ngafuan acknowledged.

 He also underscored that government has made considerable progress in the softer areas of democracy and peace consolidation; naming good governance and the rule of law as some progress that can be attributed to U.S. support.

Foreign Minister Ngafuan’s clarifications complemented U.S. Ambassador Deborah Malac’s statement made earlier, that there is no problem with US-Liberia relation as people may believe.

Responding to a question about the relationship during one of the Ministry of Information’s regular press briefings, Ambassador Malac said while there may be some policy differences between the two countries, they are in a good relationship, and each meets up with its obligation in consolidating the ties.


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