‘US Gov’t to Commit More Support to LNP’


The United States Government through its Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Madam Deborah R. Malac, has assured the Liberia National Police of her Government commitment in supporting the Emergency Response Unit and the Police Support Unit, as the UN drawdown its mission in Liberia.

The US envoy, making the disclosure over the weekend at headquarters of the Liberia National Police in Monrovia, assured the Police leadership of the US Government’s commitment in professionalizing both the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and the

Police Support Unit (SPU) in maintaining law and order.

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and the Police Response Unit (PSU) are specialized units within the Liberia National Police.

The American envoy also expressed willingness of the US Government to assist the professional Standards Division in helping to deal with ethical transgressions within the Liberia National Police, especially as it relates to the public (Police/public relations).

Amb. Malac said despite reported missteps on the part of some police officers, her government was delighted at the progressive efforts being made by the police administration in professionalizing the institution, via disciplinary measures against officers found breaching ethical standards in the performance of their duties.

In response, Deputy Director of Police for Administration William K. Mulbah, who proxied for the Director of Police (Col. C. Clarence Massaquoi), expressed gratitude to the US Government through Ambassador Malac for the continuous assistance provided the Liberia National Police over the years, especially the ERU and the PSU.

He said in the wake of the UN Mission drawdown, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Liberia National Police is gearing up to meet the challenge of providing professional security service to the people of Liberia by the building of officers’ capacities to take over from the departing UN Mission.

Deputy Director Mulbah recounted the many contributions the American people through their government have made to the Liberia National Police, and welcomed the move by the US Government in considering the Professional Standards Division for US Government’s support.

He said the consideration of the Professional Standards Division will further enhance the disciplinary measures that have been instituted in the police department, stressing that the police will continue to uphold those values it was established upon.

In conclusion, Deputy Mulbah assured Ambassador Malac of the police administration’s commitment and determinations to make transparency in the Liberia National Police a hallmark with the view of winning back full public confidence in the LNP, a press release by Sam Collins, public relations officer said.


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