US Gov’t Deports 7 Liberians with ‘Multiple Charges’

LIS Commissioner Robert Budy

The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) has disclosed the arrival of seven Liberians who were deported by the United States Government. The all-male deportees, touched down at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

LIS Press and Public Affairs Director, Abraham Dolley, said that the deportees were charged with “multiple crimes,” including aggravated assault, car jacking, assaulting officers, and driving while intoxicated.

Dolley made the disclosure at the RIA shortly after the deportees arrived in the country.

Dolley further said that relatives of the deportees have signed for their custody.

However, Dolley said that stewards of the deportees are obliged to make a weekly update-report to the LIS about the overall state-of-mind of each of them.

According to LIS, the batch of deportees, as of Nov. 13, total over 50 since January. LIS, also said that they are expecting the last batch of deportees for the year on December 11, 2019.

The arrival of the deportees comes in the wake of regressing economy, which is followed by drug abuse, prostitution and robberies across Liberia.


  1. Last year, I was a victim of those ones that break into people’s cars. When I returned from Liberia my old Toyota 03 was sitting there broken glasses slash tires etc. May be Liberia will help make some of them become good citizens.

  2. These deportees should be named and shamed and registered as criminals so that residents of the communities and neighborhoods they move into can be made aware of who their new neighbors are.

    • To err is human; to forgive and show love is devine, please leave them be, they have suffer enough trauma from the time they spend in detention in the US; Our own is our own.

  3. HEY Lente, Dady Dave, and Old man Zezay,

    WHY ASK FOR THEIR NAMES PUBLICALLY. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW GO TO THE OFFICE AND THEY WILL GIVE THEM TO YOU. don’t you know that GIVING THEIR NAMEs PUBLICALLY WILL EXPOSE THEM TO BEEN KILLED OR PLACE THEM IN DANGER or not even finding a job. EVEN IN America, criminals or those who commit crimes names are not made public on social media for all to see to save them also. you know how Facebook is damaging our country. In America, they have records and people do background check, lets do our background check if we want to know.

    I had always been victim of criminals breaking in my car, I was even beaten and hospitalized by their attacked in the passed. Now If I know these guys names, it will make me not to sleep but keep looking to see which one of the names around me or live where I live.

    why didn’t the Liberian Government kept them in Jail? lets wait and see if they will not repent. been in Liberia will serve as a means of making them realized the opportunity they missed by been unlawful in a another man’s land where many of us pray to be.

    God forbit, if you were the one, or your son or brother, will you want your name or their names to be read on the radio each day and placed in the news paper?

    I don’t know them, don’t like what they did, do not support what they did, but we know Liberia is not like America, mod violence is on the raise.

    just leave them to live freely since the Liberian Govt free them, since they didn’t kill anyone, cause if they did kill, I believe the US govt will not sent them to Liberia.
    Besides, what have we done to Prince Johnson that openly killed pres. Doe and saying sorry? Even Johnson supported My father death (Not Pres. Doe), I am fatherless today because of Johnson. I believe one day very soon, I will take the stand to testify. what about Gen. Butt naked who killed innocent people, they is a preacher men now in Liberia.

    For me, lets give them a second chance of freedom in their home, no fault. but records are taken, if they comment similar, then the laws of our mother land can take it course.

    in Liberia, Please do not call them criminal yet until they are tried and converted by LIB laws.

    Until then, my deported brothers and Liberian, you are welcome back to Liberia, but remember if you go against the laws, LIB govt and worst of all the people will deal with you by the law or Mob violence.

    thanks and God bless, save Liberia and discipline Liberians to be good citizens not only in Liberia but outside Liberia. Amen

  4. Infact, there are other good things my LIS Commissioner can do or make the news and post. this does not in any way promote Liberia, nor the govt and people of Liberia image. the world want to see good news coming from or going to Liberia and the officials like this showing their pictures on Facebook or in the news. this news doesn’t promote our country at all. I think the news media should get it off. and my LIS Commissioner should look for good things or news to post his pictures on with my country flag. Stop promoting these accused criminals by the US Govt with the Liberian Flag, I hope, I am not paying my taxes for this. keep the records or set up a system that people and entities will be free and even pay to do background check on each and every Liberian before employing them to good positions.

    there are other illegal entries and existence that need to be taken from Liberia or from govt. there are Liberians who don’t live in Liberia, they need to know the good things the LIS is doing and using our flag for.

    and Daily Observer newspaper, please next time use my country flag for stories that will promote mama Liberia more instead of destroying her. by this investors will come and provide jobs for even those that are called criminals. I am not calling these guys these names, but for example who will be happy to come to your house to live when they are hearing that you have release snakes, rats, and hurtful creatures in your home to live even though those creatures are yours and that’s their home, you want there to live there in your home freely.

    thanks. let promote the little good image Liberia has.

    • I bet majority of the deportees are not Liberians. Many foreigners use Liberian passports to come to America. Please weave the foreigners out of the deportees and send them to the countries of their origin. And Liberia, please do not sell our passports to foreigners just for a few dollars. Try to preserve the good name of our country.

  5. Some of these comments shows me why Liberia can’t go forward,and will not go forward, because of our evil and devilish ways in us.want to take your life pian and put it other Liberian citizen, because you was’nt able to go to America. Who is stopping anyone from going to America, for other Liberian to feel like Liberia is for you. This country belong to all Liberian no individual. Your go to church and act is if y’all are holy, but nothing but a devil. One who with out sin should cast the stone first!

  6. These are the people that are making it hard for liberians to obtain American visas. They should be placed in jail for a long period of time for defaming the name of Liberia.

  7. Why can’t you post your name but you using the cat if your comments are good? Who is call the cat? What does a cat do by nature in Liberia? No one will start to come after you but America when you go for visa oneday. Ok, Mr. Cat. When u get to the American embassy for visa. They will give it to the cat.

  8. Kae, I honestly don’t see any reason why the names of those thugs and criminals shouldn’t be listed. Would you want any of them living next to you? Would you rather chose living a peaceful life or have sleepless night worrying because someone is trying to forcefully take what rightfully belongs to you?

  9. We don’t like the truth. America is helping Liberians everyday but we are not helping our selves by promoting good, wanting to help America, and make investors to come to Liberia.

    Good report and job done Just reported today by LIS that Out of 171 entry points 130points at The border are open, human trafficking going on each day, illegal people coming to Liberia and working, these should get national and international attention to help Liberia and with laws in place make investors come in to invest instead of promoting converted criminals from America. The LIS boss should be reporting on these in the media with the Liberian flag not with deportees from America. Promote good not bad. Speak about bad but don’t promote it like this. What good it gives to release these guys to the community and published it like this? Yes the community will know them but no laws to prevent them from public offices nor been pastors if they want to. People carrying on violence beating our girls and women and even killed many people but are stay holding key position in Liberia. They are clear by election commission and You vote for them when.

    If the LiS boss will work with other security agencies to make laws to promote background checks, they will be not only helping Liberians but America to know who to give visa to, not someone who call themselves Cat.

    It’s not able been godly, but doing things that are right to promote Liberia and help America. Even in the church, no pastor or church will stand with converted criminals nor preach about them each day. They will be promoting them instead of the church and God’s word.
    In America, names of criminals are posted publicly, when they are caught and converted their names or information no longer made public accept when it’s time for background check.

    America needs help from the LIS boss to get good well behave Liberians to go for visa and even stay in America to help other Liberians in Liberia. This can be done when there are laws published and follow to check every Liberian even for example the cat. (Sorry that’s the name you call yourself) This can be done with the help of the LIS boss and he can use Liberian flag. It’s a shame to use our flag to say you received criminals from another country and release them to the community. Though it’s good to say it but not internationally like this. It’s like u are saying your kids were converted by another family of a crime which is truth and publishing their names to the world that you release them to the community with your pics. Who kids are they? Who’s name do they carry? What are you doing or have you done to help them make a change?

    My final word, speak about bad, but promote good not bad.

  10. Those of you who are up set about Liberian returning back home because of any circumstances should be up set with themselves. Most of these guys have family and property, and some of you might even be living on their property. So when you say you don’t want them living next to you you might be the one to look for a place. blame your parents for not sending you to America, don’t blame other Liberian because you are less fortunate. Liberia is for all Liberian.

  11. We should pray for our brothers that were deported instead of wanting to know their names. It make no difference if you know their names or not.
    They are home and have to be rehabilitated.

  12. When you come to America to lived, you have to respect the laws of the land. America is the land of opportunity. If you decide to be good that’s fine, but if you decide to be bad, then you will have to pay the for those who breaks the law pay the price by doing your time and be deported to your country of origin.

  13. The direct release of criminal deportees in the society is a scary proposition, to say the least. And I am not sure if the GOL is compelled under international law to take these deportees in or not. But whether yea or nay in that regard, perhaps the GOL could use this opportunity to seek material assistance from the US, to help with rehabilitating these reportees before unleashing them on our vulnerable people. The current precarious economic situation of Liberia, does not lend room for the addition of anymore group of elements sophisticated in alternative lifestyles, that could make the rest of the population easy preys. So our immigration people need to think safety and prevention now, before our share of car jackings, bank robberies, etc., begin, if not already too late. …Lord hear our prayers.

  14. Hi Everyone,
    Let’s respect each other and those that are in trouble.
    Think about the United States of America and Australia. The British sent their notorious criminals to these countries for many years before they bath became more prosperous than the British themselves.
    Let’s give our brothers and sisters a second change, maybe they will realize their past mistakes and learn from them.

  15. The posting of their names and photos could serve as a deterrent for any would be rogue, intoxication while driving, cars windshield slashing….etc. Their actions leave behind unbearable, unspeakable and unforgivable consequences. If they are not shame today, the tendency of been seen as a hero or heroin lives in them.

  16. I personally know one of those guys that were deported back to Liberia. Upon reaching to Liberia, the guy went to check on his properties that he built while he was in the US and the residents of those properties starting calling him names, not knowing that he owns all those properties that they are living in. Long story short, he kicked them out and they became homeless!!!! hahahahhahahaahh

    • This is a deliberate lie, my friend. How are we expected to meet an ex-convict? With an open arm? Are we supposed to willing embrace them, because they come from America? This whole argument doesn’t make sense to me.


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