US Embassy Officials Meet with NEC Chairman

US Embassy officials at the meeting with chairman Korkoya and other NEC officials

The National Elections Commission on Monday, July, 24, played host to visiting officials from the United States Embassy led by Ambassador Christine Elder.

The visit by the US Embassy delegation to the chairman of the NEC was intended to acquaint themselves with the ongoing work for the conduct of the October 10 elections.

Ambassador Elder said the United States looks forward to the conduct of free and fair elections in Liberia. She praised the National Elections Commission (NEC) for its dedication to the electoral process and urged the Commission to do more in the area of communication, logistics and local and international observer unit programs.

Briefing the United States Embassy officials, chairman Korkoya thanked the US government for its support to the International Business Initiative through the Liberia Administrative Systems (IBI-LASS) and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) for their contributions to the Liberian electoral process.

Chairman Korkoya further assured the Ambassador and delegation that the NEC is on course with its preparatory work for the October polls. He said the NEC will ensure free, fair and credible elections. He, however, cautioned that funding in time is crucial for a credible poll.

The NEC chairman praised the government headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for its proven commitment to the electoral process.

Speaking on the July 31 start of the electoral campaign period, Korkoya urged all stakeholders to ensure a peaceful and orderly campaign period.

Meanwhile, the Commission on Tuesday, July 25, published the total number of registrants for the October 10, 2017 elections.


  1. Fatu, Put who there nah? These American people are very evil and wicked, I hope your watching this guy. That is why, the government should had put somebody who is not a US citizen over NEC, this is a complete conflict of interest. Why the Chinese, EU, or another country ambassador did not visit the NEC Chairman, but the US ambassador? Your better open your eyes over there.

    • Stop it now! Don’t get in the U.S’ Face; when it comes Liberia. What have they got to lose? On the other hand, Liberia can’t WIN. Today’s Liberia in Africa, was in fact established by the U.S.A; in collaboration with France and Great Britain. That’s part of Liberia’s History. We can not change that. Let’s work with the U.S.A. It’s to our best interest. It’s up to us, to make the best of what America has to offer. Had the administration of our GOVERNMENT not change course during the peak of the “COLD WAR”, we’d be far better off by now. Go back in time. Check out the fabulous 60s. The U.S did a lot for Liberia. Yes! Indeed!! That’s the fact. Our leadership spoiled it-all.

  2. Thank you very much my brother” please Liberian people open your eye ball ooh because those guys, I’m scared of them be very very smart

    • Ms.C; Lady Sirleaf was not forced on anyone in Liberia. She ran for the highest office and won twice. No one forced you or anyone in Liberia to vote for EJS. Stop the rhetoric…

    • Rex; we aren’t finished. This is just the beginning. We are in the process of making a better Liberia. Let’s be positive. This is our RENAISSANCE; the rebirth of our Nation, Liberia. God Bless…


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