‘US Does Not Endorse Candidates in Any Country’

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Outgoing US Ambassador Deborah R. Malac has said that the United States does not endorse the candidacy of any politician in any country, including Liberia, during an electoral process.

Ambassador Malac, speaking at her final press conference at the US Embassy in Monrovia on Thursday, said the United States can only endorse the electoral process by telling a country to ensure free, fair, transparent elections as well as ensuring that electorates exercise their political franchise.

She said the United States, as a democratic nation, is interested in supporting countries that follow democratic principles by allowing their people to freely express themselves and elect their leaders.

She said the US has “no secret handshake” with any politician of another country during elections, but does work with any leader a country chooses through popular votes.

Leaving Liberia with a “heavy heart,” the outgoing Ambassador added that she wishes most to see Liberia’s 2017 electoral process.

She assured the US Government’s support to Liberia’s forthcoming elections, promising that her government will work with any leader elected by Liberians to lead the country.

In another development, Ambassador Malac said the United States does not have any position on how Liberians feel about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) recommendations, and the call for the establishment of a war crimes court in Liberia.

She said the establishment of a war crimes court in Liberia is solely and wholly dependent on the wishes of the people of Liberia, and that the US government does not have the power to make decisions on its establishment.

“I have travelled across the country and listened to Liberians in other parts on various issues, including reconciliation and a war crimes court, and you will note that most people want to see government services in their areas instead of establishing a war crimes court. Talk about establishing a war crimes court may only be in Monrovia here and not every part of Liberia. So if there can be a war crimes court, it must be Liberians calling for its establishment and not the United States,” Ambassador Malac said.


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