US-Based Nimbaians to Build Student Center Near UL Fendall Campus

Architect's rendition of the proposed Nimba student center

A group of US-Based Nimba citizens under the banner, Nimba Association of Massachusetts (NAM), has secured land to construct a student center near the University of Liberia’s (UL) Fendall Campus, outside Monrovia.

NAM’s motto is “Serving Our Community, Nimba and Liberia.”

The proposed center, when completed, will include two dormitories (male and female) and a library. It will host Nimba students that are attending at the Fendall Campus.

NAM is an organization of citizens from Nimba County who are residing in Massachusetts, USA. The Association secured the land in Walker Town, Careysburg City, in Montserrado County.

According to NAM’s release, a groundbreaking and fundraising program for the project is expected to take place on November 3, 2018.

The Association’s president Paul D. Gailah and some executive members are expected to grace the occasion.

Gailah said that the Association decided to build the center as its initial project, which is aimed at addressing the difficulty students from the county face in commuting to and from Fendall Campus during every academic year.

“Besides the high rental fees, some of the students live in central Monrovia and other areas far from Fendall, and some of these students are self-reliant. These conditions are not good for the students and we think this student center is necessary,” Mr. Gailah said.

He described the project as historic; therefore, he called on citizens of Nimba and other Liberians to join in making it a success.

Gailah said the project is not just about Nimba but Liberia at large, “because the Association needs the contribution of all citizens irrespective of locations.

“Beneficiaries will contribute to Liberia, while the library will also assist other Liberians,” Mr. Gailah said.

The Association held a fundraising luncheon for the project in Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 14, 2018, bringing together many personalities, organizations and others that have been embracing the idea by contributing back home where enthusiasm is high among Nimbaians, including the student community and other stakeholders.

The national leadership of the Association in collaboration with Nimba University Student Association (NUSA) leadership Nimba Kwadoo and other citizens have begun mobilizing and plan to lead the program and the subsequent start of the project.

The second planning and mobilization meeting was held on Saturday, August 25, 2018, where various committees were set up.

Following its establishment in 2011, NAM was registered in Liberia in 2015. It was also established to assist Nimbaians, other Liberians in the USA, and others back home.



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