US-Based Lorma Demand Justice for Murder in Zorzor


The Lorma ethnic group in the United States is demanding “unconditional justice” in a recent murder case that took place in Zorzor District, Lofa County.

Recently, Sianeh Gayflor of Biawu, Fisebu Town in Zorzor was allegedly murdered by a Mandingo Guinean national, which triggered violence in the area.

Commenting on the situation, the Lorma National Association in the Americas (LNAA) expressed dismay over the situation and called on the Government of Liberia to speedily investigate and punish those culpable.

According to a release issued in Monrovia at the weekend under the signature of the association’s president Andrew Jallah, the group wants a “vigorous search for and bringing to justice of the alleged murderer of Sianeh Gayflor.”

Jallah said: “Expand and strengthen the hands of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee existing at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) headed by Mr. William Gbadai Howard and utilize other security and political apparatus available to maintain peace thereby preventing an inter-ethnic conflict in the district.

“Investigate and subsequently take proper punitive measures against security agents who unjustifiably terrorized our people who were mourning the tragic loss of their loved one, and bring to justice, any accessories who may have assisted the suspect to escape criminal prosecution.”

Given the mysterious circumstances, several persons including Korpo Kamara from Konia, Viiwu Kessely of Kpazagizia, Kulubo of Luuyiema and a boy in Wuomai have lost their lives, alleged the U.S. based Lorma, adding that they are keen on reaching the bottom of the incident in order to avoid a repeat of it.

Jallah then thanked the local leadership of the district including Representative Moses Kollie and others for their role in resolving the standoff resulting in police officers being accused of looting and harassing peaceful citizens of the district.


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