Liberian Tax Expert Launches 2023 Presidential Bid


Liberians still have about three years to decide who their next presidential should be, but the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghitap Inc., Rev. Dr. Telford Emmanuel Kpaflo Ammons, is taking no chance as he sets his sight on the nation’s highest office.

Though many think his timing might be too early before the next polls, Dr. Ammons has thought to register his intention for the Liberian presidency—a move he believes will afford him time to acquaint himself with the electorates.

The US-based Liberian tax accountant on Monday, September 21, 2020, officially announced his 2023 presidential election bid in Liberia with the singular message of attracting investors to the country to help boost the economy as well as provide employment opportunities.

“If elected President in 2023, I will endeavor to bring potential investors back to do business and create more jobs that will put money in the pockets of the ordinary Liberians,” Dr. Ammons said.

In his own humbled way, the businessman turned politician also said that he wants to take up the mantle to restore Liberia’s pride that many great men and women fought to bequeath unto the current generation.

“I am aspiring for the Liberian presidency in 2023 and I hope and pray that if I win, I will encourage all of the different political parties to work with me to move our country forward,” he said.

He also promised to work with anyone that would emerge as winner in 2023. “If I’m not successful, I will work with the winner to make this nation a better place to live. Secondly, what I would do is to bring in investors into this country… I will be able to do that,” he said.    

Dr. Ammons recently officially the opposition MOVEE — a political party headed by Liberia’s Foreign Minister-designate, Dee Maxwell Kemayah.

“I have mustered the political courage to join the pending 2023 race in an attempt to help put Liberia back on par with other countries around the world,” Dr. Ammons said at a press conference recently.

“In my heart, I feel that we need to have someone who has the heart, the mind, and the determination to put this country back on the map where it belongs,” Dr. Ammons told reporters at his temporary office on 14th Street, Sinkor.

According to him, Liberia, whose flag is similar to that of the United States, has just one lonely star that benefits many. The flag of Liberia flies on many “Registered” vessels around the world and stands tall among independent nations.” 

It is from this backdrop that Dr. Ammons said he wants to usher Liberia back into the fold to shine its light and hold high its flag.

In addition, Dr. Ammons said he is planning on taking up negotiations to initiate the first Summer Olympics in West Africa after infrastructures are built. 

“I want to give back to the homeland and become the first Exchange Student to come back to help this nation, the Republic of Liberia and its people,” he added.

He said if elected in 2023, “I promised to revisit some of the programs initiated by Presidents William R. Tolbert and Samuel K. Doe to bring them to light to benefit the Liberian people,” he said, adding: “Now is the time for a new clarion call and a new beginning.” 

The 2023 presidential hopeful, however, expressed confidence that the future holds much better things under what he considers “a Dr. Telford Ammons leadership”.

At the same time, Dr. Ammons called on Liberians to do away with ethnicity and work together for the collective good of the society.

About Dr. Ammons

He is first of six (6) siblings born in Liberia to Eleatha Wilson and Igal Ammons Sr., a farmer, and businessman. He is the great-grandson of Gabriel Ammons, an Africa returnee to Liberia after slavery who became a Colonel in the Liberian Army, a farmer, and a prosperous landowner.

Dr. Ammons is also a grandson of a herbalist and Fish Town head Doctor from Maryland County, Liberia, honored by President William V.S. Tubman for his contribution to society. 

He is an adopted grandson of the first Liberian florist, decorator, and businesswoman, Martha Prout Dennis, affectionally known as “Mother Dear.” She gave him his seed money to become an exchange student candidate, with “Youth for Understanding” in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Back at Niles high school, Telford said, “In all my life, I never saw people as ‘Black or White’ but as collaborators working together; regardless of complexion, composition or complexity.” 

The idea of bringing together people was a big picture nurtured by his exchanged parents, Helen Gay and John L. Jones Sr. He continues to keep in touch with the Jones even till today.

After graduating from high school, Telford dreamed of bringing together African Americans, Africans living in the diaspora, and those back in the homeland in collaboration to work and build together. This sentiment had long been his dream, and even before Barack Obama became President of the United States, he said, both of them were friends in the early days in Chicago Southside. 

His pursuit of an Associate Degree from Southwestern College in Dowagiac Michigan culminated in a Bachelor of Business and Accounting degree at Strayer University in Texas. Dr. Ammons is currently serving as Strayer University’s “Ambassador,” to influence others to excellence.  Later on, he became motivated to get his Masters and to encourage his children in seeking higher education. 

He received his Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas in Arlington and was, thereafter, conferred with a Doctor of Foreign Business & Missions degree from Abundant Faith Christian University in Mississippi.

Among his many accomplishments, he is proud to name the University of Laverne in California where he studied Ecumenical Christian Doctrine headed by Dr. Foster Cragget.  But the one that makes him proud is that he served as Pastor of Fountain of Grace Church in Arlington for seven years.

He has been a member of First United Methodist and St. Peters Lutheran churches growing up in Liberia.

Recently he took a sabbatical from AME Zion Fort Worth, Texas as an Associate Pastor.

For more than thirty (30) years, Dr. Ammons has been married to Edita Evangelista Ammons, also a holder of Masters of Business Management. Together they have two grown sons, three daughters, and five grandchildren.

His oldest son is a businessman and Doctor of Divinity, oldest daughter and second son work within two different school districts. Another daughter is a banker and the youngest daughter studying to become a doctor of medicine.

Telford saw raising his children as his most significant priority and accomplishment.  He said he is greatly proud of them all. His major business accomplishment has been collaborating with former Mayor of Arlington, Elsie Odom, to showcase the city’s attraction for businesses, like the Olympics and the Cowboys’ football stadium to Arlington.

Dr. Ammons has received accommodations from the City of Arlington, Texas, with an appointment to the Board of Parks and Recreations and from Arlington Police Department.


  1. This is the same darn self-seeking trend with people from the diaspora. As soon as they initiate some humanitarian project for Liberia, the next thing that follows is they want to be president. You wonder before this other messiah appear on the scene in Liberia, whagt was his affiliation with any Loiberian community association in his country-USA? That should be the first prism through which his long hidden love for Liberia could be gauged.

    Here is this other guy, who is not even a Liberian citizen and here he is, aspiring to be president? That goes to underscore the need for the NEC to be vigilant with the constitution and election laws in vetting and certifying candidates to vie for these elective offices. Failure to do this has been one of the perennial ineffectiveness of this oversight body, thereby allowing foreigners to participate in these elections, at the expense of the Liberian people.

    On the one hand the new citizenship law is restricting dual citizens from occupying even cabinet offices, and here we have the NEC, that gatekeeping institution that supposed to safeguard against the bridging of that provision trouncing that very requirement, and allowing just about any nationality to contest elected offices in Liberia?

    Besides the incompetence of the commissioners such negligence portrays, it is a recipe for contestation by any loser in these elections, but especially a recipe for post election violence. As we are aware, Liberians attribute every failure/misfortune in life to someone else’s fault. Nothing is ever due to natural causes or the shortcomings of the loser or victim in any ill-fated situation. The fault must always lie elsewhere, with family members not exempt. Need I remind us of those animous and haunting moments when family members have been accused of sacrificing other family members, sometimes their own children in witchcraft?

    Multiply that sort of mindset to the nth power in politics often charged with so much passion and clueless enmity, and the NEC ought to be treading with so much caution, in order to preempt some of the predictable consequences that characterize these elections.

    Put simply, the citizenship of any winner in these elections will be a source of contention by the loser(s). So let the NEC do its due deligence by preventing foreigners from participating in these elections. The citizenship laws cannot prohibit foreigners from becoming certain cabinet ministers and yet, they can be senators or representatives? It does not make any sense!

    • Peter Gboyo aka Dempster Yallah, you should be ashamed of your self to rant such careless rubbish about attributing “incompetence and negligence“ to the incumbent NEC Commissioners while referring to James Fromoyan as “expert.“

      Have you forgotten so quickly how this very bonuahn (incompetent individual) James Fromoyan as NEC Chairman, announced the actual result of the election that President Weah won the highest votes in the first round of election, but only for the very Fromoyan to summersault and turn on his own head (after been bribed) announcing that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the highest votes?

      Here you are ranting that ”the NEC allowing just about any nationality to contest elected offices in Liberia” WHEN just the other day because Ellen and Amos Sawyer placed you on government payroll for work you were not doing., You shamelessly went about spewing similar copious rubbish as you have here above that “there was nothing wrong with the Constitution been violated by President Sirleaf as she appointed and kept as NEC Chairman James Korkoyah who is an American citizen.“

      You are a notorious hypocrite and an opportunist to bore others with your dishonesty about ”This is the same darn self-seeking trend with people from the diaspora” when just the other day you behaved as “the same darn self-seeking Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo resident in the diaspora” Why are you guys so unprincipled and selfish? No one should take this hypocrite and opportunist Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo serious. He is worse than a political prostitute or a political trollop All you see him ranting here are absolutely driven by their self seeking desires and their collective mindset of “whats in it for me“!

  2. Mr. Peter Gboyo, you need to address a powerfully worded letter to the NEC to express your grievances. I suggest you copy the Supreme Court, the Upper and Lower Houses too. You have made some good points.

    Welcome home, Dr. Ammons. Liberia needs you; we want to benefit from your business connections, professional expertise and fatherly courtship.

    If not elected, I am happy you are willing to work with anyone who wins, and if elected, I am equally happy you are willing to extend your hands to all Liberians to join you in rebuilding a new Liberia.
    However, I have a question for you: Have you investigated all the political establishments in Liberia and found that their platforms and moral conceptions of a new Liberian society differ from yours?
    If you reply me in the negative, then why can’t you integrate a political party to buttress, consolidate and confederate the ideals? Liberia is too small to have scores of political parties with no credence.
    A political establishment should be capable of conquering and exercising power ALONE. Look at the political landscape and population of Liberia, can your political party produce all its cabinet ministers?
    Do you want to participate and get a score between 0.1% to 1% and then throw in your weight behind someone to get a ministerial position?
    Then why can’t you join such political party now to get the ministerial position when victory is won?

    Again, welcome home! Think about depositing your valise within the ANC to begin a new dawn for Liberia.

  3. Goodness! Rev., Dr. Businessman-turned Politician, Organizer and Tax Accountant Mr. Telford Emmanuel Kpaflo Ammons, is without a shred of doubt a professional gentleman. Ammons’s resume is very impressive. The professional Rev., Dr. Ammons introduces himself as a great-grandson of the “settlers”. In the Liberian lexicon, a child of the “settlers” is typically an Americo-Liberian. Ammons is indeed an Americo-Liberian. So far, it’s all good. But the early announcement of Rev., Dr. Ammons’s intension to run for the upcoming presidency of Liberia will certainly cause an internal conflict in the guts of Alexander Benedict Cummings, B. Urey and former VP Boakai.

    Campaign Promises………
    Ammons sees political dis-unity in Liberia. Therefore, Ammons promises to unite the political opposition “if” he’s elected. Secondly, Ammons promises to bring investors to Liberia “if” he is elected. So far, Ammons hasn’t talk about how many “investors” he intends to bring to Liberia if he is elected. He sensibly walks the tightrope. Some of his potential presidential aspirants place a “number” on how many jobs they intend to create in a limited number of days.

    The Problem……….
    Although Ammons may have the best of intentions to do as much as he could for Liberia, the problem Ammons has created for himself is crestfallen. It’s the concept of “if”! In other words, “if” Ammons is elected, it will be feasible for him to “unite political parties and bring investors” to Liberia. However, “if” Ammons is un-elected, Ammons will be unable to either unite the opposition or bring investors to Liberia. Ammons wants his back scratched first, but if that doesn’t happen, forget it.

    Ammons shows genuine seriousness! But Ammons fails the smell test of Liberian patriotism. If Ammons loves Liberia as he claims, it would be patriotic for him to unite the dis-,organized parties and bring investors to Liberia now than later.

  4. I want to respond to Hney’s concerns. I first of all learned about patriotism from my grandmother, Martha Proud who asked me one day, “Telford, are you a patriot”? I did not know at the time where she was going with this so I asked, what do you mean? She explained, “Love of country for the place where you were born, know and grew up”. I responded and said, Yes! However, let me put aside my own patriotism for a while.

    Lets examine first of all, some history of what some of our forebears did to some of their own sons and daughters. They were unwillingly taken away from the place where they were born and played. It was the ONLY place they knew! Than taken to foreign lands in chains whipped, incarcerated and forced to work and, sing the songs of their old inhibited villages. How could anyone sing in such conditions? But they thrived and some came back, looking for the place where they’d loved and played but then later categorized, as Congars meaning, Americo-Liberians! Who benefits from all of these smoke screens? The reality is, we sold us into slavery and the benefactors participated.

    Who are the tribesmen daring to refer to their brothers and sisters as others? The same children native women had born? Think about this! Native woman born congar man and yet tribalism is still re-soundly huge. Why? Because we haven’t put aside our differences regarding languages. There is still a vacuum and inside of it, a fire slathering for revenge. Only God can do that one o! When the Kpelle man says, “Kpa ku mame” (come here lets eat) doesn’t have to even speak, but show me the food by waving his hands towards the food, I already know its time to eat. Language weaponized, is an impediment and limits communication and harmony between each other. Therefore knowing how to speak one’s dialect must not be used as a litmus test for any office including the presidency.

    The other concern that needs to be laid to rest is, it isn’t just-now that I have interacted with people and government for action. Three years ago, I brought into Liberia, a comprehensive project to electrify the whole of Liberia and West African, not just few communities. I have received no response from the powers that be. Once again, I want to be the last person sounding accusatory but I have always tried to help my fellow Liberians from the time I was little and many can attest to this fact, that I have looked out for people everywhere, especially in Liberia. On some of my own properties, I have given squatters the right to stay for a while because I knew they had no where else to go. I have not gone out and broadcasted it, because it was nobody’s business but me and the persons I was doing this act of kindness for. I have gone to court in Paynesville City and stood up for the rights of someone that others and a Church was trying to take advantage of and the individual won. I am not a late comer to the Liberian scenery. I have paid for people’s hospital bills and their tuition. I have paid for peoples’ electricity. I have worked tirelessly to help Liberians by sending them containers for their livelihood. I have helped pastors with small stipend to sustain their livelihood. I have help people with their farm projects. Perhaps this isn’t enough but I can do more if I had the opportunity to do so.

    • Telford Ammons, you are saying you learned patriotism from your grandmother. Did you also learn ritualistic killing from your aunty Jemima Parker who was resident of Bomi Hills and who was one of William V.S. Tubman’s suppliers of human parts and human blood? I am sure you did, based on your displayed greed for power .And you and that aunt of yours were very very close.

    • Mr. Ammons, you have indicted natives as perpetrators and you Congor rascals and evil men as CDB King etc. as victims by stating “we sold us into slavery and the benefactors participated“. But is that all you have learned in your history classes or that is what makes you Congor people godly and or the victims?

      Now ask yourself as to why the very people who claimed to have detested slavery returned and regarded those their own Africans as sub humans and treated them as slaves.

      And they your Congor people did not stop there but one of you Charles D. B King as President used his presidential powers to sell the very natives as slaves because according to the Congor mentality, the natives were sub humans and in fact slaves. And you are here fooling around.

      So according to you the ONLY history you know is only the one in which your Congor ancestors may have been the victims, But in the case of Congor people selling natives in modern times at that, and even after the slave trade was abolished, is no history. You are another damn hypocrite, Mr. Ammons.

      • Dear all, negativity I do expect however, lets think about how does it help to move us forward together, will it? No it won’t. Lets now put our best foot forward to do better. Historical ramifications do have their place in history but will it move us forward to do better than before? If so, lets move forward together for the sake of our beloved country. Pointing fingers and throw rocks never resolve issues. What can we do together, you and I? Can we to agree to disagree or agree and try working together to make things better moving forward? Please let me know how I can help. I want to do better by you, regardless of past experiences and memories. I need your help. Will you all help me?

        • Ammons, do not take readers to be fools. We have asked you a question about your aunt Jemima Ammons Parker been a human suppliers of human blood and human parts. IS IT TRUE OR FALSE?

          Another has pointed out your prejudice, bias judgments, and falsehood. Do not come here with your whatever all over your sleeves believing you can insult our intelligence by telling us about country going forward, as if we are not the ones truly concerned about that than you, who wants to grab political power overnight.

          Your aunty Jemima Ammons Parker was a ritualistic killer in Bomi Hills. You have come here to exonerate your congor forbears who sold natives as slaves while you want us to join you in indicting the natives. You must be actually mentally sick..

          • Jemima A. Wilson is a name that is forever etched in my mother’s memory. As a young girl growing up in Bomi County, she lived with that lady and she has not a good word for that lady, and that is why she has always vowed never to let her children live with anyone else. She says that she was treated very harshly.

            Jemima Wilson had a school called the Allen Yancy Public School and that was how she lured my mom and others with the prospect of free education and the uninformed parents, like my grandparents, send their children to lived with Miss Wilson and go to school.

            One of the girls that lived with Madam Wilson was killed and that so frightened my mother that she fled and walked from Bomi Hills to Guthrie plantations, then known as the BF Goodridge Plantations, in the middle of the night. All this coming from my mother. Whenever we are in Bomi and we happen to pass by the place, she goes back in time to that place.

            The Catholic Church bought the properties and have transformed the place and built a beautiful school call the St. Dominic Catholic School.

            I am not narrating this to point any finger at Dr. Ammons. I dont think he should be blamed for his aunt’s misdeeds. Let him be given a chance to prove himself to the Liberian People. The sins of the parents should not be visited upon the children.


  5. Last, I will be the first to have all of the parties and their members participate in future projects and not just the ruling party alone if I am elected as president. If I am not, as I have said before, I will work with anyone willing to work together for the betterment of mama Liberia.

  6. Welcome on board the ANC, Dr. Ammons.
    Starting a new political party is a waste of precious time and resources.
    I am especially keen on your electricity project for Liberia. I hope to see you on board the ANC train of true change for a better Liberia.

    • Peta, can I call you Peta? Thanks for the invite. I have not receive such invitation from Mr. Cummings. However, I appreciate your great gesture.

  7. Mr. Ammons,

    Issue Number One:
    Your Liberian citizenship is being questioned, by Peter Gboyo. Like Gboyo, I think millions of Liberians would like to know whether you are a foreigner. So, based on Gboyo’s concept, will it be possible for you to tell the Liberian people whether you are a naturalized citizen of the United States of America?

    Issue Number Two:
    Do you have an aunt or a relative whose name is Jamima Parker? Did Jamima Parker of Bomi Hills have a special relationship with the late William Tubman?

    Issue Number Three:
    Did you say that the freed slaves’ forebears were sold into slavery? By whom? And if that is believed by you, did the freed slaves have a right to dehumanize the natives? In your view, was CDB King justified to send the Liberian natives to Fernando Po? Are you prepared to defend such a theory?

    Issue Number Four:
    You sound like a uniter. But you act as a wisenheimer. For instance, you say that the forebears of the freed slaves were sold into slavery. That’s a provocative statement! On the other hand, you plan to unite the disorganized parties and the people of Liberia if
    you’re elected as the countries’ next president. Why do you bite and blow?

    Issue Number Five:
    If Alexander Benedict Cummings asks you to abandon your presidential ambition, will you agree? Be careful man. You just can’t kow-tow to someone because of a simple telephone call. I am not your supporter nor your enemy. You seem to be arbu to be called upon by Alexander Benedict Cummings.

    Issue Number Six:
    Why do you want to unite the main disorganized parties after you become elected? Why can’t you unite the main disorganized parties before you become president?

    Issue Number Seven:
    You’ve told the Liberian people about your presidential ambition. What’s the name of your party? Are you going to break from tradition by running your campaign from a county other than the county of Montserrado? By comparison, Biden and Trump do not have their campaign offices in Washington, DC.

    Issue Number Eight:
    What makes you different from any of the crew who can’t wait until Weah steps down from the presidency in nine years?

  8. The word arbu is not a word from the queen’s language. In the Liberian vernacular, arbu means to be eager.

    Second, the word I meant to use was country’s with an apostrophe. Please see issue number four!

  9. Dr. Ammons,

    Yes, you can call me Peta if you wish, but know that my name is really Peter. I gave myself the name Petarus (a combination of Peter and Taurus).

    Cummings wants every well-meaning Liberian on board the train of real change; a train full of patriots, philanthropists and God-fearing hearts.
    Like the call to Christianity, I would like you to stop by at any ANC’s office in Monrovia, purchase the bylaws of the party and see if you acquiesce to the ideals and principles, then pick up a card. You are sure to get a call from Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and therefrom, you will begin to play key roles in our structuration and political activities. You have a great resume, Dr. Ammons!

    As per the issues of my adorable big brother Hney, I personally suggest you don’t get into any exchange with him on those issues on this blog.
    Uncle Hney likes to prickle people sometimes. He’s a good supporter of the ideals of the ANC but he’s yet to pick up his partisan card.
    However, he wants a job with Weah and so he sometimes feigns allegiance to him. But my Uncle Hney should know that there will always be the devil in the details of any offer from Weah and thugs.
    We (ANC) will bring him home and give him a decent job. He also has a fantastic resume. We need all the best of us from every corner of the globe with decent working conditions to be offered by the ANC.

    Greetings and peace unto all respectable Liberians out there!

  10. Mr. Ammons,
    Let it be known that the guy named Peta or Peter or Petarus sometimes goes through a moment that Sigmund Frued once referred to as unconscious motivation. For Peta or Peter or Paterus to suggest or cleverly imply that I am a shadowy “liker” or supporter of the Liberian ANC proves my point. During the past week, a female commenter spelled Petarus’s name as “Paterus”. I am of the belief that such a spelling will be acceptable to him. What a guy? Whatever you do, for God’s sake please call him “Peta” or Pete, but never “Pet”…..please. in Peta’s fringe moments of sincerety, he’s good! However, when the conversation switches to ANC, all hell breaks loose and the process of unconscious motivation begins in him.

    From the beginning, I have been a vocal opponent of Alexander Benedict Cummings, the disorganized ungentleman that the avowed apologist Dolo refers to as his demigod. The disorganized ANC is interested in power grab. If you allow yourself to be bamboozled by the tactics of the opposition of which Peta (let’s call him Peta…….he says it’s okay) you will be seen and known by your followers as an obsequious “unpresidential” candidate.

    Furthermore, as a man of the Almighty God, why do you want to splash your integrity into the mud of politics? I ask the question because there’s too much of deal-making in politics. From what I know, whenever deals are made, subterfuge seeps in. Additionally, your would-be buddy Peta, will use you badly if you get on board with his disorganized opposition. How? Peta is usually critical of God’s people who work in governmental positions. Example? Well, consider two of Weah’s appointees….Dr. Nelson, president of the University of Liberia and the gentleman who is Roberts’ International Airport Director. Like you, both of the men are called to the Ministry of Jesus Christ. But Peta labels them as “preacher men”. Brother Ammons (if I may call you that) how would like to be called “preacher man” by your buddy to be? Think About That!

    Lastly, why did you make the decision to question what I wrote? Some commenters have questioned your citizenship, your connection with some of your relatives and your outlook on the issue of the settlers or freed slaves or Americo-Liberians who took Liberia into a ditch! I am of the opinion that they’ve asked important questions. Do you intend to respond to them?


  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    My dear and lovely Uncle Hney, how I love to read you always!

    Dr. Ammons, do not reply to any of my beloved uncle Hney’s queries on this blog, please. It was my dear Uncle Hney who labelled me on this blog as an “apologist”, then considered Cummings to be my “demigod”, and then………!

    I have no problems with men of God. I will make my points again about my so-called opposition to the people Uncle Hney say I call “preacher men”.

    According to our new constitution, Liberia is a secular country. If we all agree to this fact, how can we then appoint the president of our only public institution of higher learning based on the qualification of a doctorate degree in theology? My fear is that we may have a Muslim president someday who may appoint a Muslim cleric based on his doctorate degree in the study of Islamism. When such happens, I can just imagine how Liberians will fast and pray to reverse such decision. We therefore need to preempt some situations to live in peace and harmony – this is my problem with the appointment of Dr. Nelson at LU, no less, no more. I hope I got myself clear once and for all on Dr. Nelson.

    As for the other “preacher man” at RIA, it’s not because I have worked for a long time in a technical institution that I am qualified to run it. I must get the required technical qualification. What innovation do you expect him to bring to our major port of entry with the qualification of a preacher man? Well, he may NEVER embezzle, this at least may be true.

    Now, let’s put Dr. Ammons on the limelight, he’s a preacher man and a professional man with vast experience. I will never have any problem with such impressive and accomplished resume. I bow down to it and give it my fullest respect.

    I am totally against the questioning of native Liberians’ citizenship. We all know what our country has gone through. A Dolo may have gone to the USA and gotten the citizenship of that great country for some social and financial benefits but when he comes back, the Dolo should be able to go and live peacefully in his village and undertake any activities in his country except the functions of a president and representative, this is what I strongly support. Why will you allow a Nwabudike to become more Liberian then an Ammons who is known to have roots in Liberia? Ridiculous for me.

    I laugh to see others question the nationality and attack people like Dr. Ammons, Mr. Fromoyan and other common Liberian names yet they speak in support of a Nwabudike and an Ojo, what a world!

    The ANC is not a disorganized political party, but Liberia is a confused country right now. Many Liberians do not yet understand and uphold political ideals. Some will join a political party because they have been promised jobs, not the ideology or philosophical values.
    Many will leave the ANC come 2023 because they do not yet understand what we stand for. We endeavor to make our people accept the philosophy of stoicism to leave a better Liberia for our children like that of the generation of Kwame Nkrumah and Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, Houphouet Boigny of Cote d’Ivoire and Paul Kagame of Rwanda.
    Some may be frustrated from start but will eventually understand where we are taking the country.

    Uncle Hney is an ideal passenger on board the ANC train of progress for Liberia, put aside your personal qualms with Alexander B. Cummings and join the train of sustainable development and change for Liberia.
    Weah is a novice to all that has to do with administration, politics, development, improvement of human capital (he needs it himself) and any developmental attributes.

    Donna did not misspell my name intentionally, do not put me at loggerheads with that fantastic and lovely lady. I love her so much; I hope my Uncle doesn’t take me out of context here!

  12. Mr. Ammons,
    I have to go to work! My professional advice to you at this particular moment is this… please do not allow yourself to be manipulated by your soon-to-buddy Peta. Besides being motivated by some desires, Peta suffers from “wishful thinking”. Peta’s desire is to win souls for the troubled ANC. He’s trying hard to get me sick with the ANC germs. It’s not working. By the way, it wouldn’t work. I know about me. I am profoundly concerned about you.

    Peta’s germ warfare (which is to say the techniques he employs in order to lure people into his gloomy orbit) is based on exaggerations. Example, Peta describes Liberia as secular country. But yet, he doesn’t want to see a preacher be given a job in a secular country. Dr. Nelson is doing a pretty good job at the University of Liberia. Since his arrival there, Nelson has not proselytized anyone. Second, besides the fact that Nelson’s background is in religion, the gentleman has to eat and feed his family. Do you think God opposes Dr. Nelson’s presence on a university campus?

    How’s about Peta’s argument about an Islamic person being elected to the presidency? In this mode of thought, Peta shows religious prejudice towards qualified Moslems who could run to become president of Liberia. But, Peta argues unequivocally that should an Islamic educator ever becomes elected to the presidency, the presumed Islamic leader could proselytize Liberians into the Islamic faith. There’s no evidence for that assertion.

    Rev. Ammons, do what you have to do in order to advance your presidential agenda. Unite the opposition. Personally, I am a Weah sympathizer. Weah makes mistakes just like any human being. I sympathize with him because I think he is unfairly accused sometimes, if not always. The issue of demons running amok is a typical example. Demons have always been in Liberia! If there are God-fearing people in and out of the country of Liberia, it’s their sole responsibility to rebuke the demons. That’s exactly what Jesus did.

    C’on man! Let’s get on with it!

  13. My dear Uncle Hney,

    Cote d’Ivoire just voted its 2021 budget. Guess how much? About $15.5 billion US, this a country that practically sole depends on agriculture.

    Liberia has almost 3 legal mining operations and numerous illegal ones underway, legal and illegal logging companies, our flag being flown by almost 30% of vessels worldwide with the biggest rubber planation in the world and other legal and subsistence farming activities underway, yet we have a constant annual budget of half a billion dollars (3.22% of the Ivorian budget), what is wrong with us?

    Liberians, vote the ANC in 2023 to bring peace and joy in the country. We want to begin with minimum $2.5 billion in the first year of our leadership. For the population of Liberia, we should vote constant annual budget of $5 billion to make Liberians live comfortably, without Liberians having as prime project “traveling to the USA” to live but traveling there to go to school and coming back to live comfortably like the Ivory Coast or Ghana or Nigeria, yes it is possible under the ANC!

    Sorry for Joe’s babblings last night, Uncle!

  14. Liberia is smaller in size as well in population in comparison to the Ivory coast. The president of the Ivory coast wants another term after he had served all of his terms constitutionally.

  15. My people, let’s stop bickering and get on with the business of governance. Liberia needs all of us not one party of us. For us to put this nation back on track to make money and better the lives of each of its citizens, we have to sit aside difference and become vigilant. The whole circle is strong when each link is strengthened.

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