US-based Liberian Launches New Initiative in Grand Kru County


—Promises to work with Children and elderly

A new initiative intended to improve the lives of hundreds of children and elderly in Liberia, with emphasis in Grand Kru County, has been launched.

The initiative, known as the Van Community Outreach (VCO), was established in the United States of America (USA), particularly in Frederick, State of Maryland, on January 2019.

In an interview with the Daily Observer upon her return from Grand Kru County, Mrs. Veronica N. Nimpson, who is also the Director of VCO, said: “My husband, Dr. Matthew Nimpson and I, founded this organization called the Van Community Outreach and the purpose of our organization is to make a difference in the lives of youth and the elderly in Liberia.

“So, I came to launch the program in Liberia, particularly in Grand Kru County. The reason I went to Grand Kru to launch such an initiative is because there are a lot of NGOs in Monrovia, who are carrying on development while the people in Grand Kru County are dying slowly.

While there, from February 12 to 17, 2020, Mrs. Nimpson said she visited four cities including Sasstown; Barclayville and Grand Cess, where she provided basic school materials for 21,000 children who were elated to receive them.

“We met with teachers and principals and they identified some of their needs and we wrote them down, but again, what we gave them could last for the semester.

Mrs. Nimpson further said she came back with the intention to really help and make the difference in the lives of so many children and to tell them they can follow their dreams and be anybody in society.

“We also provided instructional materials for the teachers there but we came mainly to launch the program. However, we could not just come to launch the program in the county without identifying with the children.

We also had a fun day where we cooked and fed the children everywhere we went.

“I am a Liberian citizen, went to school in Grand Kru County. My father, the late John Nimene, was superintendent for Sasstown, where I got my basic education from. So, I have come back to Liberia to make a difference in the lives of those children and tell them that you can follow your dream and be anything you want to be.

“Not much that goes to Grand Kru. Just imagine, I had to get into a canoe to cross to the next city, which could only carry three people, depending on the weight. This is a canoe that was there when I was a little girl and the size of that canoe never changed. It was something I think about and say we need to get a bigger one and I promise to do it for my people.

“This NGO is completely non-political but if the government sees the need to help us, we are open to that. But we will not run behind them for anything,” Mrs. Nimpson said. “However, VCO is open to the public for a donation.”


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