US-based Liberian Contributes US$5K toward Covid-19 Support

Rice donated by Christians United for Stewardship of Liberia

Henry K. Mitchell, a Liberian based in the United States has recently contributed the amount of US$5,000 as humanitarian support to the COVID-19 response in Liberia.  Mitchell is the founder of the Christians United for Stewardship of Liberia (CUSL).

The amount, according to CUSL founder, was used to purchase rice for the benefit of the gallant men and women of the Emergency Response Team (contact tracers) of the Coronavirus Task Force in Liberia and for the benefit of other designated groups in the country.

Through his communication with the organization’s focal person in Liberia, Mitchell said though the amount pales in comparison to the needs at hand, “I am hoping other Liberians at home and the Diaspora will rise to the occasion and do likewise.”

Mitchell, who is a certified public accountant and fraud examiner, said his effort is an attempt to inform the Liberian people that the coronavirus is capable of not only causing massive loss of lives but also has the potential of substantially destroying the economy of a nation.

“Just within three months, the coronavirus has caused 37,300 deaths in the US and had triggered 22 million Americans unemployed. Considering how the US is being humiliated and pummeled by the coronavirus as noted, I am unabashed to conjecture that Mama Liberia has little or no chance in combatting this monster unless every Liberian finds it as a moral obligation to do something about mitigating the spread of the disease,” he added.

He further said: “I am unimpressed and troubled by the fact that Mama Liberia has the highest death rate of 9.21%, even though Mama Liberia’s children are the fewest in the region. This trend, if sustained, reminds me of the Ebola crises of 2014. Mama Liberia sustained the highest death rate in the region, even though she has the lowest population. Are we back on the same trajectory as 2014? I hope not! I am an optimist, and I always see the glass half full. My intuition is that we learned our lessons from the civil and Ebola wars, and we are going to win this coronavirus war with the minimum number of casualties. And the way going forward is to listen to and comply with the advice and directives of our experts. Otherwise, Mama Liberia has no respite in her mourning! Please, this time, let all of us do our part to ensure that Mama Liberia will rest from her pain caused by civil war, Ebola war, and now coronavirus war. And by this, I mean every Liberian at home and the Diaspora commit to a voluntary pledge that each will help the authorities and experts do their part in controlling the number of deaths from this coronavirus war.”

“Finally and for a just cause,” Mitchell said, “I am making a personal designated donation of US$5,000 through and on behalf of the Christians United for Stewardship of Liberia.”

Also speaking to the Daily Observer via mobile phone, the focal person of the association in Liberia, Apostle Amos L. Freeman, who presented the items to the beneficiaries, said the gesture is the organization’s contribution in the wake of the pandemic.

Apostle Freeman said during the distribution of the rice, the COVID-19 Emergency Contact Tracers at the Ministry of Health received 120 bags of rice, Churches United for Stewardship received 120, St. Andrews United Methodist Church also received 8, while Millsburg Lutheran Church received 8.

“So, we have come to present these items on behalf of our founder, Mr. Mitchell, in this time of the global health pandemic,” he said.

Apostle Freeman, who is the national president of the Christians United for Stewardship of Liberia said, the organization considers the donation as a service to humanity as directed by God.

In separate statements, the recipients thanked the organization and its founder for the gesture.


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