Children, Elderly Receive Humanitarian Gesture from SDKQ

Ben Johnson said the gesture was their way of identifying with the less fortunate and the elderly in the wake of the hardship created by COVID-19.

As philonthropic groups and individuals continue their goodwill gesture to vulnerable people in local communities amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the charity organization, Sons and Dauthters-Kings and Queens (SDKQ) has elated scores of children and the elderly in parts of Montserrado County.

The organization, commencing on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, provided food and nonfood items including cooked meal, packaged rice, oil, and locally made face masks to over 200 children and elderly people in Chocolate City in Gardnersville, with the Director Ben Johnson clarifying to the recipients that it was their own gesture because in such a time food is very essential as people are locked down while others are without jobs.

“We are looking at COVID-19 and the lockdown thereof, and decided to provide assistance to the less fortunate. We decided as an organization, instead of just being dormant, to start from somewhere. So, we targeted the children and the elderly,” Johnson said.

Despite the organization’s having items for only 100 people, over two hundred were served and still, dozens of children were sent away because of limited supplies.  This indicates that many are in need and it is imperative that others emulate the SDKQ’s example.

While supplies were in a limited quantity on the day of the first distribution, Johnson assured that the exercise will be extended to several communities in Montserrado County.

“Actually, we are going to carry out this activity in other communities in Montserrado. We will work with the elderly also. We started this whole work in 2017. Our targeted objective is to help the disadvantaged youth, but in the wake of COVID-19, we want to give aid as much as we can to the less fortunate, and our targeted audience is the children and the elderly.”

About SDKQ

SDKQ was founded by star actor and philanthropist, Joe Wooley, to help rehabilitate young people who have fallen victims to drug abuse and other harmful substances.

The organization’s capter in Liberia was founded in 2017 with its main objective to rehabilitate disadvantaged youth suffering drug addiction.

Back in 2017, an assessment done by the organization revealed that there were several disadvantaged youths living in cemeteries in Liberia and are using the bones  of the dead for drug satisfaction.

As a result of this assessment, the organization has planned to embark on a program to get disadvantaged youths from various hangouts and streets across Liberia through the construction of a rehabilitation center that will host several of these youths.

Johnson expressed confidence that with the effort of Wooley and the team in Liberia, the organization will achieve its goals.

“We are confident that through his [Wooley] effort and our effort- the team on the ground, we will be able to raise funds. As we have done little, not much, but we are working towards raising enough funds to be able to do the bigger things.”


  1. In this creatural situation need help all people. Now all are suffering very critical situations because of COVID-19. I also worked in an organization as a voluntary. We provide health care and food like some services for Liberia people. We also want to help poor people. Our main goal is social welfare. So, in this situation, we really want to help. Our Ri’ayah Foundation Inc. also gets first stapes for helping peoples.


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