US-Based Kparblee District Citizens Identify with Nimba Disaster Victims

KPADDA-Liberia officials posed with Rep. Gleekia shortly after presenting the items to relatives of the victims.

Citizens hailing from Kparblee Administrative District in Nimba County, residing in the United States under the banner—Kparblee District Development Association (KDDA), have donated several relief items to victims of mines disaster in Gbanepea, Tappita District—Nimba County, a release has said.

KPADDA chairman in Liberia and Board chairman, Peter S. Karngbaye and Moses Zayee respectively, presented the items to relatives of the victims on behalf of the organization on February 27, 2019 in Monrovia through the office of Nimba County District #6 Representative, Twain Gleekia.

Karngbaye and Zayee decried the appalling situation under which the victims died. They two men said in separate statement that “it was a painful loss of many citizens, and to see the humanitarian crisis created in the aftermath of the disaster.”

According to the two men, “as citizens from the same district, they and their fellows, decided to join efforts in donating to some of the victims and relatives of those who lost their lives.”

Augustus Y. Voahn, chief of office staff to Rep. Gleekia, thanked Kparblee residents, including those in the Diasporas for identifying with their members of their back home.

Voahn said though items the citizens donated might look small in the eyes it is great, “because it will address the food crisis being experienced in the affected communities.”

He used the occasion to explain that besides food crisis, there are other needs, including medicines, safe drinking water and shelters over 30,000 citizens in the area.

Voahn revealed that the recent incident was the second at the mines, the first being in 2018. He said last year’s incident did not claim attentions because it was at a small scale.

“We thought that was the ending, but surprisingly, this happened on February 9,” he said. He further explained that no one knows most of the people buried under the dirt, saying, “people from across Liberia and neighboring countries were in the area due to the discovery of gold deposit.”

It can be recalled that on the February 9, 2019, more than 40 illegal miners died when a mudslide occurred in a village called Gbanepea, near Tappita City, District #6.

Government has since declared the area health emergency due to the pollution of corpses that could be retrieved, with the Disaster Management Agency calling for interventions.

Since then, many organizations and individuals have been identifying with and donating to the affected communities. On this note and being citizens from the same district, the US-based citizens have also come in with donation to augment efforts in addressing the humanitarian crisis in the area.


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