US-based Cape Mountainians to Set up Modern Recording Studio in Cape Mount

Mr. Kemokai: "We want to promote and record all Liberian music, especially when it comes to adding Vai lyrics to it."

— Launches Vai Town Records entertainment in Robertsport  

Following the official launch of the Vai Town Records entertainment in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County; some US-based Cape Mountainians have disclosed plans to establish a modern recording studio in the county.

The studio, when established, will promote and record all Liberian musics especially songs that cotntian the Vai lyrics.

Varney Kemokai, a member of the group speaking to the Daily Observer recently said the reason behind the establishment of the studio is to help make positive impact on upcoming musicians from the county, nurture and help grow their talents.

Mr. Kemokai stated that the initiative is important to the people in the county because music is the fastest way to propagate a nation and drive a project as well as boost the entertainment and tourism sectors.

He further said that the main focus is to promote and encourage talents of the county.

“I’m one of the partners. We will continue to expand the program and one of our biggest dreams is to open a modern recording studio in Cape Mount. We are trying to do much to promote and expose our cultural related music that focuses on Vai or any other tribes in Liberia that is attach to the culture lyrics of music,” he said.

Mr. Kemokai, who is the founder and chief executive officer of Radio Wakolor, a US-based online platform, is one of the brains behind the establishment of Vai Town Records in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.  

He said the project came about because most of the tribal music at the time were not recorded and, as a result, when the artist died, “you can find no record of his or her creative work to be remembered.”

Mr. Kemokai explained: “So, we decided to launch the Vai Town Records organization that will support and provide quality as well as professional work of our musicians in the county. We also intend to promote tourism in Cape Mount through music, which is one of our biggest goals for now, and that is why we launched the Vai Town Records in Robertsport.”

He further explained that the launch of the Vai Town Records will serve as one of the media to reunite the divided residents and citizens of Cape Mount and usher in some level of development to Robertsport through meaningful activities that will put the county back on the map in terms of development and productivity.

Meanwhile, the launch, which took placed recently in Robertsport, was attended by citizens, musicians and traditional dancers including the likes of the county’s popular musician, Taweh G, M and J as well as other artists residing in the County and Montserrado, who showcased their talents respectively.


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