Urey Warns Weah of ‘Dangerous People’ Around Him

ALP standard bearer, Benoni W. Urey

Benoni Urey, the standard bearer of the All Liberian Party (ALP), has warned his opposition counterpart, George Weah of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), to be careful of those around him.

Urey issued the warning yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia when he described Weah as someone who loves Liberia, though the people around him do not.

He said Weah continues to thread his path with some people he described as “the dangerous people in Liberia.” Urey, however, did not name those he called “dangerous people associated with Weah or the CDC.”

Though Urey was not specific about who the ‘people around Weah’ he was referring to, he is on record for earlier stating that he was willing to make sure that “no UP candidate wins a seat in the next government.” Urey is of the belief that the stalwarts of the Unity Party “are wicked people” who “do not love Liberia,” which are among the reasons he said he decided to run for president.

Some of those UP stalwarts have since crossed over to the CDC as new ‘converts’, including Robert Sirleaf, Toga Gayewea McIntosh, Gbezongar Findley and possibly, by implication, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is reportedly identified with the CDC and therefore Weah.

Said a CDC insider, “I am not sure Urey is referring to die hard CDCians who have been with the party since 2005 and therefore his warning is interesting.”

Urey said “anything could happen” during the runoff election and advised Senator Weah not to be surprised. “People must not continue to hurt Liberians while others are urging us to leave it in the name of peace,” he said.

Urey said Liberians must never resort to violence and described the October 10 elections as “the most corrupt one in Liberia and Africa.”

According to Urey, it is important for Weah to speak against violence to ensure that it does not become an issue in the end, adding, “We don’t need violence anymore in Liberia.”

“Weah is a young man and must be careful with some of the people around him. He must talk to his people to remain law abiding because Weah does not want confusion. I hope he will listen to me and know that Liberia comes first,” Urey said.

He said Liberians are peace-loving people and believes that nothing can change that picture during and after the elections.

The ALP standard bearer termed the election irregularities on the part of the National Elections Commission (NEC) as a plan by Jerome G. Korkoya, chairman of the commission, to change the election results, though he did not give evidence of his claim.

“We want to appreciate everyone, irrespective of their political affiliation and role played during these elections. This election will be the most historical election ever in Liberia and Africa, because it remains the most rigged elections,” Urey said.

The ALP leader attributed the irregularities to “the lack of complete voter roll” from the National Elections Commission and the earlier statement made by Korkoya to allow anyone with a voter’s card to vote on October 10.

“At the end, nothing will happen to authorities of the NEC and the commission in the wake of all these irregularities, but Counselor Korkoya and his family will pay in the future. This is the most rigged election in Africa; I challenge anyone to say Urey got only 25,000 votes,” Urey said.

He noted that the ALP had raised some of the irregularities, which are now being confirmed by local and international observers as well as the NEC, since the onset of the elections.

After signing the Farmington Peace Accord, Urey said President Sirleaf invited him and other presidential candidates to the Foreign Affairs Ministry on a particular Sunday, where he reminded her of her obligation to ensure that the election is free, fair and transparent.

“I also told those in attendance that have been in the vanguard to ensure that Liberians have peaceful elections. The ALP also raised some of the concerns coming from the people regarding the elections; and the President promised to look into the matters, which she never did,” Urey said.

Meanwhile, the ALP boss has called on authorities of the Liberia National Police to immediately launch an investigation into the saga involving Talk Show Host Henry P. Costa and some CDC supporters. It may be recalled that Costa claimed that some partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of Senator George Weah attacked him last Tuesday, which the CDC has denied in a position statement.

The CDC instead alleged that Costa attempted to extort US$15,000 from Senator Weah, which Costa has also rejected as false.


  1. Urey is foolish. If the UP People-McIntosh, Tyler, Findley, Robert Sirleaf and Ellen or the NPP People are dangerous, then why don’t you announce support for Boakai? Urey is helping the dangerous if he refuses to endorse Boakai. CDCians just attacked Henry Costa, so what else does Weah need?

  2. Urey is still Charles Taylor’s right hand man and he knows all the secrets of Charles Taylor’s NPP and Taylor’s wife. Urey knows exactly what he is talking about. The NPP will take over the CDC in a very short time and enforce Taylor’s agenda. I think Urey knows this is the plan.

  3. i think u are saying the truth comrade, i think Urey knows this is the plan they are waiting for comrade, we are not stupid in Liberia.

  4. Urey stood at the airport with tears in his eyes when Charles Taylor was Taylor was leaving Liberia permanently forever and ever and now he’s got the audacity to call others dangerous? Yeah right

  5. Fellow Liberians – at least you have read what some of us have been saying all along.
    Joseph Boakai is the most qualified candidate in the coming election, electing him will bring peace, prosperity and civility to the entire Liberian population.
    There is saying that goes like this: “show me your friend and I will tell who you are”.
    All of George Weah’s friends are criminals, including Charles Taylors (convicted and in prison), James Best (convicted and in prison), Accarius Grey (Charged of vehicle theft – still in the streets of Monrovia), Jewel Howard (Criminal facilitation – standard bearer) and the list goes on.
    Why would the Liberian people want to elect a man like George Weah?

  6. Those crossovers are deployable and Mr. Acarous Gray and Mulbah are fools to the core. Why do you fools allow Robert Sirleaf you called Robertta is now allow in your so-called in waiting administrators for Liberians.
    I am only sorry that a man that I have so much respect for(Wilson Tarpeh)is caught up in deplorable party call Corrupt Deplorable Cohort

  7. I am not in Liberia, but just to comment on these narratives above. Those that are leaving other parties to join CDC are not original CDCians. I know Morlu left UP because he did not aligned with UP it’s policies and the way things were handled.

    No, need for fear sisters and brothers of Liberia. Leadership has No manual to follow in order to lead….That wisdom comes from God Almighty.. George M. Weah needs a team around him…..to lead Liberia.

    Leadership is about the impacts of New Ideas not the recircle of old rotten ideas that had engulfed our society and people for 140 plus years with no benefits to the Liberian people….

    People like Urey claiming about wickedness, where was he when he and Taylor killed innocent Liberians with no justice? Shame on them….But Liberians are ready to develop their nation, Liberia.

    • You lie my friend. There are manuals and plenty of it for leadership in every shade of organizations including nations, businesses, boys scout, girls guide, football, basketball and even clueless people like you. So get with the program buddy and stop misleading others. Thank you.

  8. May God save Liberia and her children. Because when it’s all said and done, Liberians voted for who they wanted; Regardless of who everyone independently wanted. The country will have to live with its choices for a long time. Everyone has to keep in mind that whatever damage is done to that country during the presidency of any chosen candidate will not only last for the time they are there. It will last for generations. If the international community is nervous about the CDC affiliations with J. H. Taylor, then we show be nervous also. A hint to the wise… In this runoff coming up in November, the question is not who is best for Liberia. We are pass that now with UP and CDC. The question has be come who is the lesser of 2 evils. Consider that when you cast your ballots Sr brothers and sisters….Thomas crown review.

  9. yes! I agree with Mr. Urey. Ambassador Weah needs to be careful with some of those people around him. Mr. weah has a good agenda to move our beloved country forward, but he needs to take into consideration the kru proverb that says:” Wloh se tablah yon dela kpoh ti”. {THE HEART IS NOT A TABLE TO EAT ON}.

  10. Apart from heading a political party, Ben Urey doesn’t bite his tongue; so if he had beans to spill, they would’ve been all over the place. Let’s stop the second – guessing.

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  12. If what Benoni Urey said is true that, the people around Weah who crossed from UP and
    in the coalition its are wicked people; forgetting to know Weah’s wicked heart, when he
    in 2005 went to Nigeria to Obassanjo to receive US$3 million bribe to withdraw from that
    elections while his team of leaders were in the Supreme Court of Liberia simply because
    he Weah won the first round but the US$3million dollars became more important to him
    Weah than his country and supporters, then it is a serious challenge to the Liberian people
    to use their voting power to change things around!

  13. P. Allison Tarlue, Sr. October 28, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    If what Benoni Urey said is true that, the people around Weah who crossed from UP and
    in the CDC coalition itself are wicked people; forgetting to know Weah’s wicked heart, when he
    in 2005 went to Nigeria to Obassanjo to receive US$3 million bribe to withdraw from that
    elections while his team of leaders were in the Supreme Court of Liberia simply because
    he Weah won the first round but the US$3million dollars became more important to him
    Weah than his country and supporters, then it is a serious challenge to the Liberian people
    to use their voting power to change things around for better. This then land well with
    a saying that: “The devil you have is better than the angel whom you have not seen!”

  14. Please this is not 100% done Deed for Weaqh camp…

    I am confident of UP second round win: Break down..
    Boakai (UP) will win these counties by greater margin:
    1) Nimba County (Reason… PYJ betrayed the people of Nimba to promote his own financial gain. PYJ went to Nigeria with Weah to collect his pseudo sale payout. Nimba VOTES ARE NOT FOR SALE!
    2) Lofa County
    3) Cape Mount
    3) Magibi County
    4) Barpolue County
    4) Boaika will win Boima County
    5) Boakai will make huge gain in vote in Mountserrado, Magee & Bong Counties

    I feel confident of UP win.

    Weah and others are not fit to rule Liberia… their main intend is to take your money.. Look at the people around him they are all crooks, criminal and thugs. Liberian hear me loud and clear vote Boaikai and ask your friends, coworkers and neighbors to vote UP; God bless Liberia and its people


  15. Ladies and gentlemen, having read all of your insights, many of you have very good ideas but let not hang each other. If you were to earned $50,000. as a poor man, I’m sure you would try to manage that $50,000. What more about earning $93,000,000 and unable to manage the money as a poor man. This is what your next president did.
    Let me just ask this questions, let someone please tell me, in order to cross over to a party, what is that individual beliefs system is? If I am a Republican, in order for me to cross over to Democrat, shouldn’t my belief system changed? some things must have made change my beliefs or just don’t like that party any longer.
    Shame on Liberia, these criminals shouldn’t have never been allowed to run for public office in the 1st place.
    I just left Liberia a week ago, was fearful of my life, so I had to leave.
    The majority of young people are not informed, have no idea what they are voting for. The system has failed them and can not wait any longer. I traveled a crossed the country, It a shame on us to boast about Liberia. We have nothing( no roads, no hospital, and drinking water).
    This is the 21st century, can you afford to have a president that is unable to read, write and articulate in simple ENGLISH? If any one failed in a grade two times, three times, that individual is considered as dull. I personally considered this individual dull, though God gave him a gift, to play soccer(football) and he did.


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