Urey Urges President Weah to Make Peace with VP Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

The Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey has sent a piece of advice to President George Weah to settle the administrative rift between him and his Vice President as he (Urey) says such is not a “good behavior of a real man.”

“Humble yourself, there is nothing to fight about. Jewel is a lady. Usually, real men don’t fight women and so President Weah has to leave this one,” said Urey.

Since taking the helm of national leadership on January 22, 2018, following an indisputable victory at the polls, the relationship between the two highest officials of the country has been observed to be less-than -cordial.  Earlier, the President at one point accused his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor, of making trips outside of the country without informing his office — something that the Vice President admitted to and made a public apology on state radio.  In recent days, however, the Vice President, who has for some time been in silence and rarely seen in public places, wrote the Senate, which she she presides over as President, that she would not attend the opening of that august body’s 3rd-Sitting on grounds that the Executive, headed by the President of Lberia, had denied her of benefits, thus strangulating the functions of her office.  She went further to state that her vehicles were without gasoline and, therefore, she would not be in attendance at the opening of the 3rd-Sitting.

Since VP Taylor wrote the Senate and that upper body of the Legislature said it would investigate, it remains unclear whether any such investigation was conducted, or any attempt made to resolve the matter. Meanwhile, the Vice President is now using her National Patriotic Party (NPP) vehicle for official duty instead of her official vehicle.

In his comment relating to the less-than-cordial relation between the two highest public officials, Mr. Urey said: “Liberian people do not want a situation where the President and Vice President will be at loggerhead in the country. It’s unfortunate that this situation has presented itself in such a manner.”

President Weah has on numerous occasions described himself as ‘Feminist-in-Chief’, leaving Liberians in doubt of his resolve to settle the apparent friction between him and his Vice President, who is also a women’s rights advocate.

Mr. Urey indicated that the continued rivalry between President Weah and Vice President Howard-Taylor does not bode well for the government and people of Liberia. Urey presumed that the President is acting on advice from those around him.

“President Weah has to distinguish between his likeness for someone and a Constitutional matter. He might not like the Vice President, but it’s her Constitutional Right to get what belongs to her as a constitutionally elected Vice President of the Republic of Liberia,” he added.

“We the Liberian people are not happy with this saga and he must solve it now. This confusion must stop now. If there is a problem between him and the VP, he must go to her to settle it,” Urey emphasized.


  1. Benoni Urey, you just shut up your roguish, criminal, and corrupt murderous mouth! If you think President George Manneh Weah is the political dwarf you are, and not the political giant he is on both the national stage, and the sub regional stages, as well as the international and global stages, or that Jewel Howard Taylor is the political trollop Sando Johnson, you are just really insane and extremely stupid,

  2. Urey is a real silly hypocrite. Urey, how can you you say former VP Joseph Boakai is a good and experience man fit to be President of a country when this very Joseph Boakai while serving as VP to a woman kept 17 malicious and bitter grudges against the very woman to the extent that he Boakai would not be on speaking terms with the woman the President even in the public! Is such behavior on the part of Joseph Boakai the “good behavior of a real man”????????????????

  3. My sister Kou, you have reminded about this Urey and his thievery and hypocrisy. So I am pasting the below about the very Urey and the very Boakai.

    ”In a Facebook post, Konneh, a staunch stalwart of the erstwhile ruling Unity Party, disclosed that the former VP had a list of 17 grievances against his former boss – Madam Sirleaf – which hardened his heart to forgive her.

    “Most of us who attempted to reconcile the two of them were shocked by the list of 17 grievances that JNB had written down, and kept in his home office. I attempted five times, and he read that list to me each time. Others did too and failed. All of the issues were personal; some genuine and others frivolous to say the least,” Mr. Konneh said about Mr. Boakai.

    Konneh added that former president Sirleaf became stunned when she got to know about the list, and could not believe that her VP “had been unhappy with her all these years.”

    I remember this headline below well in 2017 in THE PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE..

    Former President Sirleaf
    and her
    V.P. Joe Boakai
    (Not on speaking terms)

    Just two days ago Benoni Urey said this about Joseph Boakai ..;;“Joe Boakai [Unity Party] is the most experience person to become president’ of Liberia”

    So Urey, with such uncivilized, immoral, indecent, and a savage behavior on the part of Boakai, is that what you claim is ”A GOOD BEHAVIOR OF A REAL MAN”? urey is on supporting boakai because boakai is a fool and a corrupt old man as him Urey a notorious rogue!

  4. Amazing how we cannot stick to issues, but insist on ad hominem attacks on people’s characters without a shred of evidence to support our claims. But this is Liberia, where the only evidence needed is to say, “everybody knows this.” God God help us all.

    • what evidence do you need idiot. she stated in the presence of the senate that she is being mistreated. Please tell me you did not graduate from Wells Hairston

  5. Who is this Urey a gun runner that supplied Taylor’s Civil Wars that collectively killed over 200,000 Liberians, stole $50 million of the Liberian money from “Liserve” under the maritime program, can now claim to be a moral leader to question anyone about what they can and cannot do. This bitch should shut up and be in jail and throw the keys away. He’s the one now trying to hide under an inept and feeble Boakai who has no vision and has done nothing for his own people. After the 50 years in government, can someone show me a single thing school, clinic, wheel barrel, anything that Boakai has done for his people, his own hometown?

    If Liberia must be detached from the ignorant, illiterate, ground break, ground break, womanizing, getting high, can talk, stealing gasoline government of George Weah, it will do itself a favor to reboot and start from scratch. Liberia needs a new start with nothing from the old including Ellen leftovers to survive or it is done.

    No lying about being road doctor or road medicine will do anything to revive Liberia. It is all lies and a cheap way to fool the people.

  6. Assuming that Benoni Urey is all that his detractors portray him to be, is it still not proper that he proffers suggestions on how to resolve governance challenges such as the much talked about rift between the President and Vice President?

  7. It’s time we stop calling people names because if you look around Africa, you will see that we’re falling behind the other countries. While they’re developing, our country is moving backward. The west is calling Liberia a failure and our president has not yet been able to visit the White House while other African leaders are paying state visit to the United States. A source of mine at the state department who happens to have a Liberian mother and an American father told me things about how the American government view our president and it was not something that I was amazed to hear.

  8. how can you convince investors when there is a rift between the prezo and the vice prezo? Liberia is a divided nation bound for disaster. get rid of all of those in government and start anew. the petty things that i see in Weah remind me of my sister in kindergarten.

  9. In recent weeks, Benoni Urey may have experienced an epiphany. In and of itself, a change of heart or mind is not nefarious. Sometimes, a change comes through introspection. Sometimes a change occurs through Devine intervention. Example, on the road to Damascus, an educated Pharisee named Saul experienced an epiphany. Saul’s change occurred by way of Devine intervention! As matters relate to Urey, I haven’t heard the name “Jesus” in his mouth in recent weeks. If any change has occurred in Urey’s life recently, it is not Devine. But I detect a change in Urey!

    Urey seems to have a problem with Alexander Cummings. A year ago when the CPP merged into one, Urey was a tagged team member of , Cummings, Boaka and the rest of them. That seems not to be the case this time. That’s because (according to reliable information) the CPP or CoP is not speaking with one voice. Now, you would think that the best Urey could do would be to fix things within their caucus. But that isn’t what Urey is up to. Rather, Urey is interested in forming alliances within the caucus. To an extent, Urey has succeeded. Example, Urey has found a common ground with Boakai. Urey thinks that Boskai is more seasoned politically than the firebrand rabble-rouser Alexander Cummings. Urey’s musings impacts Cummings in so many negative ways. It’s obvious because Cummings is really unhappy. Cummings had hoped that he would be chosen to challenge Weah in 2023 without preconditions. Although Cummings will challenge Weah (God willing) in 2023, that is not how Cummings had hoped the challenge would be. There is bad blood within their caucus. There are some people who will challenge what’s been said. It’s okay though. Sometimes, some people become uncomfortable when the truth has been told. The bottom line is this…..an internal brawl within the CPP or CoP is good news for Weah…..it increases Weah’s potency.

    The Urey Peace Plan:
    I see the mediation effort of Urey differently. I strongly believe that it is incumbent upon each of us to extend a genuine olive branch. I don’t know what Urey’s intentions are. But if he’s mediating genuinely between Weah and VP Jewel Taylor, it’s all good. The only problem that I have with Urey’s peace plan is that the plan is one-sided. Urey blames Weah instead of blaming both of them simultaneously. Example, Urey states that Weah should “humble yourself, Jewel is a lady”. That’s not too smart! It’s unkind to tell the president “humble yourself” especially when you’re delivering a peace plan. Urey’s choice of words are not the best. We all know that Jewel Taylor is a female. Weah knows that.

    I applaud Urey for attempting to meditate. But being one-sided is negative.


  10. Hney, that fool Urey has no good intentions. He is simply fantasizing that he is playing politics. Beccause the Liberian people have not YET thrown his backside behind bars for his crimes of stealing and murder, he stupidly believes the Liberian people are stupid and corrupt as him Urey and corrupt Boakai whom he Urey is using as some stooge, tool, or fool.

    Can Urey or anyone compare or equate the FIERY MALICE AND BITTERNESS which the then VP Joseph Boakai grudgingly harbored for years against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf with whatever disagreement may have transpired between President Weah and VP Jewel Howard? No.

    If Urey is or were a decent man or a wise man and has any good intentions in what he is saying now, he would have said in 2017 what he is saying here now about ”“good behavior of a real man.” INSTEAD OF HIM UREY THEN FANNING THE HATRED FIRE OF THEN VP Jospeh Boakai against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

  11. Okay Mr. Freedom To Be Blunt,
    You know those scoundrels better than me. I was thinking maybe Urey is attempting to make peace between Weah and Jewel Taylor. I tell you the truth, I have no respect for Urey. I am not one of his followers. I mean never in my dream. I don’t know what’s wrong with those so-called politicians. Maybe they’re not politicians, but rather buffoons.

  12. My ire is sometimes really provoked when people get contemptuous about some real Liberian patriots we should be hailing for their altruistic gestures. Do we just want to verbose or do we mean the adjectives we sometimes sarcastically employ on people of virtues?
    I hope to get an answer one day but dear internauts, let me just define some words used by a great and respectable Liberian comrade on the ANC leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings:
    Firebrand: means a person who is very passionate about a particular cause.
    Rabble-rouser: means a person who speaks with the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd of people, typically for political reasons.

    Dear internauts,
    From the article above, it is clear that another political leader, Benoni Urey, by means of press, is making proposal to the Liberian government to disinfect the polluted political climate with VP Taylor. What has Cummings done or said here to merit these qualificatives?

    In the USA, the Democrats and the Republicans collaborate on many issues. It doesn’t mean they have the same philosophical or political beliefs.
    A coalition of political parties does not equally mean there are shared political views or values. Cooking crab, crab fish and fish in the same pot doesn’t mean they have the same nutrients.

    We understand many people would do all they can to discredit the altruism of Alexander B. Cummings, one of the few public figures I personally hold in very high esteem. Is it because they are afraid of him bringing human capital and infrastructure development to the country they love so dearly?
    I think we should be proud and happy to have the Liberian Trump, Alexander B Cummings. Since the brutal killing of Tolbert, we could restart sustainable development for generations to come. It will benefit neither one ethnic group nor a given region but the country in its entirety.

    The agitations of some people against the Weah’s administration stem from real love for Liberia. We are being mocked everywhere around the world for voting an unlettered president. Can’t we see that the guy is practically not received in most capitals considered closed allies of Liberia?
    Once upon a time on planet earth, ever since civilization, Liberia was the ONLY country with a president who used to close his office to attend class. This norm still exists nowadays in Liberia where is it commonplace for one to close his office to attend classes at the UL yet we hope to get a GDP of 4%. Why can’t we stay a student or take extra courses at night or through correspondence to build our skills instead of taking up a permanent daytime job?
    Are we proud to hear our president was warned to never flip flop at night in and out a of foreign capital like a kangaroo?
    I am ashamed to have a president with no plans at all for the major development apparatus.

    Let’s stop the character assassination game and rally around a leader to lead us through prosperity for ourselves and generations unborn.
    Weah can NEVER lead Liberia to development. He has been and will continue to rule Liberia with tyranny. No miracles can be performed under his rulership, let’s stop dreaming and wake up from our slumber.

    No more war!

  13. Liberian Trump? Oh please give me enough room to breathe Mr. Apologist.

    Be thick-skinned buddy. Your man is a firebrand and a rabble-rouser. No pun intended at all. By those definitions which were thought through, Cummings is an embodiment of everything the dictionary has told you. Cummings speaks well, but not everyone gets turned on when he speaks. Yes, by God’s grace we will ultimately meet. But you’re my Jr. brother. When we meet on a coconut plantation, you will climb in order to drop the coconuts to the ground. Okay!

    • Sure, I will not stand by and see you climb up the tree for me. I will do it for you as senior brother.

      The point is that the guy is making people afraid. You want to corrupt him even before time but that’s a big losing battle.
      He’s very sparing on words with beautiful plans for Liberia.
      When the hurricane goes through uprooting everything in its path, the ground stands still. Cummings will stand still despite the agitations.

      Yes, He will be our Trump on our economy. He can put Liberians to work, revamp the educational system, build beautiful roads and open the country to direct foreign investments.

      Mr. Bility, sorry for your disappointment. I agree with you 100% that we are deviating from the topic.
      What I don’t understand is that people always try to involve Cummings in topics that have nothing to do with him.
      Urey is advising the government to iron up its differences with the VP and yet Cummings is being blamed here again as firebrand rabble-rouser. Do you think it’s fair?

      Cummings will surely be the next president of Liberia. If you have any qualms with this reality, start settling the differences with him now.

      No more war!

    • Allow me to just say something to my senior brother Hney. I strongly believe in my political convictions. I did not study politics, but I have learned to closely follow up on politicians who can deliver on promises. My political instants are never wrong.

      During the Republican primary in 2016, after the first debates, I was of the conviction that Trump was going to win the nomination, and he did win.
      Challenged by the mainstream media favorite Hilary Clinton, I was still convinced he was going to be the next president. In my entourage and family, everyone thought I was crazy, but I stood my ground until that fateful early morning hour when my eyes were now burning with sleep to see Florida fall to him. Then I knew he had won and switched off my TV set to get some sleep.
      By the way, be informed that because I believed in his foreign policy, I chipped into his campaign. To date, I receive all his newsletters.

      My conviction about Cummings becoming the next president of Liberia is total. I will chip into it and will physically be involved in the hamlet-to-hamlet, village-to-village, town-to-town and city-to-city campaign.
      My God NEVER denies me of what my heart desires. Take note!

  14. This is strawman way of argument. From VP Taylor and Weah, straight to former VP and former President. How can you people argue without sticking to the issue?
    But because you people don’t want to accept the sound advice from Mr. Urey to President Weah.

  15. Is the below statement not Gender Discrimination?
    “Jewel is a lady. Usually, real men don’t fight women and so President Weah has to leave this one,”

    I will always present myself as one of those who have learned well (25+years) and want to serve his country.
    Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillsets can move our country to the industrial world.

    I have not seen the “needed” resume from any of those so called political groups that can move Liberia forward.
    Liberian do not even know what a clean drinking water is? They largely drink sewage or Toilet waters?
    Liberian do not even know what sanitation is?
    Lots of Liberian believe that high school dropout is the best way to go?
    Do Liberian believe in Know-Hows, Trade, good economy (kwee job creation) which requires Training/school (book)?

    We are waiting to serve our nation. We hope this is the last turn?

    God bless us.

  16. So Urey have become a mouthpiece for Her excll. Jewel Howard Taylor. So saddened to say in this manner after he had neglected the party that brought him to glory today. Wickedly distance himself from his former boss party even his entire family for sake of protecting his stolen wealth. The former senator could just remains in her senatorial position where independent and free will is practice. By virtue of command lines, VP shouldn’t even be public eye catching. This unacceptable attitudes has been sided with because we are practicing democracy. I have the strong believe that most of us don’t even know the US VP name up to presence. These are some of the reasons villain leaders got raids of their deputies those day. I am not merely saying that those heinous crimes should be replicated, but it is prudent that the VP should understands her role in regard with hierarchical command-line for the sake of peace harmony.

  17. Brother Dolo,
    The fact that you felt Trump would win after his first debate with Hillary Clinton does not mean Cummings will win because you feel that way about him.

    Secondly, you always say the worst things about Weah. Do you think it is fair to blast Weah out of the water negatively? If you want Cummings to be left alone, cool off on Weah.

  18. Benoni Urey. Leave them alone please. VP Taylor needs her job so she has no problem with being humiliated. she was used by Weah for votes now she is not needed because she is not CDC. she is an intelligent woman if she cant figure out that she was used like a political prostitute then that is her business.

  19. You want to feel sorry for the VP Jewel Howard Taylor? why dont you feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands of people that were killed while she was sleeping in the executive mansion. DID SHE FEEL SORRY FOR THE VICTIMS OF HER MURDEROUS HUSBAND? DID SHE TELL HIM TO STOP KILLING INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN? Nobody gives a damn about JHT.


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