‘Let’s Remove This Corrupt System’ -Urey

(From left) ALP Vice standard bearer Duopue and standard bearer Urey uplift their hands to the cheering of their supporters at the 2nd National Convention in Ganta, Nimba County

ALP standard bearer selects a son of Nimba as running mate

Presidential aspirant Benoni Urey did not show any sympathy to the ruling Unity Party when he told partisans of his All Liberian Party (ALP) to join hands to remove the “corrupt system” from power.

In his acceptance speech after he was endorsed as the standard-bearer at the party’s 2nd national convention in Ganta on July 7 and 8, he called on Liberians to deny the Unity Party any chance to continue leading the country.

“The UP government is the most corrupt government in Liberian history,” he said. “We do not want a government that will turn our boys and girls into prostitutes.” He, however, did not give further details about his claim.

He noted that “This government has abused us for 12 years, divided us and failed to reconcile us.”

Mr. Urey said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been living like someone displaced for 12 years because of her failure to have completed the renovation work of the Executive Mansion, where he claimed, US$20m has been spent in vain.

He told jubilant partisans that he did not want to be president for riches, rather “I want to move the country forward by taking the government resources from Monrovia to the interior.”

He said his government will create an environment where the poor will become rich, where the Christian and the Muslim can live together and where the country’s traditions will be respected.

Mr. Urey said his government will ensure that 60% of the country’s revenues will be left for county development funds and will ensure equal rights for all Liberians.

This 2nd national convention was held under the theme “Let’s get Liberia Working.”  He said, “We want to change Liberia, where all Liberians will get on board for rapid development.”

The ALP convention in Ganta coincided with Unity Party standard bearer Joseph Boakai’s weeklong visit to Nimba.

Nonetheless, the ALP pulled great numbers of partisans, and many said the crowd at the ALP convention was beyond their expectation.

To the joy of thousands of partisans, Urey named a son of Nimba County, Mr. Alexander Duopue as his running mate. Though Mr. Duopue is not popularly known in Nimba, his father, the late Moses Duopue, was a prominent citizen of Nimba, a revolutionary, who was an adviser to the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) military government of the late Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe.

The late Moses Duopue, was from Tappita District, Zohnghain Town and he was allegedly killed at the Gborplay Base of the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia headed by former Charles G. Taylor.

With Duopue’s son emerging as running mate to Urey, the ALP gets a boost but the move could divide Nimba politically, according to political observers here.

Mr. Duopue, in his keynote address, said he is standing on the shoulders of the great fallen sons or heroes of Nimba, including General Thomas Quiwonkpa, David Duayen, Jackson Doe, Eugene Kidua, among others, as well as his father, to bring light to darkness.

Mr. Duopue expressed how humble and grateful he was for “such confidence to be reposed in me to be part of the team.” He said the ALP leadership will restore the hope of Liberians, by improving education, providing better healthcare and also improving on the terrible road conditions throughout the country.

The government of the ALP will lead the people diligently, and people will once again trust their leaders, Mr. Duopue said.

Earlier when he arrived in the city, hundreds of partisans chanted along his route, “We want Urey, we want Urey, No More UP, US rate is too high.” They lined the main street of Ganta and almost brought the city to a standstill. There were scores of placards bearing pictures of Mr. Urey.

Upon their arrival, the ALP held a musical festival to welcome its delegates and all sympathizers to the convention where nearly all Liberian musicians were present at the Methodist Gym to entertain the audience.

Vice standard bearer Duopue started his education at the St. Mary’s Catholic School in Duala, Bushrod Island, Monrovia.  In 1983, he attended the Kwendin Vocational Training Center (KVTC), Nimba County, where he graduated from secondary education and earned a WAEC Certificate and Diploma. He traveled to the United States and attended the Barringer Annex in Newark, New Jersey. He is also a 1998 graduate of the University of Liberia where he earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Accounting majoring in Economics. He also earned a Master of Science degree (MSc) in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Strayer University, U.S.A. in 2007 and 2009.





  1. Mr Urey, we should be committed to change instead of making mere statement without having genuine intention. I’m of the strong conviction that there will be a runoff in the October Elections so if Mr. Urey will be honest to support any opposition party that will come second in the first round then it will be great decision and an outstanding commitment to get rid of this failed and corrupt Unity Party government. Liberia have to move forward with leaders who are forward-thinking and with great visions for transformation of the country. VP Bokai and the Unity party have nothing new to offer this country but intent to continue with the same massive corruptions, no safe drinking water, messy education,poor health sector, Bad roads connecting the country, nepotism and 80% Unemployment. Those who are endorsing Bokai want to continue with this kind of bad governance where there will be no transparency and accountability in the government .

  2. Urey was a prominent member of Charles Taylor’s government- corrupt and murderous people. They were instrumental in murdering many Liberians and stealing money. Now he wants to be President? Liberian people must be stupid.

  3. look my people of liberia when you read the bible you will see that to vote is not of jesus christ why because the apostles of jesus christ did not vote they cast lot for the new apostle.so if something happen after then you should know it is because of the vote

    • Mr. Apostle: saide : So casting lot is not voting? Hmmm. All I know is that we better vote the right person in office. 99% of these candidates are corrupt or stained with blood. Only Cummings is the voice of reason and has global leadership and corporate know how to bring Liberia to where it should be.

  4. The removal of this corrupt elite headed by Joe Boakai and his running mate Emmanuel Nuquay who served as PR man for Abi joudi and his Farmington Hotel given 30 years to not pay taxes should be the goal for the opposition proper. Joseph Boakai and Emmanuel Nuquay are BAD NEWS FOR LIBERIA.


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