Urey in Defense of former Defense Minister Samukai


Following Supreme Court’s ruling

Even though it is not clear or cannot easily be predicted where else this case can go to revert the high court’s ruling, the former chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey, is defending former Defense Minister and Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie Samukai, that the Armed Forces of Liberia’s pension money for which he (Samukai) is charged to pay was ordered used by the former Commander-in-Chief of the AFL, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Early this week the Supreme Court, the highest court and final arbiter of justice, ruled in the case between the Government of Liberia and former Minister Samukai by upholding the ruling by Criminal Court ‘C’ last year that Mr. Samukai should restitute over US$1,147,656.35 used from the AFL pension money that Samukai says was used on the orders of his boss, former President Sirleaf.  The Supreme Court went further to warn Samukai that if 50% of the said amount cannot be paid in six months, he would be incarcerated until full payment is made.

Reacting for the first time on behalf of the victorious CPP’s Senator-elect, Mr. Urey explained on the Costa Show online platform that “This was not money someone personally took to use for his personal interest but on the order of his boss, the former President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to facilitate the deployment of a peacekeeping contingent to Mali and that the former Defense Minister should not be held liable for an action ordered by his superior who is also the Commander-in-Chief.”

Mr. Urey explained further that the money in question came when former President Sirleaf made a commitment to member states of the regional grouping, ECOWAS, that Liberia, having enjoyed the peacekeeping gesture of other countries, would participate in peacekeeping missions by contributing a contingent in Mali.  The CPP chairman emeritus and ALP political leader said after making this commitment during the ECOWAS meeting in Monrovia in 2017, former President Sirleaf acknowledged that the government did not have money to facilitate the venture, and therefore Minister Samukai should withdraw the amount used from the AFL pension scheme to use so that it can be reimbursed later.

According to Mr. Urey, President Sirleaf duly informed current President George Weah about the transaction, and he consented that his administration would pay the money.

He then wondered why will these pieces of information not contested by the two heads-of-state be provided and yet the Supreme Court will pass a guilty verdict against Senator-elect Samukai for an action that did not benefit him directly, stressing, “Is it because he belongs to the CPP and has won the Lofa senatorial seat?”

The Supreme Court’s ruling came shortly after the National Elections Commission (NEC) had finally declared Mr. Samukai one of the winning candidates in the December 8 Special Senatorial Election following the hearing of some electoral disputes brought out by his (Samukai) main rival, Joseph Jallah.

Since the verdict, different reactions for and against the Supreme Court’s ruling have emerged.  In one quarter, those in favor of the verdict claim that the step is a great one against corruption and misuse of public funds.  At the same time, others like ALP political leader Urey feel that it is a clever way of demeaning and strangulating Brownie Samukai because he won the senatorial seat on an opposition ticket.  Many radio callers and social media users contend that Mr. Samukai acted on the orders of his boss and former Commander-in-Chief.

Still, others are of the view that the government is partial in its approach to “Fighting corruption” because Montserrado County District #15 Representative Abu Kamara allegedly misappropriated public funds at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, but has not been prosecuted by the government.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    You are defending what was done wrongly, and not expressing an opinion. It is fair to say that you were not brought up rightly. It is fair to say that. You weren’t brought up rightly. Expressing an opinion is far from defending a wrongful act.

  2. The Senator-elect Hon Brownie Samukai isn’t a rookie in government therefore should’ve protected himself by demanding a letter from the Minister of State on behalf of EJS before taking such a big risk of using pension funds for peacekeeping. Voters in Lofa County elected the former minister to the Senate; let him pay amount demanded to stay out of jail, and serve his people. A telling moral of this case: National Security principals and personnel must not obey unlawful orders even from a sitting President. The Nuremberg trial of Hitler’s henchmen drove that lesson home.

    • I almost never agree with on any issue, but on this issue, I can’t agree more. How could Samukai who had been in government for 12 years claim that EJS told him to use the funds without any letter from the President? Either he’s dumb or just lying to protect his ass. Not convincing! Albeit, there is a tendency in Liberia to blindly execute orders from high-level officials whether such orders are legal or nor. For example, any official can order the Police to arrest someone, and the cops will oblige even if they know it’s against the law. It’s a lawless country…

    • Mr. Moses, unless one believes that

      (1) Samukai, in order to forestall and or incinerate the risk or cost of been held criminally liable viz his thought, decision, and action, to FAKE the ”the unrelated expenditure ” FOR HIS SAMUKAIS PERSONAL GAIN, he Samukai the now convicted criminal should have

      (2) used a letter from the Minster of State AS A PLOY to carry out his embezzlement of the ”UNRELATED EXPENDITURE”, THEN AND ONLY THEN, an additional authorizing letter or additional authority from the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs may have been necessary.

      Samukai is just a guy with a corrupt mindset! Did you not hear or read what Samukai was caught on tape saying to Ellen Cockrum about how corruption is the norm for an official of government under that government???

      The fact that some would believe that the election win of a notoriously corrupt former official (or even non notoriously corrupt official) should supplant, nullify, and render null and void, the incarceration and or restitution of the very notoriously corrupt convicted criminal former official smells in the heavens and even in hell!

      We do not blame Samukai, corrupt Urey, and his bribed editors and reporters to be mocking the nation by inter alia furtively trying to fraudulently and recklessly use former President Sirleaf, the criminal Court, and the Supreme Court as scapegoats ( eg.How Will the Korkpor Bench Explain Itself?)!

      We blame the courts which IN THEIR UNWARRANTED OVER LENIENCY have treated this felonious culpability as a misdemeanor, hence bizarrely handed down a verdict of the convicted criminal having an option between restitution and incarceration, when the both should have been imposed simultaneously.

      • We do not blame Samukai, corrupt Urey, and his bribed editors and reporters to be mocking the nation by inter alia furtively trying to fraudulently and recklessly use former President Sirleaf, the criminal Court, and the Supreme Court as scapegoats ( eg.How Will the Korkpor Bench Explain Itself?) TO JUSTIFY THEIR EDITORIAL AND REPORTORIAL CATO AND CAFU FROM SAMUKAI.

  3. Mr. Benoni Wilfred Urey, like any other high-power, financial and economic criminal, come what may, is also on record of using the war planned, financed, and transported to Liberia on December 24, 1989-2003, to literally rob Liberia and the people of Liberia with impunity. What else is new about his support for Mr. Samukai?

    I repeat, unless Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government, terminates Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, and Nathaniel F. McGill, Liberia’s Ministers of Justice, Finance, and State for Presidential Affairs, and firmly instructs the office of Solicitor General, staffed by independent and competent prosecutors, revisit the Reports of the General Auditing Commission (GAC), indict, prosecute, convict and sentence Liberians charged for committing financial and economic crimes in Liberia, irrespective of those listed and named in the the Reports of GAC, the Ureys, the Sirleafs and other powerful people known for robbing and knowingly committing Property Theft and Economic Sabotage, will fearlessly putting Liberia’s safety and security at risk, with impunity.

    Like Mr. J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dorkor, nearly all financial and economic criminal and their associates, will congregate and take membership in the CPP in the name of conducting political and liberation business.

    As guilty as Mr. J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dorkor are, so Mr. Benoni Wilfred Urey, is also guilty of Financial and Economic Crimes in Liberia reigning from December 24, 1989-2003. If not indicted, arrested, and swiftly prosecuted, and convicted, all Financial and Economic criminals known to Liberia, will re-group and run on the ticket of CPP, Liberia’s so-called NEW POLITICAL PARTY.

    Come what may, Liberia, needs to swiftly investigate, indict, and prosecute all financial and economic criminals running the streets of Liberia, with impunity.

    Financial and Economic Criminals running the streets of Liberia, are collectively and separately threat to Liberia’s National Peace and Security.

    • Cllr. FAB Jayweh, is there a concept in law called Respondent Superior? Could you explain that? You are very emotional on corruption in Liberia to the extend of condemning others, are you clean, remember you served as Magistrate at the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice, why did you leave? Check your closet.

      • Being a lawyer, if Samukai ate this money why did this present regime paid $460,000, as fulfillment of this obligations; the CDC-government is afraid of EJS, so they have jump on Samukai.

        • Hopefully, this matter will send a message that if you steal public funds, you’re gambling with your life because you may end up like Brownie Samukai. There’s too much stealing in government because there is no deterrent. The country is not developing because of people like Samukai – stealing money allocated for the public good.

      • Presidential appointed officials of Government are not employees of the President! A government is not the same as a company or a private corporation!

        Samukai’s STEALING, ROBBERY, EMBEZZLEMENT, ETC viz this matter has absolutely no ligament to the doctrine respondeat superior… the doctrine under which liability is imposed upon an employer for the acts of employees committed in the course and scope of their employment.


        If your reasoning or logic were anything to go by then an incumbent President would be held liable or criminally responsible for both criminal violations and civil violations committed by underlings (cabinet ministers, etc.) of the given incumbent President.

        Accordingly, ipso facto such logic attributed to the doctrine of respondeat superior, officials appointed by a Liberian President would be also covered by the constitutional immunity of an incumbent President.

        And such thinking or arrangement is NONEXISTENT even in a Corporatocracy… an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests (eg. Japan etc), as opposed to the people’s interests (Liberia, EU, North America, etc.).


    • I could not more.agree with you sir. Benoni Urey and other economic criminals will congregate to anything new masquerading as political saviours including the socalled.CPP of gangs homosexuals like.Cummings and rogues like Urey.

  4. Benoni Urey is an embezzler just like Samukai so what would he say about a fellow thief? All the wealth Benoni has was stolen from maritime agency when Charles Taylor was President and everyone in Liberia knows it. He has no integrity, period.

  5. Former Defense Minister Browne Samukai’s case heats up by the day. But instead of wasting too much time, all the courts could do is to ask madam EJS to appear in court in order to answer a few questions about this case. Samukai claims that he was authorized to withdraw the money. Fair enough! But, it’s Samukai’s word against madam EJS. Madam EJS must be called in order to clear her name in court. Hopefully that will bring closure to this matter.

    • Samukai has a history of siphoning money from the Ministry of Defense. Former Auditor General, John Morlu accused him of misappropriating funds allocated to purchase rice for soldiers. Nothing came out of that case because he was a darling of EJS and she basically protected him. So obviously, he believes he could go on to enrich himself at the expense of soldiers as he did in this pension fund case. EJS testimony is unnecessary because Samukai is lying. He didn’t produced a single evidence to support his argument that EJS ordered him to use the funds. Furthermore, he knew the funds belonged to soldiers – it was not government money. Why didn’t he obtain a letter from EJS before touching that money? He will now have to mortgage his ill-gotten assets to restitute the money. I think he must be saying to himself, “wow, why am I the only one who stole and got punished?”

  6. Mr. Urey: “Is it because he belongs to the CPP and has won the Lofa senatorial seat?”
    My answer is a BIG YES.
    There is no logic in persecuting Minister Samukai! This is a political vendetta. In fact, I don’t really know if the Supreme Court of Liberia ever handed down this decision? I seriously doubt it.
    If the Supreme Court of Liberia did, then it has become a political body at the command and behest of the ruling CDC administration. It will be unfortunate to have people of high integrity sit on this bench.

    The amount in question cannot disappear in the thin air without it being traced through a local bank or international transfer, why make mountain out of a mole hole just to appease your political failure?

    Gbada J. Flomo
    Sir, if you confirm that Cllr. FAB Jayweh was a magistrate at the Monrovia City Court, then he was a BAD magistrate. (DO NOT GET ANGRY, Cllr.)
    Jayweh, as you rightly put it, is very emotional and one-sided in his legal analyses; he disregards jurisprudence, and cursorily deals with cases without in-depth analyses of the plaintiffs and defendants’ arguments.
    Be a good magistrate under the ANC administration, Sir!

    Cllr. Jayweh
    If you do not want for those people you detest to come back to power under the banner of the CPP, join hands together with Cummings within the ANC to give him a fair victory that may not require a clientelism deal between the party (ANC) and other political groupings. I share your concern, but you must take a step.

    Also, I am not a lawyer, but I did some law courses (Business, Labor and Civil). I regret to inform you that your instinct and intuition make you to approach legal matters like some of us, nonlegal practitioners.

    False Nationalist
    The Vieux Con is saying presidential appointed officials of government are not employees of the president, yeeeeeeeeeeeh!
    How many rolls did you smoke before spewing out this crap? An elected president, who is appointing people to help him achieve his platform, will have a minister who is not answerable to him?

    You guys clothe yourselves with false titles here all the time; international mayor (I don’t know where such mayor can serve, maybe in both Sierra Leone and Liberia), international lawyer, international this and that.

    Our young people reading us, “the thing the old man wrote up there, we call it bullshit. It is not true yaaaaah, DO NOT Listen to him!

    Public Service Warning: Good people come on this platform to learn and read divergent views, beware and behave accordingly!

    • Little boy Dolo, whether in government or within a company, being “answerable“ to a boss does not mean one is the employee of that boss!! We are not surprised you are this ignorant regarding such 4th grade elementary knowledge. And then a little puppy as you because you have an undeserved opportunity to have exchanges with us, you must display your rudeness.

      Now, it is the dirty and smelly pussy of your rotten mother whose ass hole is fucked by dogs, crazy men, and pigs, that is a ’Vieux Con, and who smoked or smokes with her fellow prostitutes! That includes your grand mother, and your sisters, your daughters and your wife whose prostitute backsides you and them have been living on. It was this apparent hardship of your prostitute mother and prostitute grandmother getting short of customers, which forced you into begging for adopted parents.

      If your mother did not have to go out on the streets to sell her rotten backside she would have had sometime to get educated and via such you her little swine with your paternity in doubt (for which you had to adopt parents), you would have been able to learn that underlings appointed by the President are never ever employees of the President, but indeed employees of government.

      The judges within the Judiciary Branch are not employees of the Chief Justice. The officers within the National Police are not the employees of the Director of the National Police even as they police officers and even other under directors are answerable to the Director of the National POLICE. The Deputy Minister and the rest of others working with a given ministry of government are not employees of the Minister, although they are all answerable to the Minister!

      Employees of a President are those employed within the company, firm, or whichever business of the President. Take in this knowledge as of today that appointed officials of government been answerable to him or her President does not in any way, form, or shape, entail that such underlings or officials are employees of the President.

      It must be the pubic hair from your mother’s craw craw pussy you have smoked which has caused you to reason so illiterately and recklessly.

      If your dirty mother and your grandmother did not live their dirty lives opening their buttholes for money to survive, you would have been able to have such a knowledge which even a 4th grade elementary student is knowledgeable about.

    • Mr. Dolo, defendants J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dokor, were found guilty simply because they, collectively and separately committed the crime of Property Theft. Mr. Samukai, being a member of CPP, played zero role.

      Mr. Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, if I were the sitting judge of Criminal Court “C”, I would have sentenced defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, to restitute the US$1.4 Million and jailed them for 3 years, and released in 18 months if they ever showed good behavior.

      Defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, are not above the laws of Liberia.

    • Petarus Dolo – Okay, let’s assume that Samukai is being targeted because he won the senate seat in Lofa. Does that mean he didn’t misappropriate the soldiers’ pension funds? Of course he did. So, yeah he may have been targeted but it doesn’t mean he didn’t commit the crime he has been accused of. Your argument portends the problem in Liberia. Everyone cries about how corruption in government is stifling development but no one wants their friend or relative to be prosecuted for criminal activity. So where do we start? If you don’t punish people for corruption, then there is no deterrent and the country never develops.

      • James, before Ellen could leave office, according to the Daily Observer, there was a tripartite meeting with the incoming president and Samukai, with the Chief of Defense Staff as witness, on this matter of pension funds.
        According to the same Daily Observer, Weah agreed, in that very meeting, to reimburse the totality of the sums taken and used for missions in Mali and for the widow of a Nigerian (I think) military personnel.
        To that effect, the GOL, headed by Weah, has done a partial payment of the monies. Why then, this witch hunt?

        I am against corruption and willing to bring any culprits to book. But in this case, from logical analysis, it is a political vendetta.
        I will accept to be wrong in my analysis if and only if the information provided here by Daily Observer is inaccurate.

      • I do not konow Samukai to defend his integrity or probity. But there is something fishy about this case of the Military Pension Funds!

  7. Considering

    (1) THE MILIEU AND THE ENORMITY of Samukai’s felony of theft, larceny, and embezzlement, especially with

    (2) deterrence been highly necessary, RESTITUTION REPLACING PUNISHMENT, OR THE FORMER AND THE LATTER BEEN AN OPTION FOR THE CONVICTED CRIMINAL, when it is convincingly clear that the convicted criminal has no contrite spirit and is not remorseful at all, in as much as

    (3) prioritizing the need of the victims is also paramount, BOTH RESTITUTION(paying back in full what he stole) AND PUNISHMENT(time in jail) should have been the verdict AND NOT AN OPTION GIVEN THE UNREMORSEFUL CONVICTED CRIMINAL!!!

    Here infra is a synopsis of the entirety of THIS FELONY BEEN TREATED AS A MISDEMEANOR by the Criminal Court and the Supreme COURT.

    “Gen. George also testified that following the completion of the internal investigation report, a meeting was convened by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to ascertain the findings contained in the report.“ FRONTPAGEAFRICAONLINE FRBRUARY 25, 2020

    “After the completion of this report, it was forwarded to the former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the President of Liberia. The former president sent for a team to enable us to discuss this report and those present in the meeting were Brownie Samukai (then Minister of defense), late Fredrick Cherue, Former chief of Staff Ziankahn, Sgt. Manqueh Cooper and the present deputy Chief of staff Geraldine George.”

    Witness George adds: “The former President wanted to know if the unrelated expenditure was used for personal gain by Hon. Samukai. That was the question she posed to the chairperson of the board, Geraldine George. I told the former president (Ellen) that I do not know whether funds were used for personal gain because my term of reference did not say whether we should find out whether funds were used for personal gain.”

  8. I could not more.agree with you sir. Benoni Urey and other economic criminals will congregate to anything new masquerading as political saviours including the socalled.CPP of gangs homosexuals like.Cummings and rogues like Urey.

  9. Mr. Gbada John Flomo,
    If you were a law student and a part of my Criminal Law 101 Class or a law student interning at our law office, Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc., situated and operating in Monrovia, Liberia, being the senior trial attorney at this law office, I would have insisted and graciously required you to do four basic things to help you achieve your goal of becoming an impressive and an outstanding attorney:

    1) As my student, I would have written an “F” grade in your name and submitted the grade sheet over to the office of the Dean of Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law (LAG), UL, and required you to repeat Criminal Law 101, after 1 year;

    2) Being a law student interning at our law office, Africa Center for Law, and as the senior trial attorney and partner, I, would have swiftly have you to partner with me in a fully conducted criminal law trial, starting with reviewing a police charge sheet, indictment, writ of arrest, raising and filing a bond, and have you and I, together conduct a full criminal case , at Criminal Court “C”, and before a sitting trial jury;

    3) And also, I would have assigned and required you to read at least, 30 Criminal Law Cases and have you to pay keen attention to what constitutes “BEST EVIDENCE” in a criminal trial, with the case, Republic of Liberia v. J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dorkor, regularly kept at the back of your mind. And later, required you to write me a legal brief in the Samukai, Johnson, Dorkor’s case for our joint discussion, review and your further instructive understanding;

    4) And, since an effective Criminal Law practice impacts the heart and life of a real human being and the society, I would have also asked you to write me a Legal Memorandum for you and me to discuss at a later date, bearing in mind, the case: Republic of Liberia v. J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dorkor, and why the Supreme Court of Liberia, affirmed and reaffirmed the guilty of defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor.

    Now, what is “Respondeat Superior”, when may this concept of Common Law doctrine be invoked and applied, and when a defendant (s) is charged with the Crime of Property Theft or Economic Sabotage, like criminal defendants, J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph P. Johnson, and James N. Dorkor, can this concept be safely invoked and applied, as a common law doctrine to have Criminal Court “C” to have declared defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, not guilty.

    Respondeat Superior, as a matter of law, is a common law doctrine, that makes an employer liable for the actions of his employee, when that employee’s action (s), takes place within the scope of his/her employment. To become more legalistic, Respondeat Superior, is a common law doctrine, that states that, an employer is responsible or bears vicarious liability for the acts or actions of his employee. In Common Law, Respondeat Superior, simply means, “Let the Master Answer”.

    Mr. Gbada John Flomo, my good friend, Respondeat Superior, as a common law concept, can only be invoked and applied in Civil Cases, particularly in Torts Cases, where an Action of Damages for Wrongful Death or Action of Damages for Wrong is brought at Sixth Judicial Circuit, Civil Law Court for Montserrado County, Liberia. The doctrine of Respondeat Superior, as a concept, is alien to Criminal Law Proceedings.

    Respondeat Superior, as a Common Law doctrine, cannot be invoked and applied in a criminal case. In Criminal Law, every accused, must be indicted, tried, and convicted on the strength of his criminality and/or his own guilt. In Criminal Law, an employer, is cannot be indicted, tried and convicted for a crime committed by his employee. If the employer and his employee are co-conspirators, they both could be charged for the same crime, tried and found guilty and punished to full weight of the law.

    A civil proceeding, is remarkably different from a criminal proceeding; because, in a civil case, the plaintiff could be praying the court for money judgment; hence, the concept of “Let the Master Answer”, could be invoked and applied, or Respondeat Superior, the employer, could bear vicarious liability. In a criminal proceeding, a defendant is indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted on the account of his/her crime.

    Mr. Gbada John Flomo, if your reference and invocation of “Respondeat Superior, were correctly invoked and taken on its value, are you not suggesting that because Mr. Samukai, Johnson, and Dokor, had every reason to think and believe that Mr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, ordered the withdrawal of the US$1.4 Million dollars from the private account of the AFL, and Mr. Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor executed President Sirleaf’s orders, she, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is guilty of the crime of Property Theft and they, Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, are not guilty.

    After working for the Magisterial Judge of the Monrovia City Court for 4 years (1990-1994), the Law office, Simpson & Associate, offered me a trial attorney post affording me the opportunity to enter and practice of corporate law with excellent pay in 1994. When you consider US$500 per month in 1994, any young and promising attorney would have swiftly accepted the offer, and departed the judiciary with grace.

    As I bring to an end the foregoing, I need not remind you, that I have deep and abiding interest in Criminal Law and its impact on the day-to-day life of real human beings, and as such, I would have accordingly, advised defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dokor, that to prove them not guilty, they needed to voluntarily bring President Johnson Sirleaf to Criminal Court “C” to testify or risk been found guilty, and sentenced accordingly.

    Under the Laws of Liberia, he who alleges a fact, bears the burden of proof. To ensure that Criminal Court “C” found them not guilty, defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, claimed that President Sirleaf ordered them to withdraw the US$1.4 Million from the private account of the AFL. They were obligated to prove their claim.

    Come what may, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was the BEST EVIDENCE, that Mr. Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor, had to testify and prove that they were not guilty.

    As a trial judge sitting in Court “C”, I would have sentenced defendants Samukai, Johnson, and Dorkor to restitute the US$1.4 Million and sentenced them to jail for 3 years and released in 18 months, if they exhibited good behavior.

  10. My position on this is that EJS should be summoned. Sumukai obviously did not follow the guidelines (are these guidelines followed here in Liberia?) for public expenditure/bugetary allocation thus positioning him by the pole for the CDC Inquisition to hang at their opportune time (confirmation)! They might just as well blame him for global warming, anything holds!

    Well, I feel no sorrow for him because he is a civil war participant as well.

    • You hit the nail on the head – people don’t follow rules and laws in Liberia but this case will hopefully bring awareness to the lawlessness in Liberia. You may get busted like Samukai. The country is poor because funds allocated for public good is stolen by a few people. That’s totally inhumane.


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