Urban Land Inventory Goes to Ganta

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    Of the three Cities initially designated by the Land Commission for the implementation of the Urban Land Inventory Project (ULIP), the commercial City of Ganta is the next urban setting that is to benefit from the project.

    The inventory exercise has already been conducted in Gbarnga and Buchanan cities and the outcomes have been rated as highly successful by government authorities and the beneficiaries themselves.

    Discussions have been held with Nimba County officials and Community Leaders in Sanniquellie and Ganta geared towards the successful implementation of the project.

    A four-member delegation from the Land Commission and UN-HABITAT headed by Hon. Suzana G. Vaye, Commissioner responsible for Education and Outreach made a two-day visit to Ganta and Sanniquellie to acquaint the County Superintendent, Ganta City Mayor and the Community Heads about the inventory project and to solicit their active participation and support.

    Commissioner Vaye and UN-HABITAT Head of Office in Liberia, Mr. Antony Lamba informed Superintendent Fong G. Zuagele and Mayor Benjamin S. Dokpa about the significance of the project, which is to collect a comprehensive data on types of land uses as percentages of total land in the City of Ganta, and includes uses for agriculture, industrial, commercial, residential, and special features such as military base and the prison.  

    They told the county authorities that other information that will be sought include access to social services such as electricity, water supply and sanitation as well as infrastructures including water points, roads and bridges, among others.

    In a meeting with the community leaders in which Mayor Dokpa was present, a total of twenty eight (28) communities were identified for inventorying. 

    The community leaders expressed happiness for the project and promised to lend their fullest support during the inventory process.

    Nimba County Superintendent Fong Zuagele said he was grateful that Ganta was selected for such a project, stating, the information that will be generated and made available can lead to effective leadership.

    He expressed fear on the issue of sustainability but, however, stressed the need to involve community residents during the phase of the project.

    Ganta City Mayor thanked the Land Commission and UN-HABITAT for selecting Ganta for the Urban Land Inventory Project.  He said the data that will derive from the inventory exercise will further enhance his work.

    The Urban Land Inventory project which is being supported by the Swedish Government through the UN-HABITAT is an initiative of the Land Commission geared towards collecting accurate, complete and up-to-date data, which is critical for urban land use planning.


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