UPP Promises ‘Christian State’

UPP Standard bearer, MacDonald Wento

MacDonald A. Wento, political leader of the United People’s Party (UPP), has promised a gathering of religious leaders in Ganta, Nimba County that if elected at the upcoming October polls, his government will pass a legislation making Liberia a Christian State.

Mr. Wento gave the assurance when he spoke at a leadership workshop held at the Ganta branch of the Trumpet Baptist Church recently.

Wento expressed disappointment at those he described as “religious leaders who denied their faith by not supporting Proposition 24,” a constitutional proposal in favor of Liberia becoming a Christian State.

“As Christians, we need to stand firm and defend our faith to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he declared. “What makes one a religious leader when such person cannot defend his/her faith? Bishops and pastors who are supposed to be telling the people or their congregation to support Liberia being a Christian State are the ones who are preaching against it.”

Mr. Wento explained that other religions will be allowed to practice their faith when Liberia is declared a Christian State.

He said in countries where other religions dominate, the laws cannot be underestimated, “because such religions cannot deny faith, rather the members remain resolute to stand by their faith.”

Wento, meanwhile, condemned the idea of a Muslim heading Liberia’s interreligious council, which he said would never happen in a Muslim dominated country for a Christian to head an interreligious council.

The UPP leader blamed the government for not allotting budgetary support to churches and pastors to spread the good news of God through Jesus Christ.

“In Saudi Arabia,” Wento said, “the government allots budgetary support for Muslims to spread Islam.”

Meanwhile, the constitutional proposition pushing for Liberia to become a Christian State has seemingly vanished from the recommendations currently before the House of Representatives for legislative action.

Proposition 24, put forward after nationwide consultations that concluded with a conference in Gbarnga, Bong County, is promoting Liberia becoming a Christian State. Amid widespread public criticism of the proposal, the Daily Observer gathered that the proposition has been removed by the House Committee on Good Governance.

Many persons including prominent religious leaders have reportedly rescinded their decision to support the proposition.

According to sources close to the committee, the final recommendations submitted to House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay for onward submission to plenary for deliberation do not include proposition 24, apparently in an attempt to keep it from going to a referendum.


  1. You can promise the sun, moon and stars but we all know that you are just cruising for votes. Our Christians lie,m steal and chase women more than any other faith. Why don’t you try talking about the economy, the transportation system? Christianity will not put rice in our pot. The biggest rogues are Christians. Trumpet Baptist Church? Another church that collects tithes from poor people to fatten their pastors.

    • You even supposed to slam Christianity, yoi should had slammed him more than that. He deserves a huge insult let him know that Christianizing Liberia isn’t her problem.

  2. Hi MacDonald A. Wento,
    Long time no see; after reading your story, I laughed so high till tear dropped from my eye…. i knew you were faking and lying again brother. If you want to be president or just trying to position yourself for second round endorsement, you need to sound rational and have good road map for Liberia. Good luck.

  3. When you get in the house, please try so the drugs law can be non-biddable. We all know it is non-biddable but we have no idea why this law can’t be passed by our law-markers. As we are seeing in the Country, most of our young children are becoming drug addict and behaving crazy these day. The house of Representative do not want to pass the drugs law best known to themselves. This law has been in the house for the pass three years and no want is evening making any effort to wards the passage. Is it because most of their children are in the US so they don’t care for the messes children? It is so dishearten to see our young people on the street like that. There are so many Nigeria who are allegedly bringing those substances in the Country and selling them.

      • You Islamic fool democracy is about numbers, not sentiment Islam forbids a woman been the head in society, so what was the Muslim community position when a woman became president twice in this country, why didn’t you guys take to the streets to claim it’s against your religion!!!!!

  4. No place for divisive and hate vote seeking talking point. Religion is not the problem in Liberia, it’s the mind set of the citizens.

  5. Mr. Wento
    Liberia should welcome all religions. Do you know almost all of the people who have been making decisions/laws in Liberia since our independence were church going self identified Christians? How many non Christians were involved in approving the many bogus concession agreements under our Christian President and Vice President Sirleaf and Boika? Come on man.

  6. Liberian should not be let USA today that Christian people to be a president in Liberia. If you birth certificate in or MUSLIM if you care for the people,change, for better life for my people, let Harper Maryand,Sinoe , GrandCess, Bassa County, and all country to received the benefits for good roads and build the roads

  7. Liberia is embarking on another war, a war of divine when church leaders are opposing the Proposition
    24 for Liberia to become a Christian State. Study in the Holy Bible show that Israelites paid heavy in
    fearing man than God when they, like Liberian Christian religious leaders, compromised their faith. But
    when the Israelites obeyed God Almighty and did what God wants them to do, he fights their battles.
    In one incidence, the Holy Bible recorded that only one angel struck 185,000 Assyrian forces to death
    in defense of them.

    I think this is one of the reasons why Liberians are looked down by other nations because they
    are not only coward but also compromise their dignity as human being. You know what is
    politically wright is not and can not be divinely right in the eyes of God Almighty. When the
    Muslims migrated to Liberia, there was already a country called Liberia with all human implications
    it takes to formed a country; religion, culture, social economic development, political participation
    and the rights of the people in accordance with the universal freedom of mankind.

    I was very badly taken aback when the National Baptist President who also a Doctor of Divinity
    led the opposition of Liberia becoming a Christian State. Those who conceived the idea of the
    founding of the country yesterday and today called Liberia were all Christians from Ohio and
    Virginia, United States of America. To state the fact that Liberia is Christian State does not
    means that Muslims who migrated to Liberia later on after we gained our Statehood should not
    practice their faith. If Liberia is declared Christian State and they don’t like it, the world is large
    enough to find another country in which to settle. Look all those Muslim countries who adopt
    the Sharia Law simply because they want to defend their faith. Those who are opposing
    Liberia as Christian nation are doing so either because of the fear of man or are doing so to
    get money from the Muslims. Woe to you all!

    Those who deny God Almighty will themselves be denied by God himself also.

  8. Someone once said” not every mosquitoe deserves a smack”. So, my people , just leave the snoring UPP and their progressives alone. Liberia is a secular state and so, shall it remain. Wento and UPP are kidding? The Bible calls for submission to authority and we shouldn’t touch God’s anointed. Was this respected when UPP and others began to call for the downfall of ordained minister Tolbert and the subsequent assassination? UPP(PAL AND MOJA) and the PRC got married on April 12, 1980 and summarily executed 13 senior govt officials, was that the christian value? UPP, go and seek forgiveness for the bloodletting you introduced in Liberia since 1980. In fact, the God of Christians and Muslims is so merciful, all govt officials taking oath for positions such as ministers, president, judges will swear on the voodoo from putu , wologisi, nimba, bea and gibi mountains. those gods don’t joke.

  9. To make such remarks in a political space desirous of reconciliation between Liberia’s two dominant religious groups is mind -boggling. However, folks, forgive Mr. Wento, probably, followers of both faiths in Nimba County already did. He should seriously rethink messaging nuances. It takes one insensitive statement to implode a political campaign, or, worse, open sectarian wounds, especially, in a post – war state.

    • Islam is just 12% of the population in Liberia there is nothing like two dominant religion here. Democracy is about numbers

  10. How can you say that the Muslims came to Liberia after 1847, when one of the original inhabitants of the Costal land in Western Liberia, the Vias and Golas and even most of the Lomas, Kisi, Kpelleh, Gbandis and other peoples in the northern and central Liberia along the borders of neighboring Guinea, Sierra Leone and even Cote D’ Ivoire were practicing the Islamic Faith far before that time. Did you hear about King Saobosso? A devoted believer of the Islamic/ Muslim faith. I am not condemning Mr. Wento’s assertions of making Liberia a Christian State because that is his opinion but don’t want people to use these assertions to mislead the masses of our people. Even the Mandingos were here before the independence of Liberia and this is something we do not need to learn from the books, looking at the proximities of neighboring Guinea, Sierra Leone and Cote D’ Ivoire all areas of West Africa which were predominantly Islamic/Muslim Communities. Like previous posters said, Christian or Muslim State, all Liberians really desire now is a patriotic, peace loving, and development oriented leader who will put Liberia on pie with other Nations of the sub region.

  11. I guess some people just want to put Christianity and Christians at risk in Liberia. For more than a century Liberia has had nothing called Christian State, where is this ugly sentiment coming from. It has been something they called “the love of freedom brought us here”, why would now (some kina man dem want to spoil that fine show?) I am sorry for putting small layman English. I see this as a hate message and a gov’t for certain religious group STOP.

  12. There is nothing Christian about a “Christian state”. Unless the salaries and benefits of Africa’s political elites are set by the people they claim to serve, the nonsense of ritualistic killings, depletion of our resources and the growing list of fake political leaders will never cease. Without oxygen of excessive salaries and benefits, none of these men and women will be talking trash and getting paid top dollars for it.


  14. Put this to referendum and see who is more dominant, we agree Liberia is engulf with a lot of economy, moral n social problems n christianizing Liberia will be one of the best way forward n a food for thought to the Muslim community if you think christianizing Liberia is a harm to you just wait n see very soon your children will be coming home as homosexuals n drug addicts. Christianizing Liberia is one way of reawakening moral standards in our society today just as other nations who are Islamic nations today

  15. If you ever want a hungry person to hear what you have to say, feed them first. Liberians don’t have time for religious battles. I’m quite sure that has never been our issues. You want to get the highest office job in the land? Talk about providing jobs and killing corruptions. Let the Liberian people have their lands and flourish the way it was way back when. Forget forcing civilization on every one and let each person decides how to grow their rice and uproot thier cassava. The problem now is every leader wants to make Liberia into a modern utopia overnight….it won’t happen! We must first provide for the people their basic needs: food, jobs, housing and lots of love that comes with respecting what it means to be a Liberian….”letting the civilized countries eat their chicken thighs and allowing us to eat our dry rice in peace”. I love my country but we have too many power hungry politicians who wants to use the little we have to fill their foreign accounts. Mr Wento, if i were you, i would tell the people that corruption, child abuse, whether sexually or with over discipline, rape, price of goods, and dishonest politicians would be your priorities when in office. These things are like cancer, eating at our small country. Tell the people you would care for them more than your bank and that you would step down if by half way through you have done nothing. Tell them the truth. Forget the religious freedom speech, it won’t get you what you want. Shut up and tell us the truth. You guys owe us the truth. We’ve been through way too much to still be hearing lies; running from our homes and sleeping on foreign doorsteps. Tell us the truth. Be real with us. We deserve to live in and enjoy our own land. We’ve been politically abused far too long. Someone, just please do something. We deserve it!!!!

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