UPP Promises ‘Christian State’

UPP Standard bearer, MacDonald Wento

MacDonald A. Wento, political leader of the United People’s Party (UPP), has promised a gathering of religious leaders in Ganta, Nimba County that if elected at the upcoming October polls, his government will pass a legislation making Liberia a Christian State.

Mr. Wento gave the assurance when he spoke at a leadership workshop held at the Ganta branch of the Trumpet Baptist Church recently.

Wento expressed disappointment at those he described as “religious leaders who denied their faith by not supporting Proposition 24,” a constitutional proposal in favor of Liberia becoming a Christian State.

“As Christians, we need to stand firm and defend our faith to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he declared. “What makes one a religious leader when such person cannot defend his/her faith? Bishops and pastors who are supposed to be telling the people or their congregation to support Liberia being a Christian State are the ones who are preaching against it.”

Mr. Wento explained that other religions will be allowed to practice their faith when Liberia is declared a Christian State.

He said in countries where other religions dominate, the laws cannot be underestimated, “because such religions cannot deny faith, rather the members remain resolute to stand by their faith.”

Wento, meanwhile, condemned the idea of a Muslim heading Liberia’s interreligious council, which he said would never happen in a Muslim dominated country for a Christian to head an interreligious council.

The UPP leader blamed the government for not allotting budgetary support to churches and pastors to spread the good news of God through Jesus Christ.

“In Saudi Arabia,” Wento said, “the government allots budgetary support for Muslims to spread Islam.”

Meanwhile, the constitutional proposition pushing for Liberia to become a Christian State has seemingly vanished from the recommendations currently before the House of Representatives for legislative action.

Proposition 24, put forward after nationwide consultations that concluded with a conference in Gbarnga, Bong County, is promoting Liberia becoming a Christian State. Amid widespread public criticism of the proposal, the Daily Observer gathered that the proposition has been removed by the House Committee on Good Governance.

Many persons including prominent religious leaders have reportedly rescinded their decision to support the proposition.

According to sources close to the committee, the final recommendations submitted to House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay for onward submission to plenary for deliberation do not include proposition 24, apparently in an attempt to keep it from going to a referendum.