UPP Appoints Chapter Head for Canada


The Canada-based National Executive Committee of the United People’s Party (UPP) has appointed Prince Wright as its ahead.

In an official letter sent to Mr. Wright, the party’s National Executive Committee named him as chairman of the Political Action Committee in Canada (PACO/UPP)—a position, which the committee said takes immediate effect.

The UPP’s Canada chapter head is a native-born of Totota, Bong County, and was born unto the union of Mr. Jimmy and Phamez Wright of Kakata, Margibi County.

He has been mandated to form a leadership structure of the party to work to bring vibrancy and visibility to the party in that part of the world.

According to the appointment letter, Mr. Wright is charged with the responsibilities to identify and recruit Liberians in Canada and other parts of the Diaspora into the UPP, as well as issue UPP membership cards to members.

“You and your leadership team are the official representatives of the UPP in Canada. As chairman of PACO/UPP Canada, you are charged with the following duties and responsibilities: Identify and recruit Liberians in Canada and other parts of the Diaspora into the UPP; issue UPP membership cards to members,” the letter said.

Mr. Wright is a former president of the United Canadian Liberian Association of London (UCLAL) and currently serves on the board of directors of the Federation of Liberian Associations in Canada (FLAC).

He is the founder and president of a federally registered non-profit organization, Brighter Future Foundation Inc.

With the head office in London, Ontario, Canada, BFF provides services that support beneficiaries in pursuing their educational goals.

Mr. Wright is looking forward to seeking the interest of UPP in Canada and the Liberian community at large.

With this new portfolio, Mr. Wright said his initial priorities shall be the launching of a strong UPP Canadian Chapter, establishment of an institution or a system that meets the needs of UPP in Canada that would be beneficial to all Liberians in and out of Canada, and a system that will encourage peace, unity, and prosperity.

He says teamwork, flexibility, responsibility, and accountability are some core values that he intends to bring to the position.

Mr. Wright expressed appreciation to UPP’s National Executive Committee for entrusting him with the party’s responsibility, which he promised to take on that role immediately as stated in the letter.

He said: “I would like to thank you for the trust you have in me. I look forward to making meaningful contributions to UPP at all times as we strive to meet the needs of our beloved country, Liberia.”

Under his watch, the chapter will be responsible to distribute the party’s information materials to members and interested individual in the diasporas; maintain a roster of members you recruit; raise funds for the party and issue party receipts for all funds collected; submit quarterly political and financial reports to the National Chairman of the party;  organize political rallies to motivate and keep party members engaged socially, intellectually and politically, among others.

Mr. Wright added that at the moment, the majority of BFF’s beneficiaries are Liberians. Currently, the foundation supports a student mentorship program, student award program and group discussion activities in Canada.


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