Unity Party USA-Canada Chapter Wants US Gov’t Impose Magnitsky Act Sanction On Prez. Weah, Others But……

Hon. Kerper Dwanyen, Chairman Unity Party-USA and Canada.

Following the release of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act annual report on Liberia, the opposition Unity Party USA and Canada chapters on Friday March 26 called on the United States Government to impose sanction on President George M. Weah and members of his inner circle for alleged acts of corruption and abuse of human rights in Liberia.

The Magnitsky Act, formally known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson–Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, is a bipartisan bill passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in December 2012, intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison in 2009, and also to grant permanent normal trade relations status to Russia.

Since 2016, the bill, which applies globally, authorizes the U.S. government to sanction those it sees as human rights offenders, freeze their assets, and ban them from entering the U.S.

Initially introduced as separate legislation introduced by Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) in the Senate and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) in the House, the Global Magnitsky Act was ultimately incorporated as Title XII, Subtitle F (sections 1261 through 1265) of the omnibus National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, which became law on December 23, 2016, of the NDAA FY 2017.

Perhaps, the US Congressman Christ Smith may not be speaking for the US Government; however, he is one of those who co-sponsored the bill, and is therefore suggesting to the US Government to do more.

Speaking to journalists in a live video conference on Friday, March 26, 2021, in Monrovia, the Unity Party USA-Canada chairman, Kerper Dwanyen accused the Weah-led government of engaging in the systematic looting of the national coffers in countless ways that continue to affect the lives of Liberians daily, stressing that it was time for the U.S. to step and ensure accountability.

However, The Daily Observer contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Executive Mansion for the government’s reaction to the development, but said they were not in the position to comment.

He said, “We are hereby calling on the government of the United States to impose Magnitsky act sanctions against President George Weah and members of his inner circle involved in corruption and the abuse of the human rights of Liberians.”

According to Mr Dwanyen, the “Twin Evils” of jungle justice and rampant corruption threaten the Liberian people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as “frustrate our efforts as diaspora Liberians to ensure we have a peaceful, thriving country to come home to, and we are duty-bound to speak out.”

He said since assuming power in 2018 under ‘dubious and disputed circumstances’, President Weah and his cronies have engaged in the systematic looting of the national coffers in countless ways which the Liberian people are aware of and suffer daily the negative consequences that have come with this level of official corruption.

According to him, the government, witnessing the resounding rejection of the voters in the just ended Senatorial elections, has embarked on a mission to disregard the law by all means necessary and is on a clear path to establishing a dictatorship.

A classic example of the government’s dictatorial tendency, he said, is the latest treatment of the Unity Party National Secretary-General, Mo Ali by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

On Thursday, Mr. Ali was arrested and detained for nearly 24 hours by the LNP after he was invited to its headquarters for questioning over his social media comments.

Party officials said Ali and his lawyers were kept waiting for nearly two hours before the police investigators informed them that Ali would be arrested and charged for arson attack, attempt to commit murder, and terroristic threat.

Despite the Minister of Justice’s call for Ali’s immediate release until the evidence backing his charges are produced, he stayed behind bars until the next day.

Mr. Dwanyen said the bogus charges by the police against Ali in contravention of the Ministry of Justice clearly indicates the arson attack against the NEC was staged managed, and it was done in the mode of previous incidents of such nature in the country’s recent dark past.

He noted that the government’s attempt to silence Mr. Ali on the basis of his vigorous and patriotic speech as an executive of the prominent opposition political party in the country is a dangerous escalation of the government’s repression that should not be tolerated.

“Yesterday, it was Justice Kabineh J’aneh, government auditors and Senator-elect, Brownie J Samukai and countless others. Today, it is Mo Ali. Unless we stand up and say NO MORE, tomorrow it will be other Liberians,” he cautioned.

He added “All efforts must be exerted to counteract the repressive tactics of the government and ensure that George Weah and his ruling inner circle are held accountable for their twin evils of corruption and jungle justice.”

At the same time, the UP US-Canada Chairman stated that it is of the party’s firm conviction that the “abuse of human rights in the country, the spate of unresolved murder of government auditors and financial management professionals, and the manipulation of the electoral process are directly linked to the efforts aimed at sustaining the kleptocracy of the Weah administration.”

 Owing to these, he said the party’s diaspora branch view the plan of the government to print an additional U$48 billion as another scheme to enrich a few individuals that will throw the Liberian economy into a further downward spiral of hyperinflation that is not supported by any sound economic advice or theory.

The group called on the Senate to reject the resolution passed by the House of Representatives, authorizing the Central Bank of Liberia to print the new family of banknotes to completely replace the legacy notes.

“This massive, unwarranted explosion of the money supply is simply voodoo economics. We, therefore, call on the Liberian Senate to exercise its fiduciary responsibility to current and future generations of Liberians by categorically rejecting this unsound effort to bring more economic hardship to the country and fully investigate the series of money printing that is not being accounted for as this represents unabashed corruption eating away at the future of the country,” said Mr. Dwanyen.

At the same time, the US embassy in Monrovia through its Public Affairs Officer Michael Ardaiolo, who spoke to FrontPage Africa on Sunday, March 28, 2021, said the US Congressman Chris Smith’s comments does not represent the Joe Biden administration or the US embassy.

Mr. Ardaiolo stated: “Representative Smith is a member of the House of Representatives. He represents one of the many diverse viewpoints of our elected officials, which is a strength of our democracy. He does not, however, speak directly on behalf of the Biden-Harris Administration or the U.S. Embassy. The U.S. Embassy has consistently raised concerns over corruption in our private conversations with the government and in our publicly available reports, including on investment climate and human rights.

Congressman Smith is also the proponent of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which was enacted in 2012 by the US Congress and signed into law by ex-President Barrack Obama in 2016, to among other things, allow the U.S. government to sanction foreign government officials implicated in human rights abuses anywhere in the world.

The Congressman’s comments come amid murmurs in Monrovia last week that the US government through Congress was on the verge of placing sanctions on a number of officials in the Weah-led government.


  1. Those foolish people in canada and america as well as those in Liberia,who are advocating for the US government to put sanction on president weah and cronies are they exempt.let them know that what the elder see sitting on a tree even the child at top does not see it.

  2. Young Liberians, Please Read Between The Lines.

    Is this the same Kerper Dwanyen who was one time Warlord from Nimba? Well, it’s not strange though. This is a typical hall marks of some of our “educated elites”. Leave Liberia, go away, learn how to read and write [by western standards], come back home and cause CHAOS for fellow countrymen in achieving state power. As if the West will ever solve our problems, we go before them and unpack our dirty laundries.

    A BBC Focus On Africa interview in 1994 by Robin White quoted Mr. Dwanyen saying “we are coming to get Taylor out of Nimba”. When asked by Mr. White who he (Mr. Dwanyen) was, he said “we are members of the concern Nimbian in the diasporas trying to [free] our people (Nimbian), from Taylor’s grips “. It’s a anyone guess how many young Liberians were sent to their early graves by that statement.

    A sanction on Liberia will have no effect on GMW and his close circle. When the U.S Government and her Allies imposed sanctions on Taylor, the big boys were still raking millions and stacking it for rainy days. Just look at Mr. Urey, and wonder how he’s surviving. Mr. Kerper Dwanyen failed to get Taylor out of Nimba, his native back yard. He’s back to galvanize support for another political stunt.

    The last time Mr. Dwanyen announced himself, I was in the 10th grade in Well-Hairston in 1994. If more Liberians had listened to him, including me, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today. Many young Liberians who pay to his calls are dead today. Mr. Dwanyen is still drinking wine and ducking in his comfort zones.

    Thank God, public universities and institutions are tuition-free, major streets are electrified, hospitals are built, rural roads are paved. Many young Liberians are learning how to read and write.

    To all my fellow young Liberians, do not listen the a guy on his way out. You are left in the room to decide your feature.

    From: Mamadu Bah (nurse practitioner, Meridian Health) Adelaide, Australia.

    This is for the class of 1996-97 Wells-Hairston High School
    Theresa Kpah
    Fahnbulie Jarbateh
    Joseph Nyenegbo
    Isaac Philips
    Zubah Kolubah
    Michael K. Zion
    ..any many others

    • So Mr. Mamadu Bah, if you advise that America and Liberians should not listen to Mr. Dwayen’s call for sanction on Weah and his friends, then please tell us what we should do about the high level of corruption and endless killing spree going on in Liberia? Should we just leave our own to God and meanwhile, Liberians continue to suffer and die on account of those uncontrolled corruption and conduct of George Weah and friends? Given the Liberian nationalist you are, have you ever advised Mr. Weah and friends about changing the course of their behaviors, which are causes for Mr. Dwayen’s and others actions? Just curious.

  3. Our Solution Depends on Ourselves.

    Thanks for reaching out Mr. Isaacson. For the amount of time I have spent on Earth, and the short time have followed our government activities; no regime have ever engage in so much infrastructure development than the GMW regime. Is the regime corruption free, NO. The only regime one may compare this regime to is William R Tolbert in term of development.

    In Time of Plenty……
    Historically, the EJS Regime and William Tubman regimes were the two that existed in the time of plenty ( money wise). Neither of them live up to expectations. The most funded regimes in Liberia history were EJF and the PRC. Less scrutiny go toward the PRC, because non of them had ever serve governmental positions prior to the coup. But Sirleaf and her “elite”, from overseas; saw the raining of 16 billion in 144 months in Liberia. Tubman presided over 5 large iron ore companies and world largest rubber producing plantation for 27 years.
    Is the GMW Regime receiving donors’ money as EJS, NO. Today, public institutions are tuition free. Roads , hospitals, and other infrastructures are built.
    I really don’t know how old you are Mr. Isaacson, but if tuition were free in public institutions in the time of plenty , our illiteracy rate would have dropped by now.

    Can anyone tell me in which regime in Liberia there haven’t existed any killing. I m not a CDCian. Some have accused me in the past so long. I m only speaking on behalf of the average Liberian. I also criticized the GMW regime many times. Some in Liberia feel if it’s not them, it should be nobody. That corrosive mindset have kept Liberia so long down in the dungeon of underdevelopment, while other young nations in Sub-Saharan Africa are moving with lighting speed. We are nostalgic of the kind of Liberian that suppose to be in the Executive Mansion. Anyone, in our view is part of the “ELITE CLIQUE”, have no place. People died and got missing mysteriously under EJF; some cases are still on docket. I m not advocating the killing of any Liberian either. Even the great USA have cold cases on file that hadn’t been solved.

    In conclusion, oppositions should not cause CHAOS only because they want state power. Those of you who are old, saw it on April 14, 1979; April 12, 1980; December 24, 1990, etc. Are we not tired?
    Our problem is that, we depend so much on government. Majority of us cannot survive outside government. Foreigners have taken over our economy sector and detecting what goes into our belly. No Liberian own anything in Liberia. We focus our attention on government employment.
    Let’s explore private sectors, and invest.
    Just look at China and other Asian Nations.

    Maybe you may see me in Liberia one day. I will show you my establishment (both in Kakata and Monrovia). I have 8 Liberians to provide for. Besides my immediate family.

    • Little Brother Mamadou,

      Can you tell your readership of the infrastructure development projects Weah has begun? I hope you are not going to cite projects Ellen started and is being completed by the CDC government.

      You see, you belong to the generation of young Liberians who speak passionately without concrete proofs or scientific data to support your utterances. Ask yourself the following questions:
      Has Weah been able to secure any loans since he came to office?
      Has revenue generation increased under the government, knowing that all aggregates of our economy are on the downward trend?

      Weah’s first project could have been the Buchanan-Harper highway. It was whispered within the Ellen’s administration, but feasibility studies never began. This could have been, according to recent information, financed by the AfDB. Why is there a hick?

      When your Weah came to power, he traveled to France and Saudi Arabia to seek financing. Did he get a positive outcome? If you are a sympathizer of the CDC, you should have the answer.

      Little Brother Bah, Weah is depleting the reserves constituted by the Ellen’s government.
      However, we understand the low level of understanding of our younger brothers and sisters schooled in postwar Liberia. I will advise you to avoid being passionate on partisan-politics and partisan antipathy. Our country Liberia is a shithole country in every capacity. Weah is not doing anything good to fix things. In fact, he (Weah) DOES NOT even know what to do.

      Do you know the meaning of an 80-kilometer highway? Do you know what city and town planning entails?
      You live in Australia, just take a walk in your neighborhood, observe how the roads are constructed, how electricity and pipe borne water reach every community and home, sewage connectivity lines, etc. Observe the process you go through to getting your driver license, immigration papers, bank account, etc.
      Do you have any of those system established in your country Liberia? Or do you just want to support Weah because he’s your soccer star? If so, know that I love the guy better than you do on the soccer pitch.

      I know you will tell me Liberia had been like that for centuries, true! But we need to make a change. Do you want to build your life like your father’s? You should be able to build a better house than your father, build a better road than him, get educational exposure than he did. Why will you want to walk in your grandparents and parents’ footsteps? Add something different to your generation.

      Mobile phones and the internet came in the year 2000. There have been innovations in mobile phones and the internet nowadays (2021) as compared to the year 2000.
      Every country in the world is going digital, did you experience digital banking and other financial transactions when you were in Liberia? How may people use the internet in Lofa, Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh, Cape Mount, etc.?

      Sorry for taking up your time but be reminded that I am sometimes annoyed by your comments, given your new environment and country.
      I pray that you will be objective to help your president Weah. The best thing you can do for Liberia, if you truly love Liberia, is to ask your parents back home to vote out Weah in 2023. He is a plague and impediment to the development the children of Liberia wish to bring to the country.

      My regards, I hope you understand me with an open and “fair play” mind!

  4. Defender,
    It is an impossible monumental task to demand the Liberian Aussie, Mamadu Bah to tell you or the readers of the Daily Observer about projects president Weah has completed. If Bah neglects to tell you or the readers of the Daily Observer, Bah gets a free pass!

    Weah’s Predecessor’s Projects:
    Undeniably, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf started some infrastructural projects. The projects that Johnson-Sirleaf started were unfinished because of Liberia’s constitutional time limit requirement. In the interim, Weah was elected as president of the country. The said projects that Johnson-Sirleaf did not complete, had to be completed by none other than George Weah, the president. In the scheme of things, not Urey or Alexander Benedict Cummings (because they were politely denied their presidential bid….. shame on them) but Weah became elected. The credit to continue and complete “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s unfinished projects”, goes to Weah. No questions asked.

    For the time being, let’s suspend and forget about ushering in 2023. When we get to the mythical bridge of 2023, we’ll be fully prepared to cross it with a renewed effort, enthusiasm and with our paddles. Come 2023, we know that the sparks to undo and defeat the formidable Weah will fly, but in the bitter end, “that guy” will be denied the opportunity to run the country. It’s a known fact that instead of “running” the country, “that guy” will “ruin” the country. We’ve been ruined before. Enough is enough.

  5. Grand Frere,

    Sometimes you like looking for fuss oh! I am addressing my little brother, but you came in again to make fuss with me for Cummings’ business. Leave my president alone eh! It is Cummings who will bring you to Liberia oh, ah! Me, I na talk my own.

    Yes, as you said, we will give credit to Weah for finishing Ellen’s projects. But Grand Frere, Weah promised FIXES. It means Ellen was doing nothing positive, and so he was coming to fix things.

    When Trump walked down the Trump Tower to get on the campaign trail in 2016, he promised fixes to the broken system in the USA. Upon taking the oath of office, he started changing everything, through executive orders and in both houses. We felt the positive change he had on world peace, booming global economy and a new USA open for fair business until that heathen of a pandemic showed up his ugly face to soil every beautiful thing my old man worked hard to achieve. The crowd that broke the camel’s back was his illegal eviction from the White House after shamefully defeating the systems of the new world order.

    Like Trump, your man Weah talked about fixes too. Can you name One Fix he has brought to Liberia? Ok, Weah, take the credit for ending Ellen’s projects. Where are yours? When will they begin? When we (ANC) kick you out in 2023?

    Liberia is being ruined by Weah, Cummings and team will heal it! Grand Frere Hney will be part of the team to heal our beautiful country, believe me.
    You are positive, creative and imaginative. Above all, you are academically sound to bring changes to Liberia. You will partake in making Liberia a country of pride.
    You can never work within the Weah’s government, stop looking for job in it. We (ANC) will give you the job you need, rest assured!

    Formidable Weah? Cheeeey, Grand Frere! Tu dis quoi même?

  6. Hahahahaha. I shook the hornets net.
    I’m not a Weah supporter, neither am I a CDCian. I m only looking at what Weah is doing and comparing him with past predecessors. I dropped from L U in 1999 for not paying $20.00 fees, and became one of the youngest taxi drivers in Monrovia. I know what tuition free means to me.

    Error: anyone in our view part of the ELITE CLIQUE. Should be: anyone, in our view, not part of the ELITE CLIQUE.
    Secondly: foreigners detecting, should be foreigners dictating.
    I m very sorry of my spell error. I sometimes write these comments during my break on my mobile phone.

    • Mr. Mamadu Bah,

      Greetings to you in Australia and I am sure that all is well with you and your family and staying safe with all this COVID business.

      I am an avid reader of your comments because you bring sincerity and honesty to your writings, but , like our big brother P. Dolo, has said, sometimes you write out of passion and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but in times like those, facts become misplaced.

      From the streets of Monrovia as a young taxi driver to finding yourself on the streets of Australia – I hope you not taxi driver over there -_suggests to me that you are survivor and i am sure you bring pride and glory to your family.

      But we are really catching hard time here and to us the youths – I am 1985 born – there is no end in sight for us. Some people will say that not everyone has to work in government and I accept that, but then create the necessary atmosphere for people like us to get self employment. I have a degree in English and Philosophy from LU and since my graduation I do voluntary teaching at a government school and there is never more than ten students in my class on any given day. when the parents are asked why the students are not in class, their responses range from “no car pay to “the pekin was hungry”. who can we blame in these instances?
      Not for me to say, because my wife, being a lawyer now, always admonishes me not to just talk. that is an advice I heed seriously.

      The GMW led govt has a lot to do in certain areas because, in my humble view, we are on the wrong paths.

      I hope the land you developing in Kakata, is not mine. I have some land in the Bassa Community area behind Lango Lippaye school. In fact, i going there this weekend to check on my land and if thats my land you developing, you will see me in Australia to your doorstep soon morning.

      Wish you well, brother,

      Thank you

  7. Defender,
    Let’s raise the bar to an acceptable level. This is being proposed because of what you said in the first paragraph of your comment.
    Said you, “Leave my president alone eh”.
    Has Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings been elected to the presidency already? Or is Cummings a proxy president?

    If Cummings is elected to the presidency, he may do all kinds of questionable things. Some people suggest that Cummings will most likely misdirect, mislead and ruin Liberia. Until he is elected, Cummings is not yet a president.

    Trump And Tables:
    The political tables are shaking under Trump. Maybe, a tsunami is responsible. Since Trump is weak and fragile in every sense of the word, Trump may end up in jail before the next presidential election of 2024. I do not wish a jail term on him!

    Trump’s Misdeeds:
    1. Under Trump, the Covid-19 pandemic went wickedly ballistic. In other words, Trump’s mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the deaths of people who could have lived. Additionally, Trump’s economic incompetence has caused high unemployment.

    . Trump’s repugnance as it relates to race relations in America has caused the rise of white supremacy and racial hatred. Example, Asian Americans are on edge because racial violence by white supremacists is aimed at them big time. Because of Trump, most white cops have become more cocky and emboldened by misbehaving in poorer communities across the land.

    3. Due to his insufficiency, Trump pulled the US out of WHO without giving a good reason. But an immediate reversal was made by Biden. Today, the US is a bonafide member of the world body.

    4. Throughout Trump’s four-year presidency, he appointed approximately 220 federal judges, but none of those judges was a black or a person of color. But on the 28th of March, AD 2021, president Joseph Biden appointed 11 federal judges whose skin tone reflect America. One of Biden’s federal appointees is AJ Brown, a potential candidate for the US Supreme Court, and

    5. Biden’s overall job performance is averaged at 52%. Conversely, Trump’s 100-day presidency did not grace him with a 52% rating. Sadly under Trump, governors of Red States are changing the rules of voting. Unfortunately, the Republican governors have bought into Trump’s delusional argument which inaccurately states that he (Trump) was cheated out of being elected to the presidency.

    The word that best describes Trump is four-lettered. It is called “WEAK”.

  8. Grand Frère,

    Alexander B. Cummings is the president of the ANC Party, and so he is my president. As a sympathizer, I have every right to call him my president.
    However, he is not yet the president of the Republic of Liberia. He will become president-elect in 2023, then president in 2024.

    True, when Cummings become president in 2024, there will be a public outcry. Do you know why?
    Liberians have not been exposed to rigor in the management of public goods and property. We run ministries and public institutions like our houses, not even like homes. There will be orders established in public expenditure, corruption curtailed drastically, and the rightful people put effectively to work.
    There is no doubt about it, Liberians of all walks of life will be confused on how we (ANC) will proceed with everything. We will initiate things like the other people in the sub region. We will coerce Liberians into doing things the other way (which they currently consider foolish).

    “We cannot continue to do the same thing all the time and expect different results”, Alexander B. Cummings.
    We will show Liberians the easiest and the most practical ways of doing things, i.e. through sound education and technical trainings.
    To summarize it all, we will begin the rebirth of Liberia in every capacity!

    You know, governance is also business. You need to be smart and innovative to improve your business or else you draw the blinds.
    Is Liberia good for business? Your president is running 68 concessions, yet functionaries are not being paid for 15 months now, the country annual budget continuously spans half a billion dollars while small countries around Liberia have more than triple that amount.

    Grand Frere, you are not a mathematician, but it doesn’t take a rocket science to question some issues of common sense.
    Liberia’s corporate tax rates are 25 and 35%. Google the amount of iron ore, gold, diamond, rubber and cocoa sold in Libera annually (let’s leave out other sectors and commodities). Multiply the figures by just 5% (presumptive government revenue after deduction of expenditure). State budget should span minimum 3 billion if we were constituting considerable reserves. Are we doing so, NO! We are even depleting the meagre reserves constituted by the previous government.

    If you will just put political politics aside and analyze figures from your country, you will understand why Weah was parachuted to the presidency at the detriment of old man Boakai. Beware, I will NEVER be surprised when a dirty propaganda machine is unleashed against by adorable president A. B Cummings before the dawn of 2023 to blind the Liberians of changing their minds.
    If only Liberians can understand, we have very powerful enemies. Our enemies are not the US government, as most Liberians are made to believe. Our enemies are bedded within the system!

    By the way, I would like you to follow this young Ghanaian vlogger on YouTube called WODE MAYA. See how African Americans and Ghanaians are developing Ghana at a faster pace because of the rightful leaderships putting in place good policies to bring our people back home to Africa.
    I would love to see Liberia experience the same HARMONIOUS development rate. We cannot get there if foreigners cannot practice law in Liberia. We will NEVER get there if foreigners cannot buy land in Liberia.

    Trump and the USA
    To repeat myself, I care little about the internal politics of the USA. If you guys think Biden has a better rating, great for you who are living there. But if you were to ask my opinion, I would grin and chuckle uncontrollably.
    I am concerned about the foreign policy of an American president. Had Trump been permitted to serve his reelection, I believe there would never have been a coup in Burma, there were never going to be 3 terms in Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea, and a host of issues unraveling and yet to unravel.

    Good luck with your president. Give him all the accolades and close eyes on the dangers he poses for you and the rest of world if he can stumble 3 times and fall climbing up Air Force One, knowing he controls the nuclear code. Praise him for calling his VP President Harris. He is great to not know his Defense Secretary’s name, etc.

    Grand Frère, je suis un pauvre gars !


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