UP Suspends 8 Senators

Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman heads the Senate joint committee on Judiciary and Autonomous Agencies

…In connection with Ja’neh’s verdict

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the former governing Unity Party (UP) on April 2, 2019, voted overwhelmingly in a well-attended meeting held at the party’s national headquarters in Congo Town to suspend all eight of its senators, the party said in a release yesterday.

The 8 senators suspended include former party chairman Varney H. Sherman and Edward B. Dagoseh (both of Grand Cape Mount County); Morris Saytumah (Bomi), George Tengbeh (Lofa), Thomas Grupee (Nimba), Alphonso Gaye (Grand Gedeh), Matthew Jaye (River Gee) and Milton Teahjay (Sinoe).

According to the release, members of UP present, as well as invited guests, expressed grave concerns and disappointment over last Thursday’s wrongful and politically motivated action to impeach Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh from the Supreme Court.

The party is worried about the fate of calls for electoral reforms in the wake of interference with the independence of the Judiciary.

The party said it is aware of the concerns of Liberians about the deteriorating governance situation which has been exacerbated by the compromise of the Judiciary Branch of government as witnessed last week.

“The impeachment of Associate Justice Ja’neh was unconstitutional and the party had communicated with all of its senators to vote against such impeachment as it was only intended to undermine our democracy and strengthen the dictatorship that President Weah is practicing,” the UP said. 

“This attempt to control the Judiciary is also an attempt to cheat in future elections as the confidence to take such case(s) to court would have already been eroded.”

The party, meanwhile calls on all the suspended senators to yield to the investigation.


  1. won on to you Unity Party. Is now you people know, October too late for study. Our 12th years are cleaned for us. wait for your time as we waited for our time!

  2. I am elated to hear that The Unity Party has decided to part ways with guys like, Cllr. Sherman, and Milton Teahjay. A convicted criminal like Milton Teahjay should have been expelled a longtime ago. I am not surprised of an indicted criminal, like Cllr. Sherman, who is deeply involved in the Global Witness Sandal. Now that we are in the process of ridding our party of these dangerous viruses, the public will begin to repose confidence in us. They can go, and join Madam Sirleaf. Good bye, traitors!

  3. Total ignorance, “village politicking” apoliticality, and chronic lawlessness in action!!!

    Let those corrupt dullards calling themselves “executive committee members of the former ruling Unity Party” assimilate that: as senators or jurors during an impeachment trial, senators who are members of political parties, have first and foremost, an obligation to their conscience, the ultimate rule of law, and the Constitution! And not any obligation to the views of partisans or other officials of their party!

    Besides, WHO NEEDS WHO??? Can the Unity Party ever survive without the membership of these eight Senators? Why not just expel these POLITICAL GIANTS if you guys believe you are men??? And let see WHO NEEDS WHO!

      • You’re right on point my friend. Dortu is the evil that persist in Liberia. There is no wrongdoing he doesn’t explain away. The guy is morally depraved.

  4. Mr. Kabineh Ja’neh was never a slacker but, rather a shaker and a mover. His fall from grace (he could bouce back again) is causing tempest and political destabilization. Because of his machismo, Unity Party is quickly breaking up. The expulsion of 8 senators is a typical example.

  5. THE UNITY PARTY IS DYING, FUNERAL STARTED, SINCE JNB TOOK OVER ONLY DECLINING: was ruling party now opposition, had 8 Senators now zero, had a great party now they meet just to suspend and expel. The UP is under dull leadership! You just act stupidly to your party backbones all because of one rebel leader. The process was constitutional, if it were not Janneh wont have submitted, also look at those involved so all of them participated in unconstitutional thing?


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